Now here’s something interesting I saw on 2ch just now. Before you read, please realize that this could very well be just baseless gossip — 2ch is hardly the most trustworthy news site out there. This could turn out to be just a reference to Aucifer’s new song, or this could turn out to be nothing at all. Please don’t get your hopes up. Consider this just a rumor!

Today on Makoto’s twitter, he tweeted something about “Λucifer’s comeback decision.”
The tweet was deleted afterwards. Did anyone else see it?
To me it felt like he tweeted about it before he should have and then hurriedly erased it.

You sure it’s not just about the new song?

I saw it, too.
His tweet said Aucifer are making a comeback!!
He deleted it afterwards?

Again, please don’t get your hopes up until there’s real confirmation.