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Λucifer ENERGY magazine 1st issue

Just something cool I found in one of Aucifer’s mixi communities. These are scans of the first ever magazine (fanzine?) for the official Aucifer fan club ENERGY, published back in February 2000. A translation just isn’t going to happen with my current level of Japanese and the quality of these scans, but to give you a small idea of what’s here… it has pics and reports of various happenings in late 1999, such as the filming of the C no Binetsu PV, their appearances on PopJam and Music Station, a LIMIT CONTROL talk event, their first live tour and — most importantly — a glimpse into the necessities Makoto needs to have in his room. Perfume? Geez…

Santa blog translation 2010/06/27

Arena SPECIAL on sale

So the Arena SPECIAL is now in stores~
I procured myself a copy. (lol)
We’re on the back cover, but there’s a lot of us on the inside, too.

As we’re moving closer to the limited time revival and getting pumped up for the reunion, I’m feeling really thankful. I’m seriously very grateful to the people in the editorial department.

Though I’m anxious to hear the fans’ thoughts on it, I’m very satisfied with how it turned out.
To Tanaka who took such great pictures of us~ much thanks! (lol)

On an unrelated note, a while ago Yuki opened a blog, too. You can find it here.

And with that, this blog is going on a little bit of a summer holiday — unless GN-0015 feels like posting something. *eyes GN-0015* I’ll be back in late July with the newest news, translations and, with any luck, reviews. Until then, take care!

Towa blog translation 2010/06/26


Though I previously wrote on this blog it’d be on 06/27, the Arena37 SPECIAL went on sale today.
Sorry ’bout that.
Those of you who have old magazines featuring us, please try comparing the pictures and see if you can avoid laughing (lol)~

As a bonus since Towa’s entry is so short, here are the fan comments to this so far. Do you think I should start translating some of these, too? I think it’s always interesting to see what the Japanese fans think as well. Let me know if you care for them.

Commented by Sea at 2010-06-26 22:36
I bought Arena!
I got excited trying to find it in the bookstore.
I’ll be looking forward to the live, too.
Commented by さに~ at 2010-06-26 23:25

I bought it as well ☆
I can only attend the Osaka performance but I’m looking forward to the live, too!
Commented by まあゆ at 2010-06-27 00:42

So it was the “SPECIAL” version. At first I was impatiently browsing the normal edition of the magazine going “It’s not here? It’s not here???” (lol)
In any case, for some reason it made me laugh that your names aren’t written as “Taguchi” or “Toru”, but as “TOWA” and “SANTA”… Oh well, it’s only natural here, right?
I think I’ll later carefully compare this with the old magazines and such.
The hairstylist who’s always worked with you, she seems to be quite well known, right?
The limited 10th anniversary commemoration live really feels almost like a class reunion, doesn’t it? I’m firmly looking forward to anything you might have planned for us. (Note: last sentence is a very free translation! Let me get away with it just this once. 😉)
Commented by かきちゃん at 2010-06-27 02:19

I did try doing a comparison but there was nothing that made me laugh (lol)
Though I’ve had the privilege of seeing you all live individually, this is the first time I’ll be seeing the five of you live as a group, so I’ll be really looking forward to it!
Commented by 真綾 at 2010-06-27 17:48
I live in a rural area so we’ll be getting it here in around a week…
I want to see it soon!
I’m seriously looking forward to it!!!

Lesson learned: Japanese people love looking forward to things.

Santa blog translation 2010/06/05

(Note: sorry for the lateness. I somehow managed to miss this on my RSS reader!)


ARENA37°C, the magazine that took good care of us during the Λucifer era.
Today they interviewed the five of us in light of our reunion.
Supervisor Fujimori, photographer Tanaka and interviewer Yamamoto!!!
It was good seeing everyone in full force again (lol)
Everyone was still the same ^^
They got great pictures of us, so look forward to it!!!

It looks like this issue of ARENA37°C SPECIAL is going on sale on 6/27 (note: 6/26 actually)

↓ Here’s Yamamoto ^^

After the interview was over and the five of us were loitering around,
we found this store!!

It kinda looks like the Λucifer logo! (lol)

(Note: it does! Look here )

Atsuro blog translation 2010/06/19

Magazine publication information!

The August vol. 71 issue of Arena 37°C SPECIAL featuring Λucifer will go on sale 6/26!!!!!
It’ll have more pages than originally planned!!!!!
It’s an article full of gratitude about a band seven years after their break-up♪
When YUKI saw the group photos, he was caught off guard and shouted:
It’s Λucifer!” (lol)
It’s a strange nostalgic sort of feeling.
Please do get a copy of it!

After we were done with shooting, the five of us went to have ramen together for the first time in seven years.
By chance, the restaurant we went into had lots of autographs of famous people on the walls.
I found Shokotan‘s there, too! (note: Atsuro plays/has played guitar in her backing band)
Even TWO BEAT? (note: old manzai comedy duo from the 70’s) How many years has it been?

Even the cheapest ramen was around ¥1,000!!! Too expensive!!!
Braised shark fin ramen was ¥2,600!!!
I took this photo on my iPhone right away.
Everyone’s hungrily slurping down their ramen and wholeheartedly agreeing it’s delicious.
As is usual with this band when eating ramen, everyone was completely silent (lol)
Incidentally, the restaurant is in Yuurakuchou, close to the Kokusai Forum where we played our final live.

TV appearance for Aucifer!

For the first time in who knows how long, Aucifer are set to make a TV appearance on TBS network’s 「BLITZ INDEX」 on June 11th! No info as to what sort of appearance we should expect but seeing that it’s a 10-minute slab of airtime, we could possibly be looking at a little talk and — fingers crossed! — a live performance. You can never have too many performances of “Datenshi BLUE.”

If you’re desperate to try and catch this live, you might have luck with KeyHoleTV or freshverse for example, but the quality is going to be pretty lousy. The best livestream I’ve found is the one but unfortunately it appears to be down for the foreseeable future. If there’s any goodness in the world, someone will later put up a good quality version on the ol’ Tube or elsewhere.

In any case, for those of you with access to Japanese TV, Aucifer will be on air this Friday – Saturday night at 26:55 – 27:04 Japan time, which of course translates to Saturday 02:55AM – 03:04AM.

In other news, Aucifer are to be featured in the upcoming August issue of the Arena 37°C SPECIAL magazine which goes on sale on June 27th. Meanwhile, you can also catch Rayflower in the June issue of the standard edition of Arena 37°C which is already on sale.

By the way, did any of you hear the Rayflower single? Just as I expected, it’s pretty damned good! The riffs on “Uragiri” are gnarly and I kind of dig the vocals. And hey, while we’re on the subject of Yuki, Acid Black Cherry are releasing their second cover album “Recreation 2” on June 30th. Apparently they’re also releasing their next single “Re:birth” in the near future. No release date on that one yet.

With less than three months to go, we’re getting closer to the main event here, folks. As a sign of that, there’s several of these little guys starting to pop up on auctions:

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