Hello and welcome to Henkka’s Aucifer blog, hereafter referred to as Silent Melody. How original…

In case you weren’t aware, Aucifer are a band. Actually, they’re a pretty damned good band in my books. If you’ve no idea what they’re about, the Jpopstop article on them would be a good place to start investigating — I would know, I’m the one who wrote it!

I’d call Aucifer my all time favorite J-rock band. I got to know them like anyone else: through the awesome Kaikan Phrase anime. I loved it! Since I’m a huge music fan, it was a very entertaining watch: whether it was the silly animated playing scenes, the ridiculous band rivalries, the “releasing five singles on the same day” schemes or the 24-hour live shows (what the hell?!), I thought it was magnificent. More than anything though, it was the music that stuck with me. It didn’t take long for all the songs to be completely burned into my memory. I started investigating, quickly dug out their whole discography and, well, here we are.

As to why this blog exists? I have another blog where I occasionally wrote about Aucifer but I figured, why not just make a new one focusing entirely on the band? Hey, they’re my favorite after all. Some might argue that there’s not much to talk about a band that’s been dead and largely forgotten for a good seven years now, but as it just so happens, there’s very strong reason to believe Aucifer are going to be back soon (more on that in the next post.) Even if that never happens though, I don’t mind: I like to occasionally check what the members are up to and then write about my findings. And hell, even if they stop doing anything at all, there’s still all those old songs to fangirl over, right?

Please join me as I write about anything and everything having to do with Aucifer, its music, its members’ recent activities and about how much I want to engage in sexual activity with Yuki‘s hair. Please bear with the site as I try my best to not make it look like shit!