Earlier today livecast.jp broadcasted Towa‘s net radio show that featured all of Aucifer’s members. I managed to record it but like last time, my net managed to crap out at one point. Thus there’s around 25 seconds of missing audio at approximately 22m45s. Jesus fuck I love my internet. I’ve attempted a semi-complete translation this time, hope you enjoy.

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Santa has trouble with his introduction since he hasn’t called himself by the name “Santa” in a long time. After the self-intros, Towa asks about everyone’s feelings now that rehearsals have begun.

Atsuro thinks all the songs are so fast, and they all agree they’re having a bit of trouble remembering them after seven years. Santa says he hasn’t forgotten everything but there’s a “grey zone” of parts he can’t remember so he still has trouble nailing everything 100%.

Yuki has some parts that he couldn’t remember first at all. “What did I play here again…?!Towa notices Makoto being a little quiet and Makoto‘s reply about that just being his personality is met with laughs and Towa calling him a liar.

Towa asks if they feel they’ve changed at all since Aucifer’s break-up.

Santa says they’ve of course all changed and laughs. Atsuro comments that Towa‘s become a much better speaker which Towa quickly denies. Everyone says they should just shut up and basically leave Towa to run the whole show, but Towa tells them not to as it’d be troublesome.

They get sidetracked for a bit as Makoto returns to the subject of having forgotten the songs. He says that while they’ve forgotten them after all these years, the songs are so carved into his memory that it isn’t super hard for him to get back into the groove of things; in fact, he seems to be remembering those forgotten parts quickly.

This quickly escalates into probably the funniest part of the show…

Yuki comments that once he hears those melodies, there are times when his fingers start doing their thing on the fretboard without even thinking about it. Makoto says his mouth involuntarily does the same thing and asks Santa if it’s the same for his sticks, too, and Santa answers yes. Makoto then asks if the same goes for his “stick” in the “middle” as well, to which Santa replies “OH YEAH!! … hey, what the hell!” Everyone explodes into laughter. Towa wonders why Makoto‘s still saying those kinds of things after all these years but Makoto reminds them that Santa was always made out to be the pervy character on Aucifer’s radio appearances, forced to read dirty fan letters and such.

Santa remembers this and says he’s still stained by that pervy stigma: he was recently in the talks about becoming a supporting drummer for an artist but when he went down to the office to talk about it, a staff member told him that the tour this time didn’t have much dirty jokes so they probably wouldn’t need Santa. Santa asks why that character still haunts him and Makoto suggests it might be his strong sexual desire. He adds that Santa‘s upper arms look like penises. Everyone sounds like they’re pretty much pissing their pants laughing.

They get back to the topic of songs. Makoto says he remembers the lyrics better than he thought he would. Towa says that usually if Makoto screws up his singing, everyone else starts screwing up, too. Atsuro says it’s because everyone’s paying extra attention to the vocals after all. Santa says it’s not the lyrics but the vocal melody that’s important in that aspect. Towa reminds them, though, that in the rehearsal just before, there were times when they didn’t even get further than the intro before everyones’ playing just flat-out stopped. Atsuro thought that was pretty bad.

Something that even I didn’t know: Makoto mentions that the venue of the first reunion show they’re playing on August 25th, the Shinsaibashi CLUB QUATTRO in Osaka is the same venue in which Λucifer played their first ever live performance (which, by the way, they did exactly 11 years before on August 25th 1999). Towa also points out that the rehearsal studio they’re using now is the same one they first used when starting out. Yuki says it kind of feels like going back to their roots.

They return to the subject of how they’ve changed after these years. Santa says that in the past there were some difficult parts for him in the songs but playing them now, he feels they’ve gotten easier. Makoto feels the same.

Makoto asks Towa if anything’s changed about the “first generation” leader Atsuro and Atsuro is of course quick to point out that he still is the leader. Towa says the Atsuro of times past was late to appointments a lot. Atsuro laughs and asks if that’s really true, with everyone agreeing he used to be late a lot, even having days when he didn’t show up at all! Atsuro apologizes  for his past behavior.

This is getting long as all hell! To be continued…