What might be an ominous sign, Aucifer’s new site has been down for a good week or two now. In addition, though Aucifer/Makoto’s new agency’s site has this flash on the top with rotating Aucifer PV screencaptures that used to have the words “Λucifer revival” slapped on them, they’ve now taken that out from all the pictures.

This does feel alarming and frankly if what I fear is true, what a huge crock of shit. However, remember that this is all just guesswork and observation on my part. There’s no official word that they’ve decided to not do the comeback. The good news is that Aucifer are still listed in the Artist-section of the agency’s site. Why would a defunct, largely forgotten band like Aucifer need agency backing seven years after they stopped all activities? So that’s a glimmer of hope for you.

I’ll keep you posted in case the site pops up or anything else happens.