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  • 3031 | 2013/01/20*Chihiro


    Heya. Bainbaiiin! )^o^(
    I actually didn’t want to be a musician. I wanted to become an idol! I’m Chihiro!

    I thought of stage names to oppose Matsuko Deluxe — “answer names” if you will.

    ○ Chihiro Detox
    … I’m the antitoxin of your heart!

    ○ Chihiro Xerox
    … Kamijo-san, go make a copy of this.

    ○ Chihiro AIR MAX 95
    … MAX is getting hunted! I’m going to be kidnaaapped.

    ○ Chihiro Topics
    … Today’s Tokyo Stock Price Index closed at 999.99 points, an improvement over yesterday’s 99.9!

    ○ Chihiro Fenix
    … I’ll be reborn however many times it takes!!

    ○ Chihiro Botox
    … I’ll help you relax both your body and your mind. ☆☆☆

    ○ Chihiro Avex
    … Oh no! I can’t stay with EMI MUSIC JAPAN!

    ○ Chihiro Shidax
    … Yay yay! Let’s sing and be excited!

    ○ Chihiro Enix
    … I won’t go to school before I beat Dragon Quest!

    ○ Chihiro Relax
    … Let’s try doing nothing at all. Together.

    ○ Chihiro Orthodox
    … Simple is best. I like you best when you’re natural.

    ○ Chihiro Lolita Complex
    … Don’t eat sekihan! You can’t become an adult!

    ○ Chihiro Sex
    … Woohoo! )^o^( Sex!

    I can’t… come up with… any more… I’m tired from thinking so much.

    But today I’m Chihiro Climax! Kyaha! ☆~(ゝ。∂)

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