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  • 3031 | 2013/01/15*Chihiro


    Hey you all. Payapayaa! )^o^(

    Setting your heart on fire, I’m Kamijo. …constantly saying cryptic things of that sort, I’m Chihiro!

    So this girl called out to me!

    Girl: “…Um, I’m sorry if I’m mistaken, but are you the drummer of 9mm?
    Me: “Perhaps.
    Girl: “I thought so! Um, I became a 9mm fan when I first saw you on Music Station. May I shake your hand?
    Me: “Sure thing.
    Girl: “Thank you! Please do your best, Chiharu-san!!
    Me: “Okay, gotcha. I will.

    The girl, eyes all sparkling, left behind an odor of shampoo as she continued on her way while carrying her guitar.

    I took a grown-up approach towards her mistake with which she obviously meant no ill will.
    As expected of me! So cool! So smart!

    And yet, my current feelings are somewhat on the dark side. This was Chiharu.

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