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  • 3031 | 2008/04/25*Taki


    This is Taki.

    We played a show at Shibuya QUATTRO today. It was really fun. té and eastern youth both had really fun shows, too. Not being able to watch té’s set in its entirety, we’re now on the highway, headed for Sendai. Tomorrow we’re playing at the long-awaited Arabaki. I’m so looking forward to this one. I remember how ever since 9mm’s formation, Nakamura’s been saying how he wants to play there one day. That same Nakamura just had his 24th birthday, receiving a lot of presents. I feel really envious. Really envi. Ous real. Ly enviou, s really env. Ious Re. Ally en, vious.

    Like I just mentioned just above, I’m really en, vious so I’ll just go ahead and say it myself: my birthday is May 9th.

    Everyone get that? Say it out loud, May 9th! May 9th!

    Take a deep breath, bend your upper body back and say it: May 9th! May 9th!

    For now, I went to Kamijo who was tired and sleeping after the show, woke him up and got him to do it for me. He did it without a word of complaint, but his body looks stiff.

    After that, everyone woke up so I had them all do it for the occasion. May 9th! May 9th!

    They all did it without complaining. Kamijo’s body was so stiff, he fell over. I have high expectations of him from now on.

    This was Taki.

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