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  • 3031 | 2011/10/26*Takuro


    「The guitar’s dooone!」

    The guitar is now on sale! It’s a guitar ESP made for me called Bricoleur. If asked how you pronounce it, I say “burikoruuru“. It’s a shape you feel you’ve seen before somewhere, but it actually hadn’t been made before this model. ESP and EDWARDS had already started producing it before, but this time the grandchild — or rather, the plum of the plum tree (laughs) — company called “grass roots” has added it to their product line as well.

    Seeing as the date’s already changed… it went on sale on the 26th. 26th is also when I heard about it going on sale in the first place. (laughs) How exciting. It’s definitely a reasonable price if you ask me. However, I also know the kids want something good. I know this. I recommend this guitar, both for the kids and the former kids. Those of you who are interested, go visit a music store and try it out! If you do get one and play it, that’d make me (and T from ESP) very happy.

    P.S. We’re still busy checking the score. All the guitar kids & bigger kids among you gentlemen, please wait a bit more.

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