Good news for the Thai fans! Although there’s no mention of this yet on Makoto’s website, I’m assuming this is legit.

As for how to get your hands on a ticket and whatnot, I’m afraid you’re on your own as my knowledge of Thai is non-existant. You’ll find what you need at the forums in this thread.

Edit: more info from jv0721:

This event of MAKOTO is to thank fans who were able to buy the DVD sets through K-Project. So this was called a Secret Meet since this is a non-profit event in collaboration of K-Project and Makoto Thailand Fan Club. Remember I posted before that he will have a special activity with fans who bought DVD Sets through K-Project? So this is it!

Siam@Siam is a 5 star hotel in Thailand and only limited tickets are being sold. Ok tickets for those who wanted to avail are at 1200 THB. Buyers of DVD sets will be given priority. For those who wanted to buy a ticket and participate in this close encounter event, they can mail 🙂

On a somewhat related note, I still haven’t posted the promised Makoto interview. Sorry. 🙁 I never did forget about it, and honestly, the delay is largely due to the fact that it is very much above my current (weak) level of Japanese. That, and my kanji studies have been keeping me nice and busy lately. However, I assure you that I’ll have it out sooner or later. Even if it kills me!

Edit 2: A comment from jv0721:

All I can say for now is that it was totally fun. We all fell in love with him again and again. He was really playful and he really interacted with the fans. Reaaly happy I got to be there. hahaha!!