Hello human beings, the 6th ruler of VampireVille is here!! >:D Haha that’s how I prefer to introduce myself. Why do I call myself a vampire? Well, I work all night and I sleep all day, that’s why 😀

OK, some random people asked me to sign up, and here I am. I’m not used to all these blogging things, so if I made 1 million mistakes, please be prepare for my 1,000,001st mistake XD

About myself, I like a lot of things, like Gundam models, football (big fan of FC Bayern & Chelsea FC, as well as Germany national team), and of course, music.

My favorite bands are The Back Horn, ACID, Needless Lyrics, e.MU, Nightmare, FEEL… and the last one… oh yeah!! It’s Λucifer!! I forgot!! XD

As for the ladies, my favorites are Aki Misato, yozuca*, Minami Kuribayashi, Miyuki Hashimoto, Ryoko Shintani, Maaya Sakamoto, and Rina Aiuchi.