Makoto has a role in a movie that just premiered earlier this month and will be released on DVD on April 7th. It’s titled Utsukushiki Mehyo BODY SNIPER (or “Beautiful Female Panther: Body Sniper“) and from the looks of it, it seems pretty raunchy: (NSFW, nudity)

Alright, not exactly the most terribly exciting news, but oh well… at least there’s boobs. No but still, some activity is better than no activity, right? Actually, in recent times it’s Makoto who’s been the most inactive out of all the members, so this at least serves as a way to let us know he’s alive.

Is it just me though or is the guy starting to look a little old?

In any case, here’s to hoping this brings us closer to the Aucifer reunion.

You can find more info on the movie here.