(Note: sorry for the lateness. I somehow managed to miss this on my RSS reader!)


ARENA37°C, the magazine that took good care of us during the Λucifer era.
Today they interviewed the five of us in light of our reunion.
Supervisor Fujimori, photographer Tanaka and interviewer Yamamoto!!!
It was good seeing everyone in full force again (lol)
Everyone was still the same ^^
They got great pictures of us, so look forward to it!!!

It looks like this issue of ARENA37°C SPECIAL is going on sale on 6/27 (note: 6/26 actually)

↓ Here’s Yamamoto ^^

After the interview was over and the five of us were loitering around,
we found this store!!

It kinda looks like the Λucifer logo! (lol)

(Note: it does! Look here )