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Makoto Koshinaka Q&A, part 5 ~ nipples, hugs & underwear

Makoto has resumed answering fan questions again. However, due to me being busy with other stuff lately, this is the last Q&A batch I’ll be doing. Do remember to follow Makoto on twitter, he really gets a kick out of it when he hits new follower milestones. Hope you had fun reading these!

What do you think is the color best suited for girls’ “lucky underwear”?
Datenshi RED!!

By the way, it seems that: “The one thing Makoto Koshinaka lacks is tolerance. On the other hand, something he might be better off getting rid of is his pervertedness.… Any comment on this? (lol) (Note: is a site with quizzes where you enter a name (usually your own) and get “diagnosed”)
Dakishimeru hoka ni nani ga dekirun darou? (“What else could I do except embrace you?“)

In that case, make your next fan meeting a hug event! That way everyone will definitely decide to come!?
Announcement! I’ll hug everyone who comes to the fan meeting!!! If that’ll make everyone even a little bit happier…!

Seriously? If that’s so, then it’ll be my first attended fan meeting…
Don’t touch me in any strange places~! Chu!!!

Question! Do you have to be in the fan club to be able to get a hug!?
No you do not.

Seriously! Is it true you’ll hug everyone who comes to the fan meeting in May?? Even guys~!?
Yes!! Hug me quickly!!

I want to attend the fan meeting! Is it okay even for a 45-year-old auntie like me????
Hug me, please.

No, you hug me, please.
Would you like that warmed up? (said in the voice of a convenience store clerk)

It’s really too bad I can’t go to the fan meeting this time, but I’m always cheering you on! The hugging thing you’re doing this time, will you make it standard practice at future events, too? Please do.
I’ll consider it!

The atmosphere at that restaurant seems really lovely^^* …I’ll do my best to come. I can’t help but be nervous; I’m really troubled about what to wear for the event (lol)
I feel like I should apologize…

After Makoto tweeted that he’s writing lyrics:

Please do your best!! Lyrics that bring to mind the Spring time would be nice♪ The sakura seem to be blooming already (^-^)
They’re dark, not at all Spring-like lyrics. Ihihihi.

Question! Where do you usually write lyrics? Do you have a favorite place or something??
On top of the bloodstained chopping board of my mansion.

In response to Makoto (rather cryptically) constantly tweeting simply: “Adult time

What does one do during “adult time”?!
Fade into the dusk.

Adult time? Does that mean you’re kissing your mirror image again?! (´ε`*)
Ah crap, busted!

What are you really doing? Please tell us!
Meditating, having delusions, daydreaming.

My sexy beam won’t come out.
Remember to wash your nipples.

What’s the best way to go about washing them?
Wash them while gently stroking them with your fingertips in order to not hurt them.

After Makoto tweeted the following:

  • Ramen is my lover?!….
  • Someone become my girlfriend please.
  • Sorry, I forgot I already had a wife by the name of Twitter. (sweatdrop)
  • Someone please heal me with your tweet.

Makossan, are you feeling lonely…? (>_<)
Yes, considerably.

Sabishii yoru wa kirai da~” @ Tsunku (Note: vocalist of Sharan Q. See following link.)
You have the lyrics wrong! It’s “gomen da“!!

What’s your taste in women??
I like the gentle type.

And what about men? (^O^)
Odagiri Joe!!

A cute young lady who’s like a pudding, or a pudding that’s like a cute young lady — which would you rather eat? (lol)


  • Sorry to be so sudden, but… I’m getting married!
  • Actually… it’s an alien I’m getting married to!
  • Actually, I’m… a woman!

April Fools, right? (lol)
It seems I’ve been found out……

The person I was interested in started going out with my friend. Should I give up…?
Climb atop a telephone pole and watch them from up there.

Makoto!! My TV has been going on and off on its own for like 10 times already, it’s really scary (ノд<。)゜。 Even though I have zero belief in the supernatural! In any case, for now I’m going to blast “FLAIR” on loud volume and clean up my room!!!
Sorry! I just had an out-of-body experience now and played a little prank on you. (lol)

Video from Thai charity event w/Yuki

Yuki recently went to Phuket, Thailand where he — among other things — met with Phuket’s mayor and played at a charity event on the 10th. Here’s a video from the show.

Another clip with Yuki helping out on a cover of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life.”

Yuki’s tweet in English after the event:

Thank you to all my thai fans for your big support. The charity event finished safely. I’m happy to be here to play guitar for u guys.

Makoto fan meeting in May & Goldberry Japan

Another Makoto fan meeting announced, info from his website and K-project’s twitter:

Makoto Koshinaka fan meeting 「Ebisu Now!!」 (tentative)
Organizer: K-project
Venue: ‘es’ Italian restaurant, Ebisu
Date: May 3rd (Tuesday)
Time: doors 17.00, showtime 17.30
Tickets: ¥23,000 (~US$280) (includes dinner)

Part of the ticket revenue will be donated to charity.

For getting tickets, if you’re outside of Japan, you should probably look around on the Makoto Thai forums whereas people in Japan should keep an eye on Makoto’s official site and wait for more info.

In other news, Makoto’s the new Goldberry Japan Ambassador. Not exactly sure what all that entails, but at least he’s going to be visiting Thailand again:

PS. If you don’t know of it yet, I recommend checking out the Makoto Facebook group as they often do a much quicker job of posting all the latest Aucifer going-ons than this site.

Update: Firstly, concerning Makoto’s fan meeting, you must email with (1) your name, (2) address and (3) contact info (phone number/email address/etc).

Secondly, concerning the Goldberry part of the news, Makoto will be arriving to Thailand on 19 April at 16:30pm via flight TG 643. Here are the details for his scheduled press conference.

Makoto Koshinaka Q&A, part 4 ~ idols, beards & handcuffs

This could be the last batch for a while. Makoto’s not answering fan questions lately as he’s (understandably) busy tweeting about things related to the earthquake. Before today’s 25 Q’s, have a couple of his childhood pics!

I have a live tomorrow and I’d be happy for any word of advice.
Please sleep.

I can hear awful singing from above (>o<) Makoto, save me~!!!
Let’s write him a gentle Death Note!

Do you listen to kannivalism (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)?
They’re my juniors. I like the song “mum”.

My Chemical Romance are good right (^^) What songs do you like \(^o^)/?

Is there any Western artist whose live you’d want to go see?
David Bowie for a second time.

If you have an artist recommendation, do tell please.
Shinsei Kamattechan!!

Please tell us your favorite song by them (*・Д・*)
Yuugata no Piano

I love S/mileage’s Yuuka Maeda and was wondering, do you have any idols who you’re cheering on (*・∀・*)?

What’s your manga recommendation?
(Works by) Daijirou Morohoshi

What are your biggest goals for this year?
To release and perform with Trick!! Look forward to it!!

At †яi¢к’s lives, is it possible you are also planning on covering Kaiki Shokubutsu?
We’ll consider it.

Studying right now! Makoto~♪ Words of support please(*^ω^*)
Calculate the area of this trapezium.

Good evening! Makoto, please tell us the secret behind your beauty!? (o^∀^o)
French kissing my mirror image! (lol)

What’s your favorite flower (*^^*)? I get the feeling it might be roses..
Moluccella. It means “eternal gratitude” in flower language.

How does it feel having become connected with fans on twitter?
I’m happy there’s this much response (to this 30-year-old).

A while ago, you appeared on Tamaki Hiroshi’s radio show right!! I was surprised to hear you’re drinking buddies with him!!
I’ve known him for 13 years now. He’s the first friend I made after becoming a performer! He came to both Λucifer’s revival live as well as our first live ever!!

I was in front row smack center at Λucifer’s first tour in Fukuoka, in other words, right in front of you. I still haven’t forgotten the look in your eyes, nor the cold feel of your hand that I touched.
I haven’t forgotten either………. probably.

Do you have any memories that stick out to you from Λucifer’s live last year at Nagoya E.L.L. (* ‘▽’)?
The children who were cosplaying me before had now become adults!

I attended Λucifer’s live at Akasaka BLITZ and was just wondering about when you threw water from your bottle to the audience.. is that something you’ve practiced before? It looked like it flew quite a long way.
That’s always been my forte!!

Listening to “Desire” right now♪ It really is a great song♥♡
Akina Nakamori?!

Makoto is very younger !!! (sic) haha…
Stop iiit~

After Makoto announced his love for Odagiri Joe:

What do you like about him?
His beard.

Since it’s the middle of the night, I’ll ask this question… what’s the first thing you look at in a woman?
The mouth.

Good evening. What’s your fashion item recommendation for this Spring? (?_?)

Makotooo! Please help me decide what to get my big sister for her birthday(^ω^) They weren’t selling eye accessories anymore (lol)
A 5kg dumbbell.

As a bonus, here’s a fun twitter convo between Makoto and Kaikan Phrase creator Shinjo Mayu!

S: First time in quite a while drawing this~(*´∀`) The color version was for the DS game, but I wonder how many years it’s been since I last drew this in monochrome.

M: Wait a minute. Is that me?
S: Yes it is. o(*^▽^*)o
M: Wooooooooooooooooooooooowww!!!!!!!!!!!!
S: This, too, needed to have a revival. (*´∀`) For the first time in ages, I’m doing this scene. I can’t show you everything of course. (^▽^;)

M: Kaikan!! (said in Hiroko Yakushimaru’s voice) (Note: a famous line of hers from the movie Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu.)
S: Drew Aine in a spur of the moment. If I upload any more pictures than this it’ll be a spoiler, so I’ll stop here!!

M: Aine, I love you!!

Makoto Koshinaka Q&A, part 3 ~ fallen angel legends

The next batch of 25 Q’s.

Ever since the first time I saw Λucifer, you’re still as cool as ever. What’s your secret for retaining your youthful looks?
Give your mirror image kisses, ahahaha.

Makoto, it seems like you don’t age…!! (like you’re perpetually stuck at 19 years old…)
To be exact, I’m 10030 years old in fallen angel years.

What’s the life expectancy for a fallen angel?
Rather than looking at the life expectancy, diving into love will prolong my life! (TL note: another reference to Datenshi BLUE lyrics. 「愛に飛び込め~」)

Is it the angel or the devil who’s tweeting using your account???
I have split personality so I often catch myself having changed into one of the two.

You always call yourself the “former” fallen angel, does that mean you don’t have the strength of that of a normal fallen angel?
I get stiff shoulders more often.

Because of your wings?
Because of old scars!

What do fallen angels do for work?
Usually we collect flowers to make the perfume that God wears.

What type of flower does God like?
A type that only blooms in heaven.

By the way, what color are those flowers of heaven? (^q^)
Secret Colors.

There’s been these talks of angels and fallen angels which reminds me… have you played the newest Dragon Quest? I think the last boss was a fallen angel☆
That guy’s my cousin.

Were you banished from heaven? Or did you decide to leave yourself?
All kinds of stuff happened, but I suppose me peeping at the hot springs in heaven might’ve had a lot to do with it.

Question! Do you still hate tomatoes??
I overcame it!

I want to drink at a bar! By the way, do you go to bars often?
I went yesterday.

After getting out of the bath wanting to have my first drink in two weeks, I’m now drinking homemade umeshu! Are you strong against alcohol?
That’s cool of you, making umeshu yourself! And yes, I’m strong!

After this I’m going to my cousin’s to have a drinking party while watching Λucifer’s live DVD! My cousin’s really strong against alcohol so it looks like I’ll be in trouble tomorrow… (~o~) Makoto, what do you think about women that are really strong against alcohol?
Depends on how her behavior changes when she drinks!

Who encouraged you to start up twitter?
Tatsurou from MUCC.

Makoto, have you listened to any music from South Korea?
I like Tohoshinki. WAY?

After Makoto tweeted that he came back from buying groceries:

What did you buy?
Tobacco, Red Bull and melon bread.

Question. In your student days, what was your favorite thing to do? 🙂 By the way, for me, it’s doing pranks with friends :3
Going to a small candy store after school was fun!

Lately work is always so busy that I hate it. Today, too, I worked while getting all dizzy. I felt dizzy enough to wonder if I might have a fever. Is it the “Fever of C” I wonder (^o^)
Sounds to me like acute egovision.

How does one become a Makower!? (Note: another word Makoto invented, meaning people who follow his tweets. Makoto + follower = Makower.)
Just tweet when naked and you’ll become one in no time!

What are the chances for one to get a reply from you??

I’ve wondered this for a while. Are you S or M?
Depends on the play!

On cold days, what do you do to get warm?
More than that, what the hell’s up with your profile picture!!!

I lost a bet to my friend so I had to change it. Now, please answer my question.
I listen to DIR!

Makoto Koshinaka Q&A, part 2 ~ music special

Just a word on the Sendai earthquake disaster. All of Λucifer’s members have checked in on their blogs/twitters and thankfully they’re all fine. Here’s the next 25 questions to Makoto, all music-related.

Will you write all the lyrics for †яi¢k songs?
Yes. I’ll also do my best with the music!

Please tell us where you want †яi¢к to go from here.
First off, I want to make it a band that plays lots of shows!

What’s the place you most want to go right now??
To the stage where I can see everyone’s smiling faces!!!!

My little sister, while shopping for groceries, suddenly called me! “Sis, they’re playing Λucifer’s Datenshi BLUE in the convenience store!” ♪ Though it’s been over 10 years, the love for Λucifer won’t fade \(^^)/
Thanks! Where is that convenience store!?

The Daiei in my hometown also plays Datenshi BLUE and CARNATION CRIME hourly (lol) That really boosts your tension (lol)
Does hearing Λucifer while shopping make you want to buy like hell!?

I work at a karaoke place, and every Saturday there’s a guy who comes and sings Λucifer songs alone by himself!
Give him my regards!

It’s kinda surprising to hear you like Soutaiseiriron! I sometimes sing their songs in karaoke. What do you like for girls to sing in karaoke?
Mika Nakashima

I’m practicing guitar and was wondering, what do you like for girls play?

So you still like Shiina Ringo even now♪ I think it was around the time I first became a fan of yours… I remember reading in a magazine you like Shiina Ringo and Mai Kuraki… I’ve always liked Shiina Ringo, too, but more than her band Tokyo Jihen, I like her solo material ミ^・ェ・^ミ
I love them both! They both have their strengths!!

Do you like visual kei bands? If so, who?
X Japan

Do you have a favorite song by MUCC? Mine’s Ame no Orchestra!

What’s your favorite Dir En Grey song? (^^)
ain’t afraid to die

What’s your favorite Acid Black Cherry song you find really erotic?
Black Cherry

What’s your favorite Sid song?

Question, do you have a favorite Michael Jackson song??
Smooth Criminal!

Favorite  L’Arc~en~Ciel song..?

What’s your favorite PENICILLIN song?♪♪
99banme no Yoru

Makoto, do you like Kazuyoshi Saito? Please tell me your recommendation from him if you have one♪( ̄▽ ̄)ノ″
Post ni Mayonnaise!!

At karaone now☆ Do you have a favorite song from GLAY?
Sen no Knife ga Mune wo Sasu!!

Makoto, do you like AKB48? (lol)

I see. Say Makoto, who’s your favorite AKB48 member? (´・_・`)
Yuko Oshima

If you could get into any Johnny’s group, which would you want to join?

Huh, I think KAT-TUN definitely suits you better!!
Correction: I want to join KAT-TUN!

Makoto, do you like SMAP?
I love them!

Makoto! Please give us your thoughts on the K-pop boom as of late, summed up in a single word (o’ω’)ノ

Makoto Koshinaka Q&A, part 1 ~ women, favorite bands & UFO’s

As you may well be aware, Makoto is answering fans’ questions on twitter. I’m going to start translating some of the more interesting ones. Without further ado, here’s the first batch of 25 questions!

How are you able to write those perverted lyrics???
Because I really am a pervert.

Have you ever thought about a specific woman when writing lyrics?
I have, yes!

What kind of a posture do you have when tweeting in the middle of the night?
I stand on my head.

Please tell us what the thing you hold the most dear to you is.

Family’s important, too, but I kinda wanted you to answer “the fans”
But the fans are also members of my family!

What should I do in order to learn to love myself?
Please watch the movie Angel-A by Luc Besson.

Please tell us what your favorite moments during lives are.
When I see everyone smiling.

Is there any artist whose live you want to see? (@゚▽゚@)
Shinsei Kamattechan

Please tell us what you like about them!
Noko’s eccentricities (Note: the vocalist)

Have you been to their lives before? I saw them at a festival! They really have peculiar performances (*´∀`*) But I was surprised to know you like them (・∀・)
I also listen to Rin Toshite Shigure.

I like Shigure too (・∀・) Then what about 9mm, do you like them? \(^O^)/
I listen to them. Also, I like sakanaction and Straightener, too!

Ooh! I like them, too (*´∀`*) I’m happy that our tastes in music are so similar \(^O^)/ Right now the bands I’m most into are TsuShiMaMiRe and, though they already broke up, Midori! Do you also listen to girl bands?
Midori broke up?! I also listen to Soutaiseiriron.

Yeah, they broke up (´;ω;`) They played their last show at the end of the year… I would’ve liked to see Mariko live more… (Note: the vocalist) Ah, and what about The telephones!?
I’ll check ’em out! Thanks.

On a quick personal note… some really good music spoken of here. I especially recommend checking out the aforementioned 9mm Parabellum Bullet and Soutaiseiriron, both of which are fucking excellent bands. On a somewhat related note, if you happen to be interested, I also recently made a new site in which I translate 9mm’s blog into English.

Makoto-sa~n, it’s scary… Just now I felt a presence behind me, so I turned around to look… but there was no one there (tear)
It’s in front of you.

Today at work as I was really pissed off, Datenshi BLUE started playing in my head for some reason. I wonder if I, too, was an “angry half-angel, half-demon” \(^o^)/ (Note: reference to Datenshi BLUE lyrics)
I think you might be in need of a little vacation time (lol)

Unrelated Makoto tweet:
I encountered a UFO!

They didn’t abduct you!? (@_@)
I’ve been abducted around 5 times in the past.

I wonder who else was aboard the UFO?
It seems Towa rides with them sometimes.

What did you talk about with the aliens?
The economy.

What’s your food specialty lately?
Cosmos Stew.

How does it feel when aboard a UFO??
Hard, because they have wooden flooring.

Please tell us one of the aliens’ names (>_<)

What shape was the UFO?

Did Tanaka-san speak good Japanese?
Satou’s was better, I guess…

How did you come back after being abducted? (ФЛФ;)
By sliding.

Unrelated Makoto tweet:
Ah, it looks like I’ll have ramen for the second time today?!

Won’t you get tired of it? (^o^)/
Maybe I just got abducted by aliens and they erased my memory, and because of that I’m feeling like I want to eat ramen again?!

Fucking awful Makoto joke of the day

A fan on Twitter to Makoto:

Hello! Congratulations on your twitter one week anniversary☆ I’ve been a fan since Λucifer was still together. My question is, what’s your favorite Λucifer song? Mine’s “Dakishimeru Hoka ni Nani ga Dekirun darou.”

Makoto’s reply:

Legend (lol)

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