First up, the last two †яi¢к PV’s that I don’t think we ever posted on this site. These are courtesy of YouTube user jaquelinedickinson. Won’t someone please convince her to join and help run this site so we can provide you with news that are actually new? 😉 Or otherwise, check out the above link and apply yourself, I’m still desperately hoping for someone to take charge of the site.

She also has some live clips of the band posted on her channel. Here’s one of them:

Aside from that, here’s a treat for the Aucifer fans! Makoto appeared at a couple of Thai events in December and luckily for us, footage of him performing some Aucifer songs has surfaced. You can thank CheekyDolphin for these.

Check out CheekyDolphin’s channel for more of the same (including a John Lennon cover!)