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Makoto to work with 2 former AYABIE members



A week ago (yes, that’s how outdated I am with these things now), Makoto announced on his Facebook about the formation of his new band called Fairy Tale. He will be joined by 2 former AYABIE members; Takehito on guitar and Taito on piano (sweet!!).

They will perform their first live show on 18 January 2015 at Yotsuya Tenmado in Tokyo. The show will be called “Fairy Tale -saisei to tansei-“.

I like how Makoto stays relevant in the music industry these days compared to how things went for him when Λucifer first disbanded more than a decade ago.

Rayflower to release 2nd mini-album

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

After 3 years of silence (other than doing some small gigs), Yuki and his band Rayflower will be releasing their second mini-album titled Narcissus on 2014.02.19. The album will include 6 songs, with the one of them called “Libra”. It will cost 2,000 yen (around $20 US). Stay tuned for updates.

And I can tell that they are quite happy with the announcement too. Watch them announce the album with beaming faces here.

TRICK’s first single and other (old) news

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the inactivity of myself and co-blogger Henkka for the last several weeks. We’ve been busy with life and work (goddamn it I hate my job!!).

Now down to business…

After a long wait, Makoto’s only band other than Λucifer, † яi ¢ к is finally releasing their first single. It will be called Phenomena, with the release date is set at March 17th 2012. You can pre-order it over here, and watch the short version of the PV right here. Gotta say, it’s a pretty cool song. The long wait sure paid off. Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Phenomena
2. Artra
4. Phenomena (Instrumental)
5. Artra (Instrumental)
6. ADAM (Instrumental)

They are set for their first one-man live tour with (only) two shows in Osaka (03/17) and Meguro (03/20) to promote the single.

They have also changed their line-up with drummer Kei Kashiyama decided to leave after failing to recover from his illness and replaced with TERO (left), the former drummer of VIDOLL. Another new member is guitarist Shintaro Mizuno, or SIN, a young musician (24) who joined them after being rapidly involved in live shows.

Acid Black Cherry have a new single

Acid Black Cherry are going to release a new single on September 21st. The single is called “Pistol”, and will include a B-side called “Ai wo Kataru Yori Kuchizuke wo Kawasou”, a cover from WANDS’ 1993 hit song, and the limited edition will come with a DVD containing the PV of the title track and a special 15 minutes off-shot. More info including the single’s cover to be unveiled soon.

The band will also perform a free live show on July 23rd as a part of their ABC Dream CUP 2011 tour. Only 40,000 people will be allowed to attend the show, while others can watch it live from USTREAM and GyaO!. The show starts at 16:00 local time, check your world clock for time in your area.

Kashiyama KO’d

†яi¢к’s drummer, Kei Kashiyama, has fallen ill and will not be joining the band’s Tohoku Earthquake Charity Tour. He will be replaced by Aya Kondo (pictured below), the drummer of everset, another band that will take part in the tour.

Now… is it just me, or the guy really looks like Towa? XD Anyway, get well soon Kei, and good luck to the band on their tour!!

†яi¢к is on Facebook and some details about Acid Black Cherry’s upcoming single

Makoto’s new band, †яi¢к is so active recently, and they’ve just made another awesome trick by opening their official Facebook page. It’s over here.

They also recently appeared on Nico Nico Live twice, doing some kind of talk show talking about various things. The first edition can be watched here, while the second edition, is I believed, gonna be uploaded in the next few days.

Also, as a reminder, Acid Black Cherry’s new single, Shoujo no Inori III is going on sale next Wednesday. You can get the regular edition here, or pay more for the limited edition and you’ll get a B2-sized poster. The title track is a remade version of a song from their first album, Black List. The B-side is called Joukyou Monogatari, a cover version of Sharam Q’s 1994 single. And here’s the PV. Gotta say, it’s cool.

Cosmos Blackness, new project of Rayflower’s Sakura

Rayflower’s drummer, Sakura, will hold a live event, titled “Cosmos Blackness” at Koenji ShowBoat on November 20th, which will be broadcast live via USTREAM. He himself will host the show, and fellow Rayflower members Ikuo and Yuki (yes, our snow prince Yuki of Λucifer) will be performing with him on bass and guitar respectively. Other members are Kaoru (vocal), Den (another bassist), and Ryo (guitar). I’ve got no clue at all about Kaoru, Den, & Ryo, but I believe they are all also experienced musicians.

Sakura’s other band, Lion Heads (in which he plays the guitar) will also perform at the event, along with CIRCUIT9.

For all concert-goers, you can grab a pillow and cry on it since the tickets are SOLD OUT, but as mentioned above, you can stream it live on USTREAM’s official MySpace, NEXUS TV, and SYNC MUSIC JAPAN. Streaming times are as follows:

18:30 pm (Tokyo)
13:30 pm (Moscow)
11:30 am (Paris)
10:30 am (London)
5:30 am (New York)
2:30 am (Los Angeles)

In another Rayflower related news, vocalist Takayuki Tazawa will reunite with his old band, WAIVE, in a revival tour called  CASE OF Waive. The tour has already begun with the show in Saitama and Yokohama were held last Friday and Saturday, and there will be three remaining shows at Nagoya (23rd November), Ebisu (24th November), Osaka (26th November), and followed by the grand final at Shibuya-AX at 29th November.

†яi¢к’s first live show announced

As announced in his official website, Makoto’s new band, †яi¢к, will perform their first live performance soon. The show will be held at 11th December 2010, at an event called Peace Maker Super Festival in Shibuya. The event will also feature Aggressive Dogs, Kaikigesshoku, Loudness, Before Christ Butterfly and lots of other bands.

The line-up seems to be pretty heavy, with the likes of Kaikigesshoku and Loudness are in, so we can say that Makoto is officially a metalist now XD

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