As you may well be aware, Makoto is answering fans’ questions on twitter. I’m going to start translating some of the more interesting ones. Without further ado, here’s the first batch of 25 questions!

How are you able to write those perverted lyrics???
Because I really am a pervert.

Have you ever thought about a specific woman when writing lyrics?
I have, yes!

What kind of a posture do you have when tweeting in the middle of the night?
I stand on my head.

Please tell us what the thing you hold the most dear to you is.

Family’s important, too, but I kinda wanted you to answer “the fans”
But the fans are also members of my family!

What should I do in order to learn to love myself?
Please watch the movie Angel-A by Luc Besson.

Please tell us what your favorite moments during lives are.
When I see everyone smiling.

Is there any artist whose live you want to see? (@゚▽゚@)
Shinsei Kamattechan

Please tell us what you like about them!
Noko’s eccentricities (Note: the vocalist)

Have you been to their lives before? I saw them at a festival! They really have peculiar performances (*´∀`*) But I was surprised to know you like them (・∀・)
I also listen to Rin Toshite Shigure.

I like Shigure too (・∀・) Then what about 9mm, do you like them? \(^O^)/
I listen to them. Also, I like sakanaction and Straightener, too!

Ooh! I like them, too (*´∀`*) I’m happy that our tastes in music are so similar \(^O^)/ Right now the bands I’m most into are TsuShiMaMiRe and, though they already broke up, Midori! Do you also listen to girl bands?
Midori broke up?! I also listen to Soutaiseiriron.

Yeah, they broke up (´;ω;`) They played their last show at the end of the year… I would’ve liked to see Mariko live more… (Note: the vocalist) Ah, and what about The telephones!?
I’ll check ’em out! Thanks.

On a quick personal note… some really good music spoken of here. I especially recommend checking out the aforementioned 9mm Parabellum Bullet and Soutaiseiriron, both of which are fucking excellent bands. On a somewhat related note, if you happen to be interested, I also recently made a new site in which I translate 9mm’s blog into English.

Makoto-sa~n, it’s scary… Just now I felt a presence behind me, so I turned around to look… but there was no one there (tear)
It’s in front of you.

Today at work as I was really pissed off, Datenshi BLUE started playing in my head for some reason. I wonder if I, too, was an “angry half-angel, half-demon” \(^o^)/ (Note: reference to Datenshi BLUE lyrics)
I think you might be in need of a little vacation time (lol)

Unrelated Makoto tweet:
I encountered a UFO!

They didn’t abduct you!? (@_@)
I’ve been abducted around 5 times in the past.

I wonder who else was aboard the UFO?
It seems Towa rides with them sometimes.

What did you talk about with the aliens?
The economy.

What’s your food specialty lately?
Cosmos Stew.

How does it feel when aboard a UFO??
Hard, because they have wooden flooring.

Please tell us one of the aliens’ names (>_<)

What shape was the UFO?

Did Tanaka-san speak good Japanese?
Satou’s was better, I guess…

How did you come back after being abducted? (ФЛФ;)
By sliding.

Unrelated Makoto tweet:
Ah, it looks like I’ll have ramen for the second time today?!

Won’t you get tired of it? (^o^)/
Maybe I just got abducted by aliens and they erased my memory, and because of that I’m feeling like I want to eat ramen again?!