Just a word on the Sendai earthquake disaster. All of Λucifer’s members have checked in on their blogs/twitters and thankfully they’re all fine. Here’s the next 25 questions to Makoto, all music-related.

Will you write all the lyrics for †яi¢k songs?
Yes. I’ll also do my best with the music!

Please tell us where you want †яi¢к to go from here.
First off, I want to make it a band that plays lots of shows!

What’s the place you most want to go right now??
To the stage where I can see everyone’s smiling faces!!!!

My little sister, while shopping for groceries, suddenly called me! “Sis, they’re playing Λucifer’s Datenshi BLUE in the convenience store!” ♪ Though it’s been over 10 years, the love for Λucifer won’t fade \(^^)/
Thanks! Where is that convenience store!?

The Daiei in my hometown also plays Datenshi BLUE and CARNATION CRIME hourly (lol) That really boosts your tension (lol)
Does hearing Λucifer while shopping make you want to buy like hell!?

I work at a karaoke place, and every Saturday there’s a guy who comes and sings Λucifer songs alone by himself!
Give him my regards!

It’s kinda surprising to hear you like Soutaiseiriron! I sometimes sing their songs in karaoke. What do you like for girls to sing in karaoke?
Mika Nakashima

I’m practicing guitar and was wondering, what do you like for girls play?

So you still like Shiina Ringo even now♪ I think it was around the time I first became a fan of yours… I remember reading in a magazine you like Shiina Ringo and Mai Kuraki… I’ve always liked Shiina Ringo, too, but more than her band Tokyo Jihen, I like her solo material ミ^・ェ・^ミ
I love them both! They both have their strengths!!

Do you like visual kei bands? If so, who?
X Japan

Do you have a favorite song by MUCC? Mine’s Ame no Orchestra!

What’s your favorite Dir En Grey song? (^^)
ain’t afraid to die

What’s your favorite Acid Black Cherry song you find really erotic?
Black Cherry

What’s your favorite Sid song?

Question, do you have a favorite Michael Jackson song??
Smooth Criminal!

Favorite  L’Arc~en~Ciel song..?

What’s your favorite PENICILLIN song?♪♪
99banme no Yoru

Makoto, do you like Kazuyoshi Saito? Please tell me your recommendation from him if you have one♪( ̄▽ ̄)ノ″
Post ni Mayonnaise!!

At karaone now☆ Do you have a favorite song from GLAY?
Sen no Knife ga Mune wo Sasu!!

Makoto, do you like AKB48? (lol)

I see. Say Makoto, who’s your favorite AKB48 member? (´・_・`)
Yuko Oshima

If you could get into any Johnny’s group, which would you want to join?

Huh, I think KAT-TUN definitely suits you better!!
Correction: I want to join KAT-TUN!

Makoto, do you like SMAP?
I love them!

Makoto! Please give us your thoughts on the K-pop boom as of late, summed up in a single word (o’ω’)ノ