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†яi¢к is on Facebook and some details about Acid Black Cherry’s upcoming single

Makoto’s new band, †яi¢к is so active recently, and they’ve just made another awesome trick by opening their official Facebook page. It’s over here.

They also recently appeared on Nico Nico Live twice, doing some kind of talk show talking about various things. The first edition can be watched here, while the second edition, is I believed, gonna be uploaded in the next few days.

Also, as a reminder, Acid Black Cherry’s new single, Shoujo no Inori III is going on sale next Wednesday. You can get the regular edition here, or pay more for the limited edition and you’ll get a B2-sized poster. The title track is a remade version of a song from their first album, Black List. The B-side is called Joukyou Monogatari, a cover version of Sharam Q’s 1994 single. And here’s the PV. Gotta say, it’s cool.

†яi¢к takes part in Tohoku Earthquake charity tour

Trick have just announced some live shows on their homepage which are all part of a charity tour, the cause for which being of course the recent Tohoku Earthquake. The live dates are as follows:

June 6th 2011 (Monday)
Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE
Doors 17:30 / Showtime 18:30
Tickets ¥4,000 (¥3,500 in advance)
Line-up: everset / †яi¢к / back”cast”away

June 8th 2011 (Wednesday)
Nagoya ell.FITS ALL
Doors 17:30 / Showtime 18:30
Tickets ¥4,000 (¥3,500 in advance)
Line-up: everset / †яi¢к / defspiral

June 9th 2011 (Thursday)
Osaka MUSE
Doors 17:30 / Showtime 18:30
Tickets ¥4,000 (¥3,500 in advance)
Line-up: everset / †яi¢к / defspiral

June 11th 2011 (Saturday)
Ogura WOW
Doors 17:00 / Showtime 17:30
Tickets ¥4,000 (¥3,500 in advance)
Line-up: everset / †яi¢к / etc…

June 12th 2011 (Sunday)
Fukuoka Drum LOGOS
Doors 16:30 / Showtime 17:00
Tickets ¥4,000 (¥3,500 in advance)
Line-up: everset / †яi¢к / defspiral / etc…

Tickets can be reserved starting from April 30th 21 o’clock Japan time on Massive Rock Records’ site:

On the tour, they’ll be selling silicone wristbands of which the production costs will be paid by the performing bands. They’ll be priced at 1000 yen and 100% of the funds generated from the sale of the wristbands, along with a percentage of the revenue generated from the tour, will be donated to STAND UP! JAPAN.

Video from Thai charity event w/Yuki

Yuki recently went to Phuket, Thailand where he — among other things — met with Phuket’s mayor and played at a charity event on the 10th. Here’s a video from the show.

Another clip with Yuki helping out on a cover of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life.”

Yuki’s tweet in English after the event:

Thank you to all my thai fans for your big support. The charity event finished safely. I’m happy to be here to play guitar for u guys.

Makoto fan meeting in May & Goldberry Japan

Another Makoto fan meeting announced, info from his website and K-project’s twitter:

Makoto Koshinaka fan meeting 「Ebisu Now!!」 (tentative)
Organizer: K-project
Venue: ‘es’ Italian restaurant, Ebisu
Date: May 3rd (Tuesday)
Time: doors 17.00, showtime 17.30
Tickets: ¥23,000 (~US$280) (includes dinner)

Part of the ticket revenue will be donated to charity.

For getting tickets, if you’re outside of Japan, you should probably look around on the Makoto Thai forums whereas people in Japan should keep an eye on Makoto’s official site and wait for more info.

In other news, Makoto’s the new Goldberry Japan Ambassador. Not exactly sure what all that entails, but at least he’s going to be visiting Thailand again:

PS. If you don’t know of it yet, I recommend checking out the Makoto Facebook group as they often do a much quicker job of posting all the latest Aucifer going-ons than this site.

Update: Firstly, concerning Makoto’s fan meeting, you must email with (1) your name, (2) address and (3) contact info (phone number/email address/etc).

Secondly, concerning the Goldberry part of the news, Makoto will be arriving to Thailand on 19 April at 16:30pm via flight TG 643. Here are the details for his scheduled press conference.

Makoto Koshinaka fan meeting in Thailand

Good news for the Thai fans! Although there’s no mention of this yet on Makoto’s website, I’m assuming this is legit.

As for how to get your hands on a ticket and whatnot, I’m afraid you’re on your own as my knowledge of Thai is non-existant. You’ll find what you need at the forums in this thread.

Edit: more info from jv0721:

This event of MAKOTO is to thank fans who were able to buy the DVD sets through K-Project. So this was called a Secret Meet since this is a non-profit event in collaboration of K-Project and Makoto Thailand Fan Club. Remember I posted before that he will have a special activity with fans who bought DVD Sets through K-Project? So this is it!

Siam@Siam is a 5 star hotel in Thailand and only limited tickets are being sold. Ok tickets for those who wanted to avail are at 1200 THB. Buyers of DVD sets will be given priority. For those who wanted to buy a ticket and participate in this close encounter event, they can mail 🙂

On a somewhat related note, I still haven’t posted the promised Makoto interview. Sorry. 🙁 I never did forget about it, and honestly, the delay is largely due to the fact that it is very much above my current (weak) level of Japanese. That, and my kanji studies have been keeping me nice and busy lately. However, I assure you that I’ll have it out sooner or later. Even if it kills me!

Edit 2: A comment from jv0721:

All I can say for now is that it was totally fun. We all fell in love with him again and again. He was really playful and he really interacted with the fans. Reaaly happy I got to be there. hahaha!!

Λucifer Rinne DVD & photobook update

Just a quick update: the new DVD’s and photobooks are scheduled to start being mailed out on December 25th. If you were wondering what they look like…


Regular edition DVD:

Limited edition DVD:

Thanks to jv0721 for the heads-up!

Makoto Christmas event

Makoto has announced a Christmas event on his website. Here’s the translated info:

Koshinaka Makoto 「Christmas Party」

Venue:     DaDa, Tokyo Minato-ku, Kita-Aoyama 2-11-15, contact: 03-3401-4008
Date:     December 24th, 25th 2010
Time:      Doors 18:30, Start 19:00
Price:     ¥23,000 (~US$275), dinner inclusive

Everyone gets a 2-shot picture + Thai tour goods as present.
There’ll be unreleased video footage shown and games with prizes, among other things!!
There might even be a surprise guest!?

Reservations start from 12/01 (Thursday) 10:00 o’clock.
Ticket handling and commission fee ¥500.


On a somewhat related note, Makoto’s band Trick has now opened their official website as well as MySpace. The latter has clips of a couple of as-of-yet unreleased Trick recordings.

12/21 edit: Λucifer’s new DVD will be on sale at the event. Those who purchase it there will get their copy signed by Makoto as well as the special guests who are, by the way, Atsuro (12/24) and Santa & Towa (12/25).

(Sorry for the recent downtime, I had computer trouble… thinking of purchasing actual webhosting for the site so this kind of thing wouldn’t happen again. When I do, I’ll let you know. In the mean time, my apologies for the downtime!)

Cosmos Blackness, new project of Rayflower’s Sakura

Rayflower’s drummer, Sakura, will hold a live event, titled “Cosmos Blackness” at Koenji ShowBoat on November 20th, which will be broadcast live via USTREAM. He himself will host the show, and fellow Rayflower members Ikuo and Yuki (yes, our snow prince Yuki of Λucifer) will be performing with him on bass and guitar respectively. Other members are Kaoru (vocal), Den (another bassist), and Ryo (guitar). I’ve got no clue at all about Kaoru, Den, & Ryo, but I believe they are all also experienced musicians.

Sakura’s other band, Lion Heads (in which he plays the guitar) will also perform at the event, along with CIRCUIT9.

For all concert-goers, you can grab a pillow and cry on it since the tickets are SOLD OUT, but as mentioned above, you can stream it live on USTREAM’s official MySpace, NEXUS TV, and SYNC MUSIC JAPAN. Streaming times are as follows:

18:30 pm (Tokyo)
13:30 pm (Moscow)
11:30 am (Paris)
10:30 am (London)
5:30 am (New York)
2:30 am (Los Angeles)

In another Rayflower related news, vocalist Takayuki Tazawa will reunite with his old band, WAIVE, in a revival tour called  CASE OF Waive. The tour has already begun with the show in Saitama and Yokohama were held last Friday and Saturday, and there will be three remaining shows at Nagoya (23rd November), Ebisu (24th November), Osaka (26th November), and followed by the grand final at Shibuya-AX at 29th November.

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