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Λucifer on net radio 2010/08/17 translation, pt. 2/2

Continued from last time.

Makoto mentions that Towa and Santa are in the band OLIVE SUNDAY together and asks Towa if there’s any difference with the Aucifer-Santa and OLIVE SUNDAY-Santa. Towa says that they haven’t really played so much rock-type stuff with OLIVE SUNDAY. Towa‘s not sure if the people listening will realize this but he says that their groove has gone up and they play with more freedom now.

To again point out Makoto’s quietness, Towa says that the thing that’s changed about Makoto is that lately he listens more to what people around him are saying. Makoto says it’s not so much that he’s listening, he’s just leaving them all be. This is followed by laughs.

Towa remarks that they’re all now in their thirties (Towa‘s already in his forties though). Santa calls it a dreadful fact while Atsuro notes they were all so young back then.

When they start thinking about what’s changed with Yuki, he says his voice isn’t as loud now. Makoto is quick to say that he’s still loud now, but Towa and especially Atsuro agree there’s been a change — apparently Yuki was really noisy before. Yuki says he’s been learning to be more quiet when playing with DUSTAR-3. Since he has to sing in that group, he has to be more quiet as else his singing can get weird.

Interestingly, Makoto then says that Towa somehow resembles the Joumon Sugi tree. Towa asks what the hell Makoto means by that as everyone explodes into laughter again. “So you mean I’m just withering away?!Makoto‘s not quite sure but says that Towa‘s not human. Atsuro describes Towa a mythical being (he uses the word satori) as he even ran the full marathon before.

Makoto tells a story from a while back when Towa ran the Tokyo marathon. During that time, Makoto was in the neighborhood drinking until 10 in the morning. Santa notes that recently if he drinks until around 6 AM, the next day he’ll always be completely useless. Towa says the drinking doesn’t even have to go on that long for the next day to be hellish, and adds that even if there’s no drinking at all, pulling an all-nighter at his age is pretty difficult. Atsuro agrees and says he doesn’t drink to that extent anymore. Santa says he’s usually okay if it’s only until 2 or 3 AM.

Atsuro talks about his daily routine a bit. He wakes up in the morning, goes to work, but during the daytime he goes to the gym to play squash. That’s why when he gets home, he usually gets sleepy pretty early. Everyone asks questions about squash which surprises Atsuro and prompts him to ask if everyone’s really that interested in it — until he notices that there’s one person who seems to have absolutely no interest in it: Makoto. As expected…

Makoto wants to enthuse a little over the upcoming shows. Towa‘s suggestion to go around the table one-by-one starting with Yuki is met with silence, however, as Yuki hasn’t understood the question. Makoto has to explain it to him again. It’s been seven years and Yuki‘s hoping to give fans a sense of nostalgia, and he wants see both people who saw them live previously and those who’ve only heard their CD’s.

Makoto notes that after Aucifer’s break-up, Yuki‘s been supporting lots of other artists and bands and through that, has grown to be very intense on stage. He’s hoping to see that intense Yuki at the reunion shows, too. Makoto adds that he’s lately been listening to just loads of metal so he wonders if it’ll be just him and Yuki moving around violently on stage. Everyone laughs when Towa says it’ll be okay since Atsuro has been practicing by playing lots of squash. Atsuro thinks it’s not really the same kind of movement.

Atsuro says it’ll feel like a class reunion and that he wants to give the fans a really enjoyable live. But to to do that, the musical performances need to be top notch, too, so they still have to give their best at rehearsals. He says he’s looking forward to the lives, meeting the old staff as well as the fans, and playing those nostalgic songs while everyone’s reminiscing over their youth.

They talk a bit about their fans and how they’re getting older with them, too. Santa says the fans back then were probably mostly in their adolescence, so he thinks that the seven years that passed for the band is completely different to the seven years that passed for those fans. He says that due to their different sense of time, it probably felt more like 14 years to them (which makes Yuki go “…huh?” until he gets it). Thus, Santa thinks the songs probably feel extremely nostalgic to fans of that generation. Atsuro laughs and wonders if it’ll really feel like that long ago.

Makoto says he’s seen some mails from fans, and there were ones saying things like “I’m due to give birth soon so I can’t make it to your live.” Santa, too, has been looking at fans’ profiles on mixi and has noticed that there are lots of people who already have children. Atsuro notes the fans from that generation are starting to reach that age. “The times they are a-changin’” concludes Santa, to which Makoto comments by saying the time is ripe for him and Yuki to show their sex appeal on stage now. Santa asks why it’s just the two of them as everyone laughs.

Santa just hopes everyone to have fun at the lives. He says he’s actually in the mood for a festival-like celebration, even saying he wants to have lots of festival booths on there. This somehow leads to a conversation about Santa looking like Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, with Atsuro saying Santa would only need sunglasses to look like him. Santa says he’s had people say that about him before. He was once wondering if he should put blonde highlights in his hair when he randomly saw Nagabuchi on TV who’d also gone with blonde highlights. He promptly gave up on the idea.

The conversation somehow descends further into madness and to an in-depth conversation about Santa‘s increasingly amazing muscles in his arms. Santa comments that he’s gained 5 kilos of muscle in the last half a year. Makoto notes Santa must be getting girls and more girls in succession because of his drummer’s sex appeal. Santa replies that he’s aiming for more muscle just to improve his drumming. This immediately draws a rather doubtful “yeah, right!” type laugh out of Makoto. Santa gives up and says “whatever” as everyone’s through laughing.

Towa has confidence it’s going to be a fun live for everyone, both for the old fans who’ve known them since before and those who haven’t seen them live yet. Santa wonders where those new fans have heard about Aucifer and Towa explains it must be through people finding about them when they’ve been supporting members for other artists and bands.

Santa was recently reminded of the fact how artists who were only active for a short time can really have a strong, lasting impact. He saw something on TV about Onyanko Club and realized just how short of a time they lasted (~2 years). Atsuro: “Which is greater… Onyanko Club? Or Aucifer?!Towa says that when you think about it, producer Akimoto‘s other group AKB48 took around 3 years to properly break into popularity whereas in that time Onyanko Club would’ve already broken up. Everyone agrees Onyanko Club were pretty amazing. With that, Towa says it’s time to end the show, much to the amusement of the others. Atsuro: “…we’re going to end with the Onyanko talk?!

Atsuro: “I’m looking forward to putting on a fun show. Everyone, please come!”
Santa: “I’ll be waiting. At the venue.”
Makoto: “I’m seriously looking forward to the live. At the same time, I’m also looking forward to getting an awesome reaction from you guys. Let’s all have a great time together.”
Yuki: “Everyone coming to Osaka, Nagoya and Akasaka, I’m looking forward to meeting all of you. I’m going to be playing with all I’ve got!”
Towa: “Everyone, please come see the show while truly looking forward to it! I’ll be doing my best as “Towa“… Yeah, after a while I’m going to become Towa again, so please cheer me on!”

Λucifer on net radio 2010/08/17 translation, pt. 1/2

Earlier today broadcasted Towa‘s net radio show that featured all of Aucifer’s members. I managed to record it but like last time, my net managed to crap out at one point. Thus there’s around 25 seconds of missing audio at approximately 22m45s. Jesus fuck I love my internet. I’ve attempted a semi-complete translation this time, hope you enjoy.

Santa has trouble with his introduction since he hasn’t called himself by the name “Santa” in a long time. After the self-intros, Towa asks about everyone’s feelings now that rehearsals have begun.

Atsuro thinks all the songs are so fast, and they all agree they’re having a bit of trouble remembering them after seven years. Santa says he hasn’t forgotten everything but there’s a “grey zone” of parts he can’t remember so he still has trouble nailing everything 100%.

Yuki has some parts that he couldn’t remember first at all. “What did I play here again…?!Towa notices Makoto being a little quiet and Makoto‘s reply about that just being his personality is met with laughs and Towa calling him a liar.

Towa asks if they feel they’ve changed at all since Aucifer’s break-up.

Santa says they’ve of course all changed and laughs. Atsuro comments that Towa‘s become a much better speaker which Towa quickly denies. Everyone says they should just shut up and basically leave Towa to run the whole show, but Towa tells them not to as it’d be troublesome.

They get sidetracked for a bit as Makoto returns to the subject of having forgotten the songs. He says that while they’ve forgotten them after all these years, the songs are so carved into his memory that it isn’t super hard for him to get back into the groove of things; in fact, he seems to be remembering those forgotten parts quickly.

This quickly escalates into probably the funniest part of the show…

Yuki comments that once he hears those melodies, there are times when his fingers start doing their thing on the fretboard without even thinking about it. Makoto says his mouth involuntarily does the same thing and asks Santa if it’s the same for his sticks, too, and Santa answers yes. Makoto then asks if the same goes for his “stick” in the “middle” as well, to which Santa replies “OH YEAH!! … hey, what the hell!” Everyone explodes into laughter. Towa wonders why Makoto‘s still saying those kinds of things after all these years but Makoto reminds them that Santa was always made out to be the pervy character on Aucifer’s radio appearances, forced to read dirty fan letters and such.

Santa remembers this and says he’s still stained by that pervy stigma: he was recently in the talks about becoming a supporting drummer for an artist but when he went down to the office to talk about it, a staff member told him that the tour this time didn’t have much dirty jokes so they probably wouldn’t need Santa. Santa asks why that character still haunts him and Makoto suggests it might be his strong sexual desire. He adds that Santa‘s upper arms look like penises. Everyone sounds like they’re pretty much pissing their pants laughing.

They get back to the topic of songs. Makoto says he remembers the lyrics better than he thought he would. Towa says that usually if Makoto screws up his singing, everyone else starts screwing up, too. Atsuro says it’s because everyone’s paying extra attention to the vocals after all. Santa says it’s not the lyrics but the vocal melody that’s important in that aspect. Towa reminds them, though, that in the rehearsal just before, there were times when they didn’t even get further than the intro before everyones’ playing just flat-out stopped. Atsuro thought that was pretty bad.

Something that even I didn’t know: Makoto mentions that the venue of the first reunion show they’re playing on August 25th, the Shinsaibashi CLUB QUATTRO in Osaka is the same venue in which Λucifer played their first ever live performance (which, by the way, they did exactly 11 years before on August 25th 1999). Towa also points out that the rehearsal studio they’re using now is the same one they first used when starting out. Yuki says it kind of feels like going back to their roots.

They return to the subject of how they’ve changed after these years. Santa says that in the past there were some difficult parts for him in the songs but playing them now, he feels they’ve gotten easier. Makoto feels the same.

Makoto asks Towa if anything’s changed about the “first generation” leader Atsuro and Atsuro is of course quick to point out that he still is the leader. Towa says the Atsuro of times past was late to appointments a lot. Atsuro laughs and asks if that’s really true, with everyone agreeing he used to be late a lot, even having days when he didn’t show up at all! Atsuro apologizes  for his past behavior.

This is getting long as all hell! To be continued…

Λucifer rehearsal translations

Towa’s blog 2010/08/13


Today’s rehearsal was a pretty long one so after this I’ll have a snack as I’m returning home!
It’s bread you see pretty often at train station shops.

Commented by あかね at 2010-08-13 23:28
Good work today. It’s Aucifer’s live pretty soon eh.
I’m coming to see it from Thailand. I’m looking forward to it. ^w^

Towa’s blog 2010/08/14

Radio recording

Today after rehearsal we went recording for a net radio appearance with all the Aucifer members!
The broadcast is on August 17th starting at 23 PM.
Check it! (Note: when the time comes, you’ll be able to listen to it here)

Commented by みえこ at 2010-08-14 23:03
Good work at the rehearsals! So you recorded that with all the members! Looking forward to the 17th!
Commented by くの at 2010-08-14 23:18
Good job with today’s long rehearsal.
Net radio with all the members… Listening to this seems like good warm-up for the live.
I’m going to the tour’s opening show.

Santa’s blog 2010/08/14

Obon~ (explanation)

Like a flash, the students’ summer vacation is already over in two weeks~

And to wrap-up the summer, Aucifer has rushed into rehearsals.
If I had to explain the feeling at the rehearsals in just a few words
How did it go again!?” (lol)
I’m blanking out!
I can remember the songs but it’s the little details in arrangement and stuff that I’ve wholly forgotten ( ̄∀ ̄)

I’ve let my brain get way too congested~
If I don’t do some traffic control in there.. (sweatdrop)

But as expected, more than before, we’ve all respectively become more skilled. I think it’s going to be a much more intense live than before.

I’ll do my best today as well V(^-^)V

Commented by さな at 2010-08-14 22:00
Good work☆
I can’t make it to the live but I’ll be cheering you on from afar♪
Give it your all O(≧▽≦)
Commented by hitomi at 2010-08-14 22:09
Santa, good work at the rehearsals!
It’s been a while eh~☆
I’ll be looking forward to a more intense ∧ucifer♪

Selection of Atsuro’s tweets 2010/08/13-15

  • At Sukiya. Having my trustworthy usual of soup & egg☆ Our first day of rehearsals was on full throttle so I’m starving~ — 11:00 PM 2010/08/13
  • Having a beer. It’s my trustworthy usual of Premium Malt’s☆ I’m drinking it everyday from this kind of bell tumbler f^_^;) (picture) — 12:27 AM 2010/08/14
  • At Aucifer rehearsals. Just a bunch of fast songs~!! (picture) — 5:54 PM 2010/08/14
  • Doing homework for the rehearsals. After 7 years there are times when you can even forget how to play your own songs… All you fans too, do remember to do your homework before the live! ~(^_-) (picture) — 10:21 AM 2010/08/15

Finally, if you’ll allow for some shameless fanboying on my part… Atsuro responded to my tweet! Perhaps learning a bit of Japanese wasn’t all for nothing after all. Anyway, just thought I’d mention this to all of you who have twitter. Of course I can’t guarantee you a reply, but I’m sure Atsuro appreciates any messages he gets from fans. Again, if you can’t do Japanese, simple English will probably do the trick. In any case, here’s a translation of my tweet as well as Atsuro’s reply:

Me: @Daisuke_Atsuro Welcome to twitter! (lol) I’m a huge Finnish fan of you and Λucifer! It’s possible that I’m your biggest fan abroad. (lol) I’m looking forward to the reunion live☆ — 12:44 PM 2010/08/13
Atsuro: @henkka_j Finland!? How do you know about me I wonder?? It makes me sincerely happy to know that my sound has crossed over the sea~☆ — 11:53 PM 2010/08/13

Additional show for Λucifer

For those of you not in the know yet, Λucifer have scheduled an additional show to their previously reported tour. The fourth show is set for 09/01 at the Akasaka BLITZ, Tokyo where they’re also playing the preceding night.

On a sidenote, I’d just like to say that I hate anyone and everyone who’s going. Alright, alright, I don’t hate you, but I do want to go. Anyone care to sponsor me the flights to there and back? Fingers crossed for at least that live DVD recording!

In other news that were deemed too minor to write up on their own:

  • Yuki‘s band DUSTAR-3 released a new album on 04/28 called Trike.
  • Check out the new design on Makoto‘s site.
  • Also check out this cool little promo for Aucifer’s tour from TNB’s site.
  • Aucifer’s site now also has little congratulatory messages written by various people such as Kaikan Phrase creator Shinjo Mayu, cool actor Hiroshi Tamaki, and musicians of MUCC, 12012, kannivalism, BREAKERZ and SHUSE. Nothing too exciting, but here’s the Google translation.
  • Makoto was a guest on Towa‘s net radio show on April 20th. I managed to record it for you but I’m not going to attempt a translation right now. Be warned though that due to my internet connection being an asshole, this recording cuts off at around 1:15 and at 13:55 — in total there’s perhaps around 30 seconds of the show missing. That’s the best I could do, sorry. Still, it’s a good opportunity to hear Makoto’s voice again after a while. Here it is:

Finally, an unrelated picture of Atsuro taking a picture of himself in admiration. Or disgust. Not sure.

Λucifer site is live

As you can see, the site is finally up. A couple of minutes early, might I add! I was waiting for the countdown timer to get down to zero just for the hell of it, but it opened around five minutes early. Boo!

The main news here is that they’ve announced the Rinne (“Death and Rebirth“) 10th Anniversary Live Tour consisting (so far?) of three shows:

08/25 @ Shinsaibashi CLUB QUATTRO, Osaka
08/26 @ E.L.L., Nagoya
08/31 @ Akasaka BLITZ, Tokyo

Tickets to all shows can be bought here and are priced ¥6,300 (~$68).

After you’re done with your refresher course on the members’ blood types, there’s a contact form that encourages you to send messages of support to the band. It’s simple enough to figure out, but for the nihongo-challenged, here’s how you send in your message:

Finally, a tidbit from Towa‘s blog:

Aucifer were on today’s Sponichi with a brief history and notice of their reunion, including a quote from Makoto saying he wants to stand on stage again and get together with the members as well as the fans. As for the fingers, that’d be Makoto and Towa. I’m guessing Makoto’s are the girly ones. Those two will be on net radio livecast today from 11 P.M. Japan time, so be sure to tune in if you can.

That’d be all for now. Lastly, look at this bitchin’ promo picture!

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