Lamp – Sachiko

さち子 (Sachiko)

The horizon and the sweet ocean breeze at summer’s end
Blowing through the girl’s hair that she’d only just cut short

Melancholy carried by a freight train running across the seashore
Tears and a prologue to a kiss hidden inside a seashell
A summer bluer than the sea…

Memories flowing from the car stereo
The sound of the waves and your singing

The vast loneliness of a late-summer beach at dusk
Chasing after the shadow of her straw hat blown away by the wind

Running across the beach with her toenails painted red
Creating ripples in the water
The epilogue to a fairytale about a mermaid she’d nearly forgotten
A summer deeper than the sea…

Ah, resounding from the far corners of my memory
The sound of the waves and your singing

I always knew it would one day end like this
Our brief time together
Like a drop of foam fading into the bottom of the ocean

Even if you were a fish I would still find you
Endlessly I keep calling out your name
Where are you singing now?

One thought on “Lamp – Sachiko

  1. I first started translating this in October 2014 and I still don’t know if it’s any good. But I simply can not improve on it any more than this, so I’m posting it now.

    I will say this much. I’m a grown-ass man but I have to admit: the line “いつかはこんな風に終わること分かっていた” (“I always knew it would one day end like this”) actually brings a tear to my eye.

    What an incredible song. Music doesn’t get any more perfect than this.

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