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  • 3031 | 2013/01/12*Chihiro


    Hello ladies, gentlemen. Zubizubaa! (^з^)-☆
    An avatar of love who drives you crazy, this is Chihiro!

    ~ Today’s Trivia ~
    Chihiro-san, always endeavoring to use the latest trendy phrases and expressions.

    Whenever his urge to urinate simply grows too intense, he expresses it by saying: “Ah… it seems like the demon lurking in my urinary bladder is growing restless…!” You can use this expression, too! You should definitely try it out.

    ☆ Single point advice
    It’s possible to also use this expression if the passion building up inside you is not the urge to urinate, but rather bowel movement. In that case, just replace the words “urinary bladder” with “large intestine” or “anus” etc, and it’s ready for use.

    This was your host, Fantasista Kamijo.
    See you !!! ☆~(ゝ。∂)

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