And speaking of buying stuff from Yahoo Auctions Japan, do take a look at what I won from there yesterday (or rather, begged my girlfriend to win for me. ゆみちゃんありがとーヽ(*^ω^*)ノ)

You’re looking at a clear file with hand-written Aucifer autographs (ie. not printed). The seller recalls these were done right after their debut for fans who purchased their CD, during their first tour. The best part? I snatched it for ¥500 (~US$6). Yes, there’s no typo there. Five hundred goddamned yen. That is less than what I spend on my weekly bottle of vodka.

Look out for my next post where I’ll announce the details of the upcoming Henkka’s Λucifer Autograph Guided Tour 2011 An Evening of LOVE&PAIN. For fans of Aucifer, it’s an event not to be missed! For now, I can tell you that activities during this very special evening will include:

  • In the absence of hands and thus a handshake event, you’ll be able to touch the autograph ever-so-lightly with the tip of your index finger for up to three seconds
  • Getting your two-shot picture taken with the autograph
  • Me giving a special presentation on the topic of “Useless shit I could’ve bought instead of this autograph, but didn’t
  • Romantic dinner with the autograph
  • Crying
  • Getting very very drunk