It’s been pretty quiet here at Silent Melody lately with me and GN-0015 busy with life and other things.

What I originally envisioned this site to be was the go-to place for all sorts of news concerning the Λucifer members’ recent happenings, whether it be new releases, projects or anything else that’d interest Λucifer’s fans. While I’m obviously still a fan of the band, there are other things that have stolen my attention in recent times which hasn’t given me much time to keep up on Λucifer news so I could run this site properly.

My question is: would any of you be interested in helping run this site? This is directed especially to the people among you who constantly run into news about Λucifer and wonder “why the hell didn’t they post about this on Silent Melody?

You don’t have a post quota to reach per month and if you don’t have previous experience with blogging, I can help you with any technical questions you might have. The only two requirements are that you need to be able to write “okay” English — you don’t have to be a native level speaker, just passable — and more importantly, you need to feel passionate enough about Λucifer to be willing to seek out news of what the members are doing lately so you can post about it on Silent Melody.

That’s all.

If you want to join, or if you’re thinking you might like to give it a try but aren’t sure, just contact me and I’ll get back to you.

This offer stands for as long as this post is still viewable on the site.