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Makoto Koshinaka Q&A, part 3 ~ fallen angel legends

The next batch of 25 Q’s.

Ever since the first time I saw Λucifer, you’re still as cool as ever. What’s your secret for retaining your youthful looks?
Give your mirror image kisses, ahahaha.

Makoto, it seems like you don’t age…!! (like you’re perpetually stuck at 19 years old…)
To be exact, I’m 10030 years old in fallen angel years.

What’s the life expectancy for a fallen angel?
Rather than looking at the life expectancy, diving into love will prolong my life! (TL note: another reference to Datenshi BLUE lyrics. 「愛に飛び込め~」)

Is it the angel or the devil who’s tweeting using your account???
I have split personality so I often catch myself having changed into one of the two.

You always call yourself the “former” fallen angel, does that mean you don’t have the strength of that of a normal fallen angel?
I get stiff shoulders more often.

Because of your wings?
Because of old scars!

What do fallen angels do for work?
Usually we collect flowers to make the perfume that God wears.

What type of flower does God like?
A type that only blooms in heaven.

By the way, what color are those flowers of heaven? (^q^)
Secret Colors.

There’s been these talks of angels and fallen angels which reminds me… have you played the newest Dragon Quest? I think the last boss was a fallen angel☆
That guy’s my cousin.

Were you banished from heaven? Or did you decide to leave yourself?
All kinds of stuff happened, but I suppose me peeping at the hot springs in heaven might’ve had a lot to do with it.

Question! Do you still hate tomatoes??
I overcame it!

I want to drink at a bar! By the way, do you go to bars often?
I went yesterday.

After getting out of the bath wanting to have my first drink in two weeks, I’m now drinking homemade umeshu! Are you strong against alcohol?
That’s cool of you, making umeshu yourself! And yes, I’m strong!

After this I’m going to my cousin’s to have a drinking party while watching Λucifer’s live DVD! My cousin’s really strong against alcohol so it looks like I’ll be in trouble tomorrow… (~o~) Makoto, what do you think about women that are really strong against alcohol?
Depends on how her behavior changes when she drinks!

Who encouraged you to start up twitter?
Tatsurou from MUCC.

Makoto, have you listened to any music from South Korea?
I like Tohoshinki. WAY?

After Makoto tweeted that he came back from buying groceries:

What did you buy?
Tobacco, Red Bull and melon bread.

Question. In your student days, what was your favorite thing to do? 🙂 By the way, for me, it’s doing pranks with friends :3
Going to a small candy store after school was fun!

Lately work is always so busy that I hate it. Today, too, I worked while getting all dizzy. I felt dizzy enough to wonder if I might have a fever. Is it the “Fever of C” I wonder (^o^)
Sounds to me like acute egovision.

How does one become a Makower!? (Note: another word Makoto invented, meaning people who follow his tweets. Makoto + follower = Makower.)
Just tweet when naked and you’ll become one in no time!

What are the chances for one to get a reply from you??

I’ve wondered this for a while. Are you S or M?
Depends on the play!

On cold days, what do you do to get warm?
More than that, what the hell’s up with your profile picture!!!

I lost a bet to my friend so I had to change it. Now, please answer my question.
I listen to DIR!

Makoto Koshinaka Q&A, part 2 ~ music special

Just a word on the Sendai earthquake disaster. All of Λucifer’s members have checked in on their blogs/twitters and thankfully they’re all fine. Here’s the next 25 questions to Makoto, all music-related.

Will you write all the lyrics for †яi¢k songs?
Yes. I’ll also do my best with the music!

Please tell us where you want †яi¢к to go from here.
First off, I want to make it a band that plays lots of shows!

What’s the place you most want to go right now??
To the stage where I can see everyone’s smiling faces!!!!

My little sister, while shopping for groceries, suddenly called me! “Sis, they’re playing Λucifer’s Datenshi BLUE in the convenience store!” ♪ Though it’s been over 10 years, the love for Λucifer won’t fade \(^^)/
Thanks! Where is that convenience store!?

The Daiei in my hometown also plays Datenshi BLUE and CARNATION CRIME hourly (lol) That really boosts your tension (lol)
Does hearing Λucifer while shopping make you want to buy like hell!?

I work at a karaoke place, and every Saturday there’s a guy who comes and sings Λucifer songs alone by himself!
Give him my regards!

It’s kinda surprising to hear you like Soutaiseiriron! I sometimes sing their songs in karaoke. What do you like for girls to sing in karaoke?
Mika Nakashima

I’m practicing guitar and was wondering, what do you like for girls play?

So you still like Shiina Ringo even now♪ I think it was around the time I first became a fan of yours… I remember reading in a magazine you like Shiina Ringo and Mai Kuraki… I’ve always liked Shiina Ringo, too, but more than her band Tokyo Jihen, I like her solo material ミ^・ェ・^ミ
I love them both! They both have their strengths!!

Do you like visual kei bands? If so, who?
X Japan

Do you have a favorite song by MUCC? Mine’s Ame no Orchestra!

What’s your favorite Dir En Grey song? (^^)
ain’t afraid to die

What’s your favorite Acid Black Cherry song you find really erotic?
Black Cherry

What’s your favorite Sid song?

Question, do you have a favorite Michael Jackson song??
Smooth Criminal!

Favorite  L’Arc~en~Ciel song..?

What’s your favorite PENICILLIN song?♪♪
99banme no Yoru

Makoto, do you like Kazuyoshi Saito? Please tell me your recommendation from him if you have one♪( ̄▽ ̄)ノ″
Post ni Mayonnaise!!

At karaone now☆ Do you have a favorite song from GLAY?
Sen no Knife ga Mune wo Sasu!!

Makoto, do you like AKB48? (lol)

I see. Say Makoto, who’s your favorite AKB48 member? (´・_・`)
Yuko Oshima

If you could get into any Johnny’s group, which would you want to join?

Huh, I think KAT-TUN definitely suits you better!!
Correction: I want to join KAT-TUN!

Makoto, do you like SMAP?
I love them!

Makoto! Please give us your thoughts on the K-pop boom as of late, summed up in a single word (o’ω’)ノ

Makoto Koshinaka Q&A, part 1 ~ women, favorite bands & UFO’s

As you may well be aware, Makoto is answering fans’ questions on twitter. I’m going to start translating some of the more interesting ones. Without further ado, here’s the first batch of 25 questions!

How are you able to write those perverted lyrics???
Because I really am a pervert.

Have you ever thought about a specific woman when writing lyrics?
I have, yes!

What kind of a posture do you have when tweeting in the middle of the night?
I stand on my head.

Please tell us what the thing you hold the most dear to you is.

Family’s important, too, but I kinda wanted you to answer “the fans”
But the fans are also members of my family!

What should I do in order to learn to love myself?
Please watch the movie Angel-A by Luc Besson.

Please tell us what your favorite moments during lives are.
When I see everyone smiling.

Is there any artist whose live you want to see? (@゚▽゚@)
Shinsei Kamattechan

Please tell us what you like about them!
Noko’s eccentricities (Note: the vocalist)

Have you been to their lives before? I saw them at a festival! They really have peculiar performances (*´∀`*) But I was surprised to know you like them (・∀・)
I also listen to Rin Toshite Shigure.

I like Shigure too (・∀・) Then what about 9mm, do you like them? \(^O^)/
I listen to them. Also, I like sakanaction and Straightener, too!

Ooh! I like them, too (*´∀`*) I’m happy that our tastes in music are so similar \(^O^)/ Right now the bands I’m most into are TsuShiMaMiRe and, though they already broke up, Midori! Do you also listen to girl bands?
Midori broke up?! I also listen to Soutaiseiriron.

Yeah, they broke up (´;ω;`) They played their last show at the end of the year… I would’ve liked to see Mariko live more… (Note: the vocalist) Ah, and what about The telephones!?
I’ll check ’em out! Thanks.

On a quick personal note… some really good music spoken of here. I especially recommend checking out the aforementioned 9mm Parabellum Bullet and Soutaiseiriron, both of which are fucking excellent bands. On a somewhat related note, if you happen to be interested, I also recently made a new site in which I translate 9mm’s blog into English.

Makoto-sa~n, it’s scary… Just now I felt a presence behind me, so I turned around to look… but there was no one there (tear)
It’s in front of you.

Today at work as I was really pissed off, Datenshi BLUE started playing in my head for some reason. I wonder if I, too, was an “angry half-angel, half-demon” \(^o^)/ (Note: reference to Datenshi BLUE lyrics)
I think you might be in need of a little vacation time (lol)

Unrelated Makoto tweet:
I encountered a UFO!

They didn’t abduct you!? (@_@)
I’ve been abducted around 5 times in the past.

I wonder who else was aboard the UFO?
It seems Towa rides with them sometimes.

What did you talk about with the aliens?
The economy.

What’s your food specialty lately?
Cosmos Stew.

How does it feel when aboard a UFO??
Hard, because they have wooden flooring.

Please tell us one of the aliens’ names (>_<)

What shape was the UFO?

Did Tanaka-san speak good Japanese?
Satou’s was better, I guess…

How did you come back after being abducted? (ФЛФ;)
By sliding.

Unrelated Makoto tweet:
Ah, it looks like I’ll have ramen for the second time today?!

Won’t you get tired of it? (^o^)/
Maybe I just got abducted by aliens and they erased my memory, and because of that I’m feeling like I want to eat ramen again?!

Fucking awful Makoto joke of the day

A fan on Twitter to Makoto:

Hello! Congratulations on your twitter one week anniversary☆ I’ve been a fan since Λucifer was still together. My question is, what’s your favorite Λucifer song? Mine’s “Dakishimeru Hoka ni Nani ga Dekirun darou.”

Makoto’s reply:

Legend (lol)

Makoto on twitter

Makoto just registered on twitter yesterday. Like the other members, he, too responds to fans’ tweets (including mine!) Here’s some of the more interesting of his tweets so far. Read about his epic “Tokyo Twitter Marathon” in which he tries to achieve 1000 followers!

  • My first tweet. Nervous. (Feb 27th)
  • Went to see Creature Creature today. Morrie was god.
  • (To Yuki) It’s me. I started twitter. Cheers.
  • Having steak now.
  • Listening to PJ Harvey in the morning’s nice. (Feb 28th)
  • I got my hay fever debut this year and my back hurts.
  • When it rains, I want to listen to Kuwata Keisuke’s “Tokyo“.
  • Having lunch. This chicken cutlet’s delicious.
  • I wonder if my profile picture’s any good. Took it at the backstage of Akasaka BLITZ.

  • By the way, we’re busing making TRICK’s demo. All you youngsters, wait just a bit more!
  • (Unrelated tweet from Santa) Even though it was so warm yesterday~ It’s sleeting now (tear) My hands are so cold they don’t move. Not good. If I don’t get warmed up soon, I won’t be able to play (°□°;)
  • (Makoto → Santa) Watch Λucifer’s DVD and you’ll get warm in no time
  • Am I tweeting too much? Should I just go for one a month?
  • The ex-fallen angel has appeared in the world of twitter!
  • Ah, I’m tired, I’ll get in the bath. Heating the water now.
  • The ex-fallen angel makes his appearance just out of the bath, tweeting completely naked!!
  • The ex-fallen angel just out of the bath, makes his appearance tweeting while chugging down milk!
  • Kinda feel like watching a movie~ any recommendations? By the way, I recommend the South Korean movie “Breathless“. Rent it from Tsutaya!
  • Sorry, I’ve been watching movies for about 300 years’ worth so I’ve already seen most of you guys’ recommendations. The ex-fallen angel who watches movies too much makes his appearance!
  • I made it to 500 followers!! The ex-fallen angel is somewhat pleased.
  • I have something to tell you all. I’m getting married! My partner is… twitter!!
  • Having curry for dinner.
  • Any band recommendations as of late? I guess it’d be TOKIO HOTEL for me.
  • Oh, this raayu goes well with curry.
  • I’m done eating. Twitter for dessert!!
  • The guy who came up with curry and the guy who came up with twitter are both geniuses.
  • I want to make it to 1000 followers before midnight.
  • Watching Creature Creature now!! Morrie LOVE!!
  • Ti. re. d.
  • Twired… (TL note: Pretty sure Makoto just made up this word himself. It’s a pun combining twitter (ツイッター) + tired (つかれた) = ツイッかれた)
  • Hey! Everyone, I’ve decided!! I’m not going to sleep before I hit 1000 followers!!! Bring it on!!!
  • Reached 700 followers!
  • This Red Bull injection makes me a Datenshi BULL!
  • Injecting banana, too!
  • Tokyo Twitter Marathon! How much more until the goal!?
  • Towa, I’ll run it this year, too! (Note: Towa has run the Tokyo Marathon before)
  • *pant pant pant*
  • Hey? Towa?!
  • Huh? It’s you isn’t it, Towa?!
  • (At this point, I tweeted Makoto) Hello! I’m a Finnish fan of Λucifer and you. Do your best to reach 1000 followers!!
  • (Makoto → me (woohoo!)) *pant pant pant* Thank you.. To… wa.. Losing consciousness..
  • Oh, is this the Sanzu River?
  • Someone’s standing at the other side of the river bank… To-Towa!?
  • Ah, w-wrong!
  • (Makoto MUCC’s Tatsurou) Huh, on the other side of the river is.. Tatsurou!? It’s probably better to not go there then.. thank you. Ah! Regaining consciousness…
  • Resurrected safely! I’ll work hard for the last spurt!! Twired.
  • (Tatsurou → Makoto) Hey you old man, old man, that’s my real name! It’s Tatsurou! It’s different for my public persona, so from now on, please! (TL note: Makoto used the wrong kanji to call Tatsurou in his earlier tweet)
  • (Makoto → Tatsurou) Thanks Tacchan (v^-゚) I came back safely! I’m taking part in the Twitter Marathon you invited me into!! Just a little bit more until 1000.
  • The rain’s cold. Is it just me running the Tokyo Twitter Marathon?!
  • Someone *pant, pant* is there no one else running but me?!
  • Reached 800 followers!
  • The last spurt! Bring it on!!
  • Every follower one-by-one will become my courage!
  • (Makoto, responding to especially many encouraging tweets from fans) I’m glad. So many people thinking of me.. thank you.
  • My fingers hurt
  • Singing Ureshii Higeki enthusiastically now.
  • Singing SPRAY enthusiastically now.
  • Reached 900!! Couldn’t finish it in time today though (sweat) But I’ll definitely make it to 1000 without sleep or alcohol!!
  • *pant pant pant* I can see the goal a little bit!
  • Bring it on followers!!
  • Just, just, a bit more!
  • My mom who uses twitter, too, messaged me here!
  • The beer in front of my eyes right now. I want to drink it…
  • Just, six more people
  • I’ve finished the race!! (tear) 1000 followers achieved!!
  • Let’s get drunk off victory sake and kanpai together (lol) Let’s do it~ We’ll go with “Datenshi BLUE.” Ready, set… Datenshi?! (Note: BLUE!!!)
  • (Afterword) I got all these followers thanks to you guys (tear) Even though I crossed the Sanzu River, thank you Tacchan! Thank you Wataru! Thank you Aiji! Thank you Shinpii! Shinya LOVE! Thank you twitter! And more than anything, thank you to all of you who supported me! Good night (chu)! Twired.

PS. The promised translated Makoto interview is on its way. I swear!

(後書き)みんなの力で走りきれました(涙)三途の川も渡りかけたけど、たっちゃんありがとう!渉君ありがとう!アイジさんありがとう!シンピーありがと う!シンヤサンLOVE !ツイッターありがとう!そして何より僕を応援してくれたみんなありがとう!お休み(チュッ)!ツイッかれた。

Alternative ways to order new Λucifer DVD + photobook

As you know, ordering Aucifer’s new DVD through their online store can be troublesome if you’re not a resident of Japan. So here’s two alternatives for those of you who still haven’t bought their copy due to that difficulty. First off, one especially suitable for Thais… jayvee passed on this alternative to me. Thanks for the heads up!

Note that I’m not affiliated with (who are behind this offer) and I can’t take any responsibility if you decide to order through them. Also, a point of inconvenience for some might be that they seem to only accept Western Union as form of payment. I have to add that the price for non-Thais, too, at 6000THB (~US$200) could be a bit much for some…

This could be an alright way for Thais to order the set, but note that there might be better alternatives out there (with other payment options, too, such as Paypal) for fans in other countries. One service I know of, for example, is Read more about their service on Tofugu. If you want to calculate approximately how much it’d cost to order the set to your country with Tenso, you can do a rough calculation here. Again, I’ve personally not used Tenso and with Googling, there’s a chance you might find a service even cheaper than them that will do the job. However, Tenso does seem pretty trustworthy to me.

And as for when we can actually expect that DVD of this performance? Still no release date unfortunately, but it’s getting closer as you can read from these translations of Towa’s blog and Atsuro’s twitter:

Towa’s blog 2010/10/16


We’re working at a studio witht his kind of a scenery.
We’re doing the sound mixing for Λucifer’s live DVD.
Akkun’s twitter has a picture so definitely check that out too~

Atsuro’s twitter:

We’ve been doing Λucifer’s DVD’s TD with TOWA since noon♪ My physical condition has finally improved with only a little bit of cough remaining, so there’s no need to worry~☆ — Oct 16 (Note: as you might remember from my Thailand translations, Atsuro got so sick he had to be hospitalized for a while)

Returning home now. We worked on the sound for Λucifer’s DVD for over 12 hours without giving in. I’m thankful to all the staff!!!! Also many thanks to TOWA who did his best with me~☆ — Oct 16th

Towa’s blog 2010/10/20

Live DVD!

The final check for Λucifer’s live DVD is done!
We were able to finish it nicely!
Thanks to everyone who took part!
Those of you haven’t yet, definitely do think about pre-ordering!
Those of you who came to see the live, and also those of you who didn’t, definitely do check out the the Λucifer of today!
Well, though I say it’s done, there’s actually still the packaging and so on to be done before it’s finished, so it’ll take a while more…
Look forward to it!

Atsuro & Yuki twitter translations 2010/09/06-2010/09/29

Selection of Atsuro’s tweets

  • After the lives were finished, I’ve been in a daze. I forgot about twitter… reminds me of way back, when I once completely burned myself out at a school festival and didn’t go for a week… Sep 7th
  • Today’s Λucifer’s rehearsal and I was wondering how everyone already knew about it. Then I figured it must be the fault of this guitarist companion in front of me!!♪( ´▽`) — Sep 9th
  • I want to update my blog, too, but I’m busy so I keep putting it off… on that point Twitter is simpler♪ During Λucifer’s time, I did my best with SMS. There’s a stronger sense of closeness now. — Sep 10th
  • Also, today marks Λucifel’s (sic) debut day! We’re breaking into our 11th year. I’m grateful to everyone who still keeps supporting us!! — Sep 15th
  • Hosoki Kazuko tells me that on our 11th year we should rename the band Aucifel (^^;; — Sep 15th
  • Of course, the band’s name is “Λucifer”! Sorry sorry~! — Sep 15th
  • The offer this time, starting tomorrow: Quarter Pounder for ¥200♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ — Sep 16th
  • As I thought, as per all your wishes, starting tomorrow I’ll be attempting a consecutive Quarter Pounder record…? — Sep 16th
  • For now, I’ll be having a Quarter Pounder tomorrow. There’s only one in a set so I’ll be alright~☆ — Sep 16th
  • Since I didn’t have time to have one during the rehearsals, I’m having a Quarter Pounder now after leaving the studio… delicious☆ — Sep 17th

  • After rehearsal, I’m at Maru-Kin Ramen with Towa and Uecchi for the first time in a while. We’re all having seconds♪( ´▽`) — Sep 17th

  • Today I don’t feel like eating that… — Sep 18th
  • I’ll skip the Quarter Pounder today~! — Sep 18th
  • Today it’s this! A hamburger steak from a neighborhood Western style restaurant is good no matter where you get it eh~☆ — Sep 18th

  • I’m getting a haircut & coloring now. Having my beloved Premium Malt’s while I do (^з^)-☆ — Sep 19th

  • After the haircut, I found a new hiding place! — Sep 19th

  • Good morning~☆ Sure is hot eh (>_<) There’s lots of things I have to do today so I’ll eat this to get a lot of power \(^o^)/ — Sep 22nd

  • That’s the one. A Quarter Pounder~☆ I wonder why you can’t see it in the picture~? I saw it in there though… But it’s not an important picture anyway σ(^_^;) — Sep 22nd
  • I have a feeling I won’t be able to eat those from tomorrow onwards, so I went ahead and had sushi today. From tomorrow onwards it’s just going to be stomach medicine and spicy food. Last time me and YUKI-chan had tom yum goong every day so I’m prepared for that this time, too~☆ — Sep 22nd
  • Heading towards Narita now after just one hour of sleep… I predict I’ll be sleeping like a baby on the plane σ(^_^;) — Sep 23rd
  • South wing now~☆ A different version than YUKI-chan’s picture (^_-) — Sep 23rd

  • Having mango juice. YUKI-chan is drinking root beer ψ(`∇´)ψ — Sep 23rd

  • TOWA is coming separately so don’t worry~☆ — Sep 23rd
  • There’s lots of rain… will we be able to take off safely?! — Sep 23rd

  • This is our plane. I’m actually very weak at taking offs and landings… — Sep 23rd

  • Our take off was one and a half hours late but we’ve arrived safely! Now at a seafood restaurant. As expected, authentic Thai food is really good☆ But spicy (>_<) — Sep 23rd

  • My throat is sore (>_<) I brought lots of stomach medicine but… my stomach is just fine (lol) So my body is used to that part of Thailand huh ψ(`∇´)ψ — Sep 24th
  • At a Thai idol shop, there was a 10th anniversary celebratory handmade poster! The dearly missed redhead ATSURO-san σ(^_^;) — Sep 24th

  • Soundcheck done~! My throat’s gotten worse… swallowing hurts too (>_<) — Sep 25th

  • Thai performance over! Somehow I overcame it with fighting spirit☆ — Sep 25th
  • Thanks for all the “good work” messages~☆ — Sep 25th
  • I came back to the hotel without taking part in the wrap-up party. It sucks, too, since I wanted to drink with everyone (>_<) Have to take care of my body… — Sep 25th
  • I got hungry because of this and that so I ordered my loved pad thai from the room service. Some seriously delicious stuff! — Sep 25th

  • My voice won’t come out so I’ll drink medicine and lie down~☆ — Sep 25th
  • Preparing for the Thai fan meeting. My voice is raspy so I sound like Kenji Oshima (lol) — Sep 26th
  • Even though I have some off-time in Thailand, I’m just feeling under the weather at the hotel… Even though I want to eat spicy food and drink Singha beer until sunbreak (>_<) — Sep 27th
  • Since I don’t have anything but stomach medicine, I’ve received lots of throat medicine from the staff & Makoto☆ — Sep 27th
  • Let’s read a book. Lately I’ve been too busy to read a book… Keigo HigashinoSep 27th

  • Watching F1 Singapore GP’s rebroadcast. All of a sudden, the safety car! This SC sure is cool☆ I know how the race ends but I’m still watching (lol) — Sep 27th

  • My condition was taking a turn for the better but at night I couldn’t stop coughing so I hardly got any sleep (>_<) Today we’re gathering some additional footage so I’ll be doing my best~☆ — Sep 28th
  • As we’re doing a photoshoot with Makoto & YUKI & ATSURO for an article, this person is drinking. A foreign celeb! — Sep 28th

  • Returning to Japan today. YUKI-sama’s completely wasted (lol) — Sep 28th
  • Arrived in Narita~! The air is clean☆ Feels nice to my throat (^ ^) Once I get home, I’ll stop by the hospital… — Sep 29th
  • Sky Tree under construction☆ Saw it from the Express! — Sep 29th

  • Went to the hospital. As the doctor was taking a look, he said “This is bad~” — Sep 29th
  • They put a scope in through my nose and my tear glands wouldn’t stop watering. That’s pretty crazy… “I’m inserting it all the way to the lung~” — Sep 29th
  • This could turn into pneumonia~” “But my body feels fine though…” “That’s because you’re young. An older person would collapse” — Sep 29th
  • I’m prescribing you with some pretty strong antibiotics. Complete bed rest!!” and with that, I’ll be taking it easy for a while (^_-) Everyone, sorry to have troubled you and made you worry m(_ _)m — Sep 29th

Selection of Yuki’s tweets

  • I went to see Acid Black Cherry at Yokohama Arena. It was my first time seeing a full size live from them so I was really moved. It’s risky for my tear glands to think about the QED tour. I’m glad to have seen yasu’s comeback live. Good work to all the members, too~(o^_^o) — Sep 6th
  • Morning (*^_^*) Today’s Λucifer’s Thai rehearsal. I’m glad (the weather) this morning is cool (^o^) The studio is really cold. By the way, my air conditioner isn’t fixed yet (T^T) — Sep 9th
  • Returned from the rehearsal. I’m really really glad it’s not that hot~ (lol) But doing the application for a Visa is such a pain in the ass (T^T) After this I’ll write music for the sake of tomorrow’s recording. Seems like it’ll be a long day tomorrow, too — Sep 9th
  • Phew, I wrote some music~(*^_^*) An 8-minute song with no repeats is difficult (>_<) (Note: …8-minute song with no repeats? Just what band is this?! Rayflower? I need to hear this!) I’ll take a shower and go to sleep… — Sep 9th
  • Morning (*^_^*) Finished setting up at the recording studio (^o^) But I’m tired (T^T) — Sep 10th
  • I’m secluded by myself in the acoustic guitar booth but I really need to go to the toilet (@_@) — Sep 10th
  • Came back from recording. Practicing for the fanclub event in Osaka the day after tomorrow and making guitar parts for the next recording session. I’ll hold out a little longer (^o^) My cooler will get swapped Wednesday (>_<) It’s noisy so I closed the window, and now it’s like a real sauna. — Sep 10th
  • Finished preparing for tomorrow’s recording session~(*^_^*) A 10-minute song and a 9-minute song, looks like it’ll be a long one. Tired today. Gonna sle~ep (-_-)zzz — Sep 12th
  • Finished with one of the songs just now (^o^) I’m concentrating on doing arpeggios on a gut guitar. Starting on the second song now. — Sep 13th
  • Recording’s finally ended. Did some ultra high speed harmonies which felt really good (^o^) That’s prog for you eh. Ah~ Tired~. Sleep (-_-)zzz Night. — Sep 14th
  • Morning. Today’s the day I get my new cooler, as well as Rayflower’s mini-album’s release. I also have a DUSTAR-3 event. And it’s really cold… what the heck’s this… — Sep 15th
  • DUSTAR-3’s event is over (^o^) Really happy to see so many people seem to be listening to Rayflower. It was also Λucifer’s 11th anniversary. Thank you for the congratulatory messages (^o^) — Sep 15th
  • A DUSTAR-3 event today, too. Gotta fix my hair. — Sep 16th
  • Today’s the last rehearsal for Λucifer’s Thai performance. — Sep 17th
  • Atsuro’s reply to above tweet: Done with setting up! Let’s work hard at the rehearsal~☆ — Sep 17th
  • Yuki’s reply to above tweet: Let’s start early. — Sep 17th
  • In the middle of recording. Today’s a 10-minute song (^o^) I’m in a spacious booth by myself, feels quite lonely. — Sep 20th
  • Still recordi~ng. But the song a long one (+_+) Battling with the high speed harmonies. — Sep 20th
  • Mornin’. After this I’ll go make my YUKI-model ear monitors. — Sep 21st
  • Atsuro’s reply to above tweet: Good to hear the ear monitor troops are increasing! If you have any problems, do get in touch~☆(^_-) — Sep 21st
  • Yuki’s reply to above tweet: Thanks. It takes some time to get used to them eh (+_+) I’d rather not use them if possible but if the venue’s really large, they’re kinda necessary right (^o^) — Sep 21st
  • They measured my ear shape (^o^) The last time I just got it over with quickly, but this time I got a properly fitted one (*^_^*) Looking forward to when it’s finished. — Sep 21st
  • Arrived in Narita (^o^) Ended up not sleeping a wink. The airport procedures sure are bothersome eh. Had to take off a lot of stuff at the metal detector. — Sep 23rd
  • Well then~~YUKI~~heading off to Thailand~(*^_^*) — Sep 23rd

  • Arrived in Thailand (^o^) Happy about the fans who were there welcoming us at the airport (*^_^*) — Sep 23rd
  • Arrived in Thailand. Enjoyed Thai food to the fullest. Press conference tomorrow. — Sep 23rd
  • Morning. Having breakfast right now. It’s a good way to wake up. — Sep 24th
  • I’m going to do a little bit of shopping. — Sep 24th
  • Had lunch and now I’m taking it easy. I didn’t leave the house yet as I’m hiding from the hotness indoors. By the way, the cooler in the room has 10 different settings, but why? Because it’s a hot country? (lol) The person in front of me is drinking beer. I feel like drinking too. I want to have a morning beer. — Sep 24th
  • Press conference over (^o^) A lot of people were there. Though we did it in the open air, it was still hot~(+_+) After doing this article for a column, we’ll do a rehearsal for tomorrow’s live. — Sep 24th
  • Rehearsal done (^o^) It was a long day. Tomorrow’s the live. I’ll drink beer, too (^-^)v — Sep 24th
  • Morning. Ate lunch and I’m heading towards the venue. It’s Λucifer’s last. Right now I’m still relaxing. — Sep 25th
  • Arrived at the venue. It’s a big hall. Doing rehearsal with high spirits~ — Sep 25th
  • Morning. The live ended and I got to drank delicious alcohol, a Thai beer called Singha. There’s no alcohol left but there’s still that feeling of wanting to drink after a live. Heading off to the fan meeting. — Sep 26th
  • Morning. Yesterday we did a final wrap-up party with all the staff. During the party there was a lot of thunder and rain. I might’ve drank a little bit too much (lol) Mai-Maow!Sep 27th
  • Arrived in Pattaya (^-^)v We got on the statue and shot some guns, too. Having lunch right now (*^_^*) Mai-maow means “I’m not drunk!” (^o^) — Sep 27th
  • Returned to the hotel. The weather in Thailand right now is cool, but I’m sweating because of green curry, tom yum goong and other super spicy foods. It was delicious. — Sep 27th
  • Mornin’ (^o^) I’ve returned to Japan. Ahh, it was truly enjoyable~(*^_^*) Well, I’m completely exhausted though (lol) Thank you very much to all the Thais, too. — Sep 29th
  • Arrived at my house. When you get back to your home after a while, you can clearly sense the smell of your home. The smell of sweet osmanthus also calms me down. It’s Autumn, eh. By the way, I’m not completely wasted (-。-)y-゚゚゚ Just a little bit tipsy (lol) — Sep 29th

As a sort of follow-up to all the members constantly talking about alcohol on their blogs/twitters, check on the right for a new poll! Notice that you can add your own poll choice.

Atsuro & Yuki twitter translations 2010/08/26-2010/09/03

Selection of Atsuro’s tweets

  • Soundcheck at Nagoya now. — Aug 26th

  • In the bullet train. Nagoya’s live was a fun one filled with lots of talk between the members♪ In the olden days there’s no chance we would’ve had MC’s like that~(#^.^#) — Aug 27th
  • Back in Tokyo. Playing squash right away☆ — Aug 27th
  • At Happy Music now. I’m supporting Shokotan☆ — Aug 27th
  • I got picks made for me by ESP. That’s 400 of them!! I throw lots of them away in lives so everyone be sure to catch them☆ — Aug 29th

  • I’m abstaining from alcohol today for tomorrow’s live’s sake… — Aug 30th
  • Just for today, please let there be no beer commercials… — Aug 30th
  • Reply from Yuki to above tweet: Beer, eh(*^_^*) I’ve got some ice cold, -196 Double Grapefruit. Even the naming’s lovely right (lol) Let’s do our best tomorrow~. — Aug 30th
  • Reply from Atsuro to above tweet: Stop it with the alcohol talk~(>_<) Let’s work hard tomorrow☆ Today I’ll just go to sleep like this, without drinking~! — Aug 30th
  • Because of this and that, my tension got raised and now my stomach hurts… could this be nervousness?! — Aug 31st
  • Outside BLITZ now (>_<) — Aug 31st
  • Some flowers from Minorin arrived in the dressing room~☆ Thank you~ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ — Aug 31st

  • And (she realized it’s) not Dai-chan but ATSURO!! — Aug 31st
  • Doing soundcheck. The lighting’s beautiful☆ — Aug 31st
  • 40 minutes to go! It’s almost time. Finishing up with the preparations. I’ll do my best~☆ — Aug 31st
  • Show’s over. I did my best~☆ — Aug 31st
  • I swung my head too much at yesterday’s live so now I’m lightly warming up. – Sep 1st
  • My neck getting sore at lives is completely normal, so don’t worry~(^_-) I’ll give it my all today, too!! — Sep 1st
  • The dressing room is calm. It doesn’t feel like today’s the finale… — Sep 1st
  • Soundcheck over now. I’ll be firing off picks today, too!! — Sep 1st

  • Tweet to Yuki: Let’s do our best today, too~☆ (we’re in the same room right now) — Sep 1st
  • Reply from Yuki to above tweet: Let’s do our best~(o^_^o) I’m right in front of you (lol) — Sep 1st
  • At the wrap-up party now. Tiiired~… I really used up all my power (^-^) — Sep 1st
  • Hungover for the first time in a while… Still have a bit of a headache — Sep 2nd
  • Thank you for the enormous amount of tweets with your thoughts on the live!! I’m soaking myself in the memories now. They even cured my neck that got sore from swinging my head too much again yesterday (lol) — Sep 2nd

Selection of Yuki’s tweets

  • Morning (o^_^o) We’ll be leaving to Nagoya now. Taking it easy in the lounge. — Aug 26th

  • Λucifer performance over. We’re all gathered in the lounge, taking it easy. Good work everyone (o^_^o) — Aug 27th
  • Photoshoot today for a Western style clothes brand HIDE ROCK Design (o^_^o) Hot today, too… — Aug 28th (Note: picture from HIDE ROCK Design’s blog)

  • Though I’m doing a photoshoot, I’m gulping down draught beer (o^_^o) It’s way too hot. — Aug 28th
  • Having wine after that beer (o^_^o) I have a live tomorrow but it’s alright. Miyako-san don’t Michael. (Note: …seriously a pun not worth explaining!) — Aug 28th
  • Right now, thinking up ideas for a Miyako song on the guitar. (Note: guessing this refers to Rayflower and its leader Miyako Ken’ichi) Came up with a good melody just now (*^_^*) — Aug 30th
  • I’ve injured three of my fingers (+_+) Even though I went through the trouble of doing manicure on them. It’d be good if my nails grew a little by tomorrow… — Aug 30th

  • About to go on-stage (*^_^*) I got my hair firmly raised up, too (o^_^o) — Aug 31st
  • Λucifer live at Akasaka BLITZ over. (o^_^o) It ought to be a sweet send-off, heading towards tomorrow… (*^_^*) — Aug 31st
  • Morning (*^_^*) Early wake up baby. I’ll lie down again though. (o^_^o) — Sep 1st
  • Reached the venue (^o^) — Sep 1st
  • Soundcheck has begun (^o^) — Sep 1st

  • This is late, but a huge thank you to everyone who came to see Λucifer. All of the fans and the staff, having you all support us has been a privilege. Please watch over me from now on, too. YUKI — Sep 3rd

Bonus: Mayu Shinjo’s tweets to Yuki and Atsuro about the 09/01 live

  • Tweet to Yuki: Good work~!! Sorry, I’m swamped with work so I couldn’t come to the wrap-up party~! But, let’s drink with everyone sometime! You were good at guitar back in the day, too, but you’ve improved so much more!! My ears are ringing now. You have to do a reunion again at my wedding! … Well even though I say that, it’s still going to be who knows how many years until that day… (-。−;) — Sep 1st
  • Tweet to Atsuro: Good work today~! The wrap-up party is still going on it seems! Ah!! I want to go, too~~But I’m busy with work~~ Say hi to everyone for me! Thanks for throwing your pick at me today! ( ̄皿 ̄) I’ll write about it on my blog~ (⌒▽⌒) Ahaha! (Note: I’ll post a translation of the blog soon) — Sep 1st
  • Atsuro’s reply to the above tweet: Thank you for coming yesterday even though you’re busy~☆ It’s too bad we couldn’t go drinking together, but please do your best at work!! As for the pick, I specifically aimed at the second floor seats so it’d get to you♪ Miracle control☆ — Sep 2nd
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