Long time no see, Shokotan!!!

I did a TV recording of Shoko Nakagawa’s new song “Flying Humanoid”.
It was for Nippon TV’s Happy Music.
Of course with my NiL guitar ☆

Also, I started using twitter yesterday with the username Daisuke_Atsuro.
I’ll talk about both work and private life. I wonder how long I’ll use it for…
Those of you interested, definitely check it out!!!

So that’s a bit of news for you right there. Atsuro has twitter! Here’s his awesome profile translated:

Name: Daisuke Kato
Present location: Tokyo
Web: http://www.an-life.com/atsuro/
Self-introduction: I’m a guitarist and composer/arranger. I was previously also known as ATSURO in the visual kei band Λucifer. I have more than 30 guitars at home with 5 of them being just standard Stratocasters. I enjoy surrounding myself with them in my living room ☆

And here’s a selection of his tweets so far:

  • Having zaru somen! In the summertime, refreshing foods are the best~☆ (picture) — 11:50 AM Aug 11th
  • I have to learn a song by tomorrow so I’m practicing now. When using my recently purchased Yngwie model, I end up playing everything faster ♪( ´▽`) (Note: for those of you not in the know, he says that because Yngwie is known for his guitar virtuosity) (picture) — 12:49 PM Aug 11th
  • Playing squash now for a change of pace from work! (picture) — 6:35 PM Aug 11th
  • Having tororo soba. If it’s a choice between udon and soba, I always go for the soba (^^;; (picture) — 10:34 AM Aug 12th
  • At a certain TV studio now. Here’s me with Sayo who I often go out drinking with. Recording all done~☆ (picture) — 2:26 PM Aug 12th
  • Sdrinkng at m yhousr now. (Note: sic — at least on my part 😀) (picture)– 10:43 PM Aug 12th
  • Listening to Marcus Miller while commuting to work. The track “The Sun Don’t Lie” that’s playing now is cool ♪ — 12:06 PM Aug 13th