Rayflower’s drummer, Sakura, will hold a live event, titled “Cosmos Blackness” at Koenji ShowBoat on November 20th, which will be broadcast live via USTREAM. He himself will host the show, and fellow Rayflower members Ikuo and Yuki (yes, our snow prince Yuki of Λucifer) will be performing with him on bass and guitar respectively. Other members are Kaoru (vocal), Den (another bassist), and Ryo (guitar). I’ve got no clue at all about Kaoru, Den, & Ryo, but I believe they are all also experienced musicians.

Sakura’s other band, Lion Heads (in which he plays the guitar) will also perform at the event, along with CIRCUIT9.

For all concert-goers, you can grab a pillow and cry on it since the tickets are SOLD OUT, but as mentioned above, you can stream it live on USTREAM’s official MySpace, NEXUS TV, and SYNC MUSIC JAPAN. Streaming times are as follows:

18:30 pm (Tokyo)
13:30 pm (Moscow)
11:30 am (Paris)
10:30 am (London)
5:30 am (New York)
2:30 am (Los Angeles)

In another Rayflower related news, vocalist Takayuki Tazawa will reunite with his old band, WAIVE, in a revival tour called  CASE OF Waive. The tour has already begun with the show in Saitama and Yokohama were held last Friday and Saturday, and there will be three remaining shows at Nagoya (23rd November), Ebisu (24th November), Osaka (26th November), and followed by the grand final at Shibuya-AX at 29th November.