Hey. I’m the guy behind the site and you may or may not call me Henkka.

I’m not that old of an Aucifer fan actually: I only discovered them in late 2005. Like most of you probably, I couldn’t resist getting into them after being brainwashed by the awesomeness that is the Kaikan Phrase anime. As a huge music fan, it was a very entertaining watch: whether it was the silly animated playing scenes, the ridiculous band rivalries, the “releasing five singles on the same day” schemes or the 24-hour live shows (what the hell?!), I thought it was all magnificent.

More than anything though, it was the music that stuck with me. It didn’t take long for all the songs to be completely burned into my memory. I started investigating the band, quickly dug out their whole discography and, well, here we are.

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