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  • 3031 | 2011/09/10*Staff


    「9/9 @ Kyushu, 9mm Day」

    This year’s 9mm Day is a continuation to 2009/9/9… we got three 9’s lined up!
    9/9.9 (Kyu)shu!!!!

    First up, some live pictures!

    The venue before the show!
    The backdrop is the “999” from Budokan!

    Together with the SE… everything turns an eerie red. The show’s about to start~.

    The backdrop changed with the first song, “Survive”…

    The illumination during “Hoshi ni Negai wo” was lovely.

    9mm Day, part 1
    Taki on keyboards!!

    9mm Day, part 2
    Changing instruments!!

    It was a wild 9mm Day. Those of you who attended the show as well as those who weren’t able to, if you download the content using the trigger disc and look at the pictures here while listening… everyone is sure to relive the awesomeness that was 9mm Day!!

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    • Henkka says:

      The setlist for 999!

      Cold Edge
      Face to Faceless
      Hoshi ni Negai wo
      Bone To Love You
      TV no Singer (Yellow Monkey cover)
      Aoi Sora (Quruli cover)
      Roulette de Kuchizuke wo (Chiaki Kuriyama cover)
      The Revenge of Surf Queen (Taki on keyboards)
      Tsugi no Eki Made (Taki on keyboards)
      Vampiregirl (The band changed instruments for this song. Takuro on bass, Taki on drums, Kazu and Chihiro on guitars.)
      Muddy Mouth
      Candle no Hi wo
      Endless Game
      Black Market Blues
      Atarashii Hikari

      Living Dying Message

      Talking Machine

      Six songs (Survive, Roulette de Kuchizuke wo, The Revenge of Surf Queen, Vampiregirl, Kamome, Atarashii Hikari) were uploaded on the special download site accessible with the Kamome e.p. trigger disc.

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