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  • 3031 | 2011/10/07*Takuro



    It’s already been a week since the ZEPP tour finale. Was a wonderful tour, that one. I’m still basking in the afterglow. Thanks to everyone who came. We have one domestic show in October that we’re doing with SHERBETS at SHELTER so I’m really excited about that. After that we have the tours with other bands and the end of-the-year festivals, so look forward to those!

    And then we also have a show abroad. We’ll be going to Taiwan after this. On the 8th, we’ll be playing at this mysterious festival whose website we don’t understand at all and who aren’t really answering our mails either. (lol) On the 9th, we’ll be playing at a Taiwanese live house (I heard it has a capacity of around 1000, so I guess I should call it a huge live house) with te’, mudy on the sakuban and Taiwanese bands. Yanaka from Tokyo Sky Paradise told me that rather than a “live house“, it’d be more appropriate to call it a “venue” (actually, it seems Japan is the only place where they’re called “live houses“) but I wonder how it is in Taiwan. I await our departure with hopes of our trip resulting in awesome blog reports. With that, see you again! Or would “saiken!¹” be better…

    ¹ “再見”, can be translated as “seeing (something) again

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