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  • 3031 | 2009/01/29*Takuro


    「Thank you Kyoto」

    1/29 (Thu) Kyoto Takutaku

    I find myself thinking “ah, suddenly the tour’s almost over” a lot lately.

    Today was our final show together with Masudore. Our second show at Takitaki was great! “Last time we were overwhelmed by the ambience, but this time it felt more like we melted right into it” is how I described it to the PA guy afterwards.

    At Takutaku you can watch the other bands’ performances from a nice location, so that’s fun as well. We watched Masudore’s performance from that staircase as well. Those girls produce an outrageously thunderous noise, so we’ll excitedly be going “you guys are crazy, hahaha” to them after their show, to which they’ll respond by “we aren’t crazy!“, getting mad at us. But I don’t mean it in a bad way. On the contrary, lately the girls have broken through their scorn and I sense more innocence off them, like they’re just humbly playing their shows, firing everyone up while having fun (and of course producing that hellish sound of theirs as they do so). I’m glad to have had them playing with us. Thank you for all four shows. Hope to work with you again!

    The last two dates of the tour are together with ASPARAGUS!!
    See you tomorrow!

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