Hey everyone! It’s not that I have anything special to say today… other than: today is September 15th. You all know what that day means. You should, anyway. Today is Aucifer’s 13th birthday. Here’s Atsuro on twitter:

The date’s changed to the 15th, meaning that today’s the anniversary of Λucifer’s debut. Thank you for all the messages!! All of us in the band are so happy to have been part of a group with such devoted fans. Once again, we thank you for your continued support!!

For the newbie fans of Λucifer, here’s a real quick refresher course into the history of Λucifer. Here’s how it all started back in the days. Well, for the anime version of Λucifer anyway. I like to think that this is sort of how it was in real life, too.

One heck of a line-up. Climb’s Santa and Yuki. Neon’s Towa. Lucy Lane’s Atsuro. And…