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Makoto Koshinaka Q&A, part 2 ~ music special

Just a word on the Sendai earthquake disaster. All of Λucifer’s members have checked in on their blogs/twitters and thankfully they’re all fine. Here’s the next 25 questions to Makoto, all music-related.

Will you write all the lyrics for †яi¢k songs?
Yes. I’ll also do my best with the music!

Please tell us where you want †яi¢к to go from here.
First off, I want to make it a band that plays lots of shows!

What’s the place you most want to go right now??
To the stage where I can see everyone’s smiling faces!!!!

My little sister, while shopping for groceries, suddenly called me! “Sis, they’re playing Λucifer’s Datenshi BLUE in the convenience store!” ♪ Though it’s been over 10 years, the love for Λucifer won’t fade \(^^)/
Thanks! Where is that convenience store!?

The Daiei in my hometown also plays Datenshi BLUE and CARNATION CRIME hourly (lol) That really boosts your tension (lol)
Does hearing Λucifer while shopping make you want to buy like hell!?

I work at a karaoke place, and every Saturday there’s a guy who comes and sings Λucifer songs alone by himself!
Give him my regards!

It’s kinda surprising to hear you like Soutaiseiriron! I sometimes sing their songs in karaoke. What do you like for girls to sing in karaoke?
Mika Nakashima

I’m practicing guitar and was wondering, what do you like for girls play?

So you still like Shiina Ringo even now♪ I think it was around the time I first became a fan of yours… I remember reading in a magazine you like Shiina Ringo and Mai Kuraki… I’ve always liked Shiina Ringo, too, but more than her band Tokyo Jihen, I like her solo material ミ^・ェ・^ミ
I love them both! They both have their strengths!!

Do you like visual kei bands? If so, who?
X Japan

Do you have a favorite song by MUCC? Mine’s Ame no Orchestra!

What’s your favorite Dir En Grey song? (^^)
ain’t afraid to die

What’s your favorite Acid Black Cherry song you find really erotic?
Black Cherry

What’s your favorite Sid song?

Question, do you have a favorite Michael Jackson song??
Smooth Criminal!

Favorite  L’Arc~en~Ciel song..?

What’s your favorite PENICILLIN song?♪♪
99banme no Yoru

Makoto, do you like Kazuyoshi Saito? Please tell me your recommendation from him if you have one♪( ̄▽ ̄)ノ″
Post ni Mayonnaise!!

At karaone now☆ Do you have a favorite song from GLAY?
Sen no Knife ga Mune wo Sasu!!

Makoto, do you like AKB48? (lol)

I see. Say Makoto, who’s your favorite AKB48 member? (´・_・`)
Yuko Oshima

If you could get into any Johnny’s group, which would you want to join?

Huh, I think KAT-TUN definitely suits you better!!
Correction: I want to join KAT-TUN!

Makoto, do you like SMAP?
I love them!

Makoto! Please give us your thoughts on the K-pop boom as of late, summed up in a single word (o’ω’)ノ

Makoto Koshinaka Q&A, part 1 ~ women, favorite bands & UFO’s

As you may well be aware, Makoto is answering fans’ questions on twitter. I’m going to start translating some of the more interesting ones. Without further ado, here’s the first batch of 25 questions!

How are you able to write those perverted lyrics???
Because I really am a pervert.

Have you ever thought about a specific woman when writing lyrics?
I have, yes!

What kind of a posture do you have when tweeting in the middle of the night?
I stand on my head.

Please tell us what the thing you hold the most dear to you is.

Family’s important, too, but I kinda wanted you to answer “the fans”
But the fans are also members of my family!

What should I do in order to learn to love myself?
Please watch the movie Angel-A by Luc Besson.

Please tell us what your favorite moments during lives are.
When I see everyone smiling.

Is there any artist whose live you want to see? (@゚▽゚@)
Shinsei Kamattechan

Please tell us what you like about them!
Noko’s eccentricities (Note: the vocalist)

Have you been to their lives before? I saw them at a festival! They really have peculiar performances (*´∀`*) But I was surprised to know you like them (・∀・)
I also listen to Rin Toshite Shigure.

I like Shigure too (・∀・) Then what about 9mm, do you like them? \(^O^)/
I listen to them. Also, I like sakanaction and Straightener, too!

Ooh! I like them, too (*´∀`*) I’m happy that our tastes in music are so similar \(^O^)/ Right now the bands I’m most into are TsuShiMaMiRe and, though they already broke up, Midori! Do you also listen to girl bands?
Midori broke up?! I also listen to Soutaiseiriron.

Yeah, they broke up (´;ω;`) They played their last show at the end of the year… I would’ve liked to see Mariko live more… (Note: the vocalist) Ah, and what about The telephones!?
I’ll check ’em out! Thanks.

On a quick personal note… some really good music spoken of here. I especially recommend checking out the aforementioned 9mm Parabellum Bullet and Soutaiseiriron, both of which are fucking excellent bands. On a somewhat related note, if you happen to be interested, I also recently made a new site in which I translate 9mm’s blog into English.

Makoto-sa~n, it’s scary… Just now I felt a presence behind me, so I turned around to look… but there was no one there (tear)
It’s in front of you.

Today at work as I was really pissed off, Datenshi BLUE started playing in my head for some reason. I wonder if I, too, was an “angry half-angel, half-demon” \(^o^)/ (Note: reference to Datenshi BLUE lyrics)
I think you might be in need of a little vacation time (lol)

Unrelated Makoto tweet:
I encountered a UFO!

They didn’t abduct you!? (@_@)
I’ve been abducted around 5 times in the past.

I wonder who else was aboard the UFO?
It seems Towa rides with them sometimes.

What did you talk about with the aliens?
The economy.

What’s your food specialty lately?
Cosmos Stew.

How does it feel when aboard a UFO??
Hard, because they have wooden flooring.

Please tell us one of the aliens’ names (>_<)

What shape was the UFO?

Did Tanaka-san speak good Japanese?
Satou’s was better, I guess…

How did you come back after being abducted? (ФЛФ;)
By sliding.

Unrelated Makoto tweet:
Ah, it looks like I’ll have ramen for the second time today?!

Won’t you get tired of it? (^o^)/
Maybe I just got abducted by aliens and they erased my memory, and because of that I’m feeling like I want to eat ramen again?!

Fucking awful Makoto joke of the day

A fan on Twitter to Makoto:

Hello! Congratulations on your twitter one week anniversary☆ I’ve been a fan since Λucifer was still together. My question is, what’s your favorite Λucifer song? Mine’s “Dakishimeru Hoka ni Nani ga Dekirun darou.”

Makoto’s reply:

Legend (lol)

VISUAL goes JAPAN’s interview with Makoto

VISUAL goes JAPAN did an interview with Makoto a while back. Well, I say “a while back“, but I’ve been working on this on-and-off for a good four and a half months now. Holy hell. This one damn near killed me and my poor Japanese skill. In any case, I’ve translated it here. Enjoy!

This summer, Λucifer came back with a dramatic revival. What were their thoughts behind the reunion?
Λucifer’s vocalist as well as solo artist, musician and actor:
MAKOTO, busy with all these activities, talked to us about both the past and the future.

How did Λucifer’s revival come to be?

After our debut in 1999, reaching our 10th anniversary felt really significant.
There was lots of fan feedback asking if we wouldn’t do something for our 10th anniversary. After Λucifer’s break-up, too, us members would meet up for drinks and when we started saying “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do something together for our 10th anniversary?“, that’s when it all started taking shape.

Did you go see the other members live, too?

I did. Like guitarist YUKI’s DUSTAR-3, drummer SANTA’s OLIVE SUNDAY, as well as lives of artists they were supporting. ATSURO’s the only one whose live I haven’t been to! ATSURO’s supporting a lot of artists, too, but a lot of them are voice actresses and going to those lives would’ve felt a little embarrassing. (lol) But I’ll have to go sometime. I mean, I haven’t seen him playing live aside from Λucifer! I have on TV though. Yeah, on Music Station, I did see him playing behind Shokotan, but his appearance was completely the same as when we were in Λucifer! A little visual kei-ish, that is. (lol) I was like “Huh? Is it alright to look like that?!” (lol)

He does the same playing stance too, eh (lol)


Everyone was also doing their individual activities at the time of the revival. Were there any difficulties because of that?

I think Λucifer has less rehearsals than bands normally do. We really drilled everything into our minds back then and so even after these 7 years have passed, it all came back to me really quickly without even looking at the lyrics. The others, too, were able to completely pull it off after basically just a little bit of fine tuning.

I see. So there weren’t that many problems?

Right. This time we had a different mindset. Back in the old days we were busy worrying about how we did on the charts and stuff. That was an important thing for us then. However, this time we did it simply for the fun of it all. Even now I think there’s lots of bands like that, ones that worry about that kind of stuff. However, doing music in an environment like that isn’t enjoyable. This time we distanced ourselves from all of that and it became fun.

It really looked that way!

Sorry if I looked worn out (lol) It’s my selling point (lol)

Not at all. It was fun that there were lots of MC’s, too.

After I became a solo artist it’s gotten bad. After the first 4 songs, I can go on talking for an hour! It’s already Chiharu Matsuyama-level. (lol) This time I held back though. (lol)

During the live, you made fun of your old character a number of times. Still, how was it like to become the fallen angel character again after all this time?

Oh yeah, the datenshi character itself was pretty questionable from the beginning. (lol) Back then I didn’t talk that much so conversely now I’m talking a lot like I usually would. There’s this thing the comedians Girin used to say. If you keep chewing on your food for a long time, at some point you’ll notice the taste will have eventually changed. They call that going “Beyond the Borderline of Flavor.” The same thing happens with your voice. If you keep talking, at some point you’ll suddenly notice you’ve crossed the line and you’ve been talking forever. I call it going “Beyond the Borderline of the Voice.” (lol)

I see, so MC’s were thanks to crossing over to the Other Side of The Voice. (lol)
Aside from the performances in Japan, Λucifer also went to play in Thailand. How was it?

In Thailand, the stage was really high up, around 2 meters or so. When I asked the security “Is it alright to stage dive from here?“, they said “No.” But then during the live there was an instant where I thought I absolutely had to. Like, an “I gotta do it now!” moment. So I did (lol)

Were you okay?

I braced myself and it was alright. The fans held me up and got all excited, too.

That’s good. After Λucifer’s dissolution, you also had solo activities in other parts of Asia. Are there any differences between Japanese and foreign fans?

If you want to make a good performance abroad, it’s important to take into consideration the culture and atmosphere of the country you’re performing in. As for the Thai performance… Thailand, a Buddhist country, has people who think very highly of unconditional love. As such, during the live rather than everyone screaming their heads off, it was more like everyone was thinking “Oooh, it’s the real thing~” while kind of holding back or more like, in the first half, they were just taking it all in, but when we got to the halfway point, the audience started getting more fired up. Therefore, compared to the 4 performances in Japan, being on stage was completely different. It was once again fun doing a show at a place with completely different culture. When it comes to the language, the members don’t speak Thai, so we crammed hard until the last minute so we could speak a little bit. Me, I like to use a marker to write what I need to remember on my hand, but if you write it on your palm, the sweat will wash it off and besides, it looks to the audience like you’re reading from your hand. So what I like to do is write on the outside of my hand. If you do that, place your hand up high and look at it that way, it doesn’t seem as if you’re reading something and you look like something out of a painting. (lol)

So you used that kind of a technique. (lol) So, if someone sees you abroad looking at your hand, there’s always the possibility you’re reading some memo you wrote to yourself.

Exactly. (lol)

How was it, seeing Λucifer come back to life again?

Though I’m 30 years old right now, both our debut and our break-up happened really early on, so I’m still thinking about how my life will turn out from now on. I have a friend who also has a band who made a limited time comeback and I went to have dinner with him after their live. At that time we hadn’t yet decided on Λucifer’s revival. So I asked him “How was your comeback?” and he replied “The audience doesn’t get fired up if you don’t have new songs.” That time, I just thought “Ah, I see.

Bands are usually like, they release new songs, and they go “Alright, this time let’s go with these!” and then they tour, right? But for us, we decided to keep the focus on our old songs, and in doing so, I had to think about what my reasons were for getting up on stage for our anniversary. Sure, I could’ve just gone and done it without giving it a second thought, but I didn’t want it to be this lukewarm class reunion thing. Rather, I wanted to go and seize the energy to focus on my solo career and other activities from now on, and that’s how I had my feelings sorted prior to getting up there on stage.

Actually standing on stage, were you able to find that energy you were searching for?

Right now, my thoughts are that I strongly believe in myself, my fashion, my way of living, everything. Like, “Others can say what they like, but I’ll keep on going on the path I believe in!

Λucifer announced during the live that it will again for the time being “freeze” its activities. Does it feel like the day that “ice” melts again is close by?

Standing on stage again after 7 years, seeing how Λucifer had continued to live in everyones’ memories made me really happy. Also, during the performances, it felt like the fans were smiling even more than they did before. If there’s this many people waiting for us, I think it’d be bad if we don’t get together to play once in a while! Although we’ll become “frozen” again, I believe we will play again and the others feel the same way, too.

We can’t end it here. It feels like we’re a band that’s still continuing to evolve.

From here on, we can expect your solo activities to pick up the pace again, and, compared to the MAKOTO of Λucifer, I think your fans are looking forward to seeing a completely different you again.

Though I’ve been a performer for 12 years now, my current status is that I’m still searching for myself, so I want to challenge lots of different things and I’m thinking I want to do work that improves me as a person. So, I’m thinking I want to do things like stage plays and sessions with other bands. For me, Λucifer is a thing of glory from my past, so before I return to do things with Λucifer again, I’m thinking it’d be good for me to see new worlds and learn new things from them to make myself grow as a person. So in that sense, too, I want to go on challenging various things.

Your stage play “Urizun no Kaze” is starting, too.

Yes. It’s a play about a tight-knit family that gets into a major crisis which nearly collapses their lives, and how with each others’ support they try to overcome that adversity.

It’s something completely different again from being in a band, so your preparations for it must be difficult.

Right. In my case, for that character who’ll stand on the stage in that play, I’m thinking about things like, what kind of a life does he lead? What does he eat? How much does he sleep? What kind of characteristics does he have? I’m thinking about all of these things one by one. When you think about things like this, the character you’re portraying on stage is going to gain depth. From now on, I’m going to practice and enter into that kind of simulation work.

When I was doing a period drama, for example, I was even wearing kimono at home. If I just put in the work during rehearsals and on stage, I can’t properly get into character. Until now, I’ve only done roles like bisexual sadist dentists or sword-wielding master fencers, just roles that are kind of strange. But this time it’s just an ordinary person, so that’s something I was looking forward to. It’s normally those strange roles that seem to be hard for actors as they need to be in high spirits. But in my case, it’s oddly enough the opposite — for me, it’s the normal salaryman or convenience store clerk I’m worried about doing. So this time it’s a challenge for me.

So people going can look forward to seeing another side of you?

That’s right. This’ll look like I’m trying to sound cool, but it feels like I myself am going to find a new side of me as well, so I’m looking forward to that. I want to put my soul in it and really make it a play that will move you.

As for your new band Trick, there’s still lots of things being kept a secret about it. Could you tell us what you can about it?

It’s a session band we formed with close friends of mine and we took part in a Seikima II tribute album. I don’t know about its future activities yet. It’ll be a band enshrouded in mystery.

But, when it comes to music, I have a clear fashion style I want to go for. When Λucifer debuted, my outfits were flashy and my makeup was light. Then, a bit later during our activities, my style got relatively natural. Now, I’ve steadily started moving towards both flashier clothes and darker makeup.

What I think I’m leaning towards now is the metal style or, I mean, using more ornaments and going for a flashier look, in kind of like a sadistic flavor.

Kind of like a cross between visual kei and metal styles?

Right. I like that kind of thing. Though I do think about how long it’s okay for me to continue using eyeliner. (lol)

They also posted a short video message from Makoto. Notice his John Lennon/Yoko Ono shirt!

Makoto on twitter

Makoto just registered on twitter yesterday. Like the other members, he, too responds to fans’ tweets (including mine!) Here’s some of the more interesting of his tweets so far. Read about his epic “Tokyo Twitter Marathon” in which he tries to achieve 1000 followers!

  • My first tweet. Nervous. (Feb 27th)
  • Went to see Creature Creature today. Morrie was god.
  • (To Yuki) It’s me. I started twitter. Cheers.
  • Having steak now.
  • Listening to PJ Harvey in the morning’s nice. (Feb 28th)
  • I got my hay fever debut this year and my back hurts.
  • When it rains, I want to listen to Kuwata Keisuke’s “Tokyo“.
  • Having lunch. This chicken cutlet’s delicious.
  • I wonder if my profile picture’s any good. Took it at the backstage of Akasaka BLITZ.

  • By the way, we’re busing making TRICK’s demo. All you youngsters, wait just a bit more!
  • (Unrelated tweet from Santa) Even though it was so warm yesterday~ It’s sleeting now (tear) My hands are so cold they don’t move. Not good. If I don’t get warmed up soon, I won’t be able to play (°□°;)
  • (Makoto → Santa) Watch Λucifer’s DVD and you’ll get warm in no time
  • Am I tweeting too much? Should I just go for one a month?
  • The ex-fallen angel has appeared in the world of twitter!
  • Ah, I’m tired, I’ll get in the bath. Heating the water now.
  • The ex-fallen angel makes his appearance just out of the bath, tweeting completely naked!!
  • The ex-fallen angel just out of the bath, makes his appearance tweeting while chugging down milk!
  • Kinda feel like watching a movie~ any recommendations? By the way, I recommend the South Korean movie “Breathless“. Rent it from Tsutaya!
  • Sorry, I’ve been watching movies for about 300 years’ worth so I’ve already seen most of you guys’ recommendations. The ex-fallen angel who watches movies too much makes his appearance!
  • I made it to 500 followers!! The ex-fallen angel is somewhat pleased.
  • I have something to tell you all. I’m getting married! My partner is… twitter!!
  • Having curry for dinner.
  • Any band recommendations as of late? I guess it’d be TOKIO HOTEL for me.
  • Oh, this raayu goes well with curry.
  • I’m done eating. Twitter for dessert!!
  • The guy who came up with curry and the guy who came up with twitter are both geniuses.
  • I want to make it to 1000 followers before midnight.
  • Watching Creature Creature now!! Morrie LOVE!!
  • Ti. re. d.
  • Twired… (TL note: Pretty sure Makoto just made up this word himself. It’s a pun combining twitter (ツイッター) + tired (つかれた) = ツイッかれた)
  • Hey! Everyone, I’ve decided!! I’m not going to sleep before I hit 1000 followers!!! Bring it on!!!
  • Reached 700 followers!
  • This Red Bull injection makes me a Datenshi BULL!
  • Injecting banana, too!
  • Tokyo Twitter Marathon! How much more until the goal!?
  • Towa, I’ll run it this year, too! (Note: Towa has run the Tokyo Marathon before)
  • *pant pant pant*
  • Hey? Towa?!
  • Huh? It’s you isn’t it, Towa?!
  • (At this point, I tweeted Makoto) Hello! I’m a Finnish fan of Λucifer and you. Do your best to reach 1000 followers!!
  • (Makoto → me (woohoo!)) *pant pant pant* Thank you.. To… wa.. Losing consciousness..
  • Oh, is this the Sanzu River?
  • Someone’s standing at the other side of the river bank… To-Towa!?
  • Ah, w-wrong!
  • (Makoto MUCC’s Tatsurou) Huh, on the other side of the river is.. Tatsurou!? It’s probably better to not go there then.. thank you. Ah! Regaining consciousness…
  • Resurrected safely! I’ll work hard for the last spurt!! Twired.
  • (Tatsurou → Makoto) Hey you old man, old man, that’s my real name! It’s Tatsurou! It’s different for my public persona, so from now on, please! (TL note: Makoto used the wrong kanji to call Tatsurou in his earlier tweet)
  • (Makoto → Tatsurou) Thanks Tacchan (v^-゚) I came back safely! I’m taking part in the Twitter Marathon you invited me into!! Just a little bit more until 1000.
  • The rain’s cold. Is it just me running the Tokyo Twitter Marathon?!
  • Someone *pant, pant* is there no one else running but me?!
  • Reached 800 followers!
  • The last spurt! Bring it on!!
  • Every follower one-by-one will become my courage!
  • (Makoto, responding to especially many encouraging tweets from fans) I’m glad. So many people thinking of me.. thank you.
  • My fingers hurt
  • Singing Ureshii Higeki enthusiastically now.
  • Singing SPRAY enthusiastically now.
  • Reached 900!! Couldn’t finish it in time today though (sweat) But I’ll definitely make it to 1000 without sleep or alcohol!!
  • *pant pant pant* I can see the goal a little bit!
  • Bring it on followers!!
  • Just, just, a bit more!
  • My mom who uses twitter, too, messaged me here!
  • The beer in front of my eyes right now. I want to drink it…
  • Just, six more people
  • I’ve finished the race!! (tear) 1000 followers achieved!!
  • Let’s get drunk off victory sake and kanpai together (lol) Let’s do it~ We’ll go with “Datenshi BLUE.” Ready, set… Datenshi?! (Note: BLUE!!!)
  • (Afterword) I got all these followers thanks to you guys (tear) Even though I crossed the Sanzu River, thank you Tacchan! Thank you Wataru! Thank you Aiji! Thank you Shinpii! Shinya LOVE! Thank you twitter! And more than anything, thank you to all of you who supported me! Good night (chu)! Twired.

PS. The promised translated Makoto interview is on its way. I swear!

(後書き)みんなの力で走りきれました(涙)三途の川も渡りかけたけど、たっちゃんありがとう!渉君ありがとう!アイジさんありがとう!シンピーありがと う!シンヤサンLOVE !ツイッターありがとう!そして何より僕を応援してくれたみんなありがとう!お休み(チュッ)!ツイッかれた。

Makoto Koshinaka fan meeting in Thailand

Good news for the Thai fans! Although there’s no mention of this yet on Makoto’s website, I’m assuming this is legit.

As for how to get your hands on a ticket and whatnot, I’m afraid you’re on your own as my knowledge of Thai is non-existant. You’ll find what you need at the forums in this thread.

Edit: more info from jv0721:

This event of MAKOTO is to thank fans who were able to buy the DVD sets through K-Project. So this was called a Secret Meet since this is a non-profit event in collaboration of K-Project and Makoto Thailand Fan Club. Remember I posted before that he will have a special activity with fans who bought DVD Sets through K-Project? So this is it!

Siam@Siam is a 5 star hotel in Thailand and only limited tickets are being sold. Ok tickets for those who wanted to avail are at 1200 THB. Buyers of DVD sets will be given priority. For those who wanted to buy a ticket and participate in this close encounter event, they can mail 🙂

On a somewhat related note, I still haven’t posted the promised Makoto interview. Sorry. 🙁 I never did forget about it, and honestly, the delay is largely due to the fact that it is very much above my current (weak) level of Japanese. That, and my kanji studies have been keeping me nice and busy lately. However, I assure you that I’ll have it out sooner or later. Even if it kills me!

Edit 2: A comment from jv0721:

All I can say for now is that it was totally fun. We all fell in love with him again and again. He was really playful and he really interacted with the fans. Reaaly happy I got to be there. hahaha!!

VISUAL goes JAPAN’s report of Λucifer live

An English translation of a live report by VISUAL goes JAPAN. Sorry for the delay — for me and my (low) level of Japanese, this was a tough one to translate. Sorry for the lines that sound weird. By the way, VISUAL goes Japan also did an interview with Makoto. Look out for the translation of that soon.

August 2010.
After a hiatus of around 7 years and 7 months, Λucifer returned to the live stage.

The tour entitled “10th Anniversary Live Tour ‐Rinne‐” spanning from 08/25 at Osaka, followed by Nagoya on the 26th, and finally 8/31 and 9/1 at the jam-packed Tokyo Akasaka BLITZ, gave them the chance to pull off a glowing comeback. The tour title meaning “endless cycle of death and rebirth” represents the connection between the members and how even after several years have passed, they will without fail stand on the same stage again. And so, to make that title live up to its name, Akasaka BLITZ was overflowing with dedicated fans on both days as everyone came to feel an affinity with the band and enjoy this timeslip to the past.

At 19:07 as the lights went out, the whole stage was veiled by a thin curtain. One by one, past clips and the members’ pictures were projected onto the curtain as the venue erupted into loud cheers.

Let’s go, Tokyo!!

MAKOTO’s voice resounded in the venue. Spelling the end for their long hiatus of 7 years and 7 months, the members’ silhouettes could be seen behind the thin curtain…

MAKOTO: “We’re back, Tokyo! Today the five of us will go all-out! Λucifer will play with all its love, so you guys, too, send all your love to the stage!” =One song after the other, the venue was filled with loud cheers. During “DUMMY“, MAKOTO, carrying a bouquet of roses, handed them out one by one to fans from the stage, and the fans who were lucky enough to get one contributed to the live visuals by swinging them from left to right. “After 7 years, Λucifer is back! Are you all doing fine?” That question by MAKOTO was followed by shouts of “Welcome back!!” and “We’re fine!!” from the fans. “What do you think, ATSURO, my comrade?” With that he passed the baton to guitarist ATSURO.

Comrade?!” he laughed. “Are you all good? Are you excited? Was that alright just now? Oh man, I was so nervous I thought I was gonna pass out, so I messed up!” That nice guy personality from ATSURO threw down the fans like dominoes, as they were shouting “Don’t worry about it!

As MAKOTO said “If anything happens, I’ll save you, my beloved fans“, ATSURO responded without a moment’s delay to change the subject: “Ooh, like I thought, it sure does feel different today with the cameras here.” Everyone bursted into laughs. MAKOTO, laughing and saying “It might ruin my character a bit saying this, but we’re finally back. In more ways than one, we’re back!” the venue again laughed as they were shouting “Welcome back!” MAKOTO, jokingly showing his datenshi persona once in a while: “The fallen angel’s swooped back down again from above. One by one, I’d like to present your hearts with a kiss.

As for the prince YUKI, he’d become a lot more assertive in his MC’s compared to seven years ago. What actually caused this was his mother coming to see the Osaka performance and later mailing him, saying “To make the fans excuse you for that singing, you too need to at least talk more.” MAKOTO praised him for having become more talkative because of his mother’s request.

TOWA, bass, revealed to have become anxious after he saw a dream with just 20 people showing up for the revival live. But in reality, seeing this many people actually come to the live made him really glad and delighted. When he asked “How many of you have been coming to our lives ever since back then?” and around 90% of the audience raised their hands, among them some parent and child fans standing out as well, you could really feel how deep-rooted everyone’s love for Λucifer was.

SANTA on drums made everyone laugh by saying “I’m glad we could have everyone gather here like this before our ‘best before’ date expired.

With the warm, enthusiastic reception of the crowd, the band getting back on stage after 7 years and 7 months really felt like a homecoming. Not resting even for a minute, with each passing song the fans relentlessly cheered and moved around to show support for the band.

MAKOTO: “I wonder if I could get you guys to sing with me? You guys are seriously nuts! You being here makes all of us members happy!” With that, they began the last song of the main set “Midnight Crow” with the audience singing along loudly. During the encore… “Seeing a piano, doesn’t it remind you of something? We’ll be doing this one again for the first time in 10 years.” With that, they kicked off into the ballad “Dakishimeru Hoka ni Nani ga Dekirun darou?” as ATSURO played the keyboard for the intro, drawing applause from fans.

Thank you very much for coming in such large numbers today. From here on, too, in times of difficulty, times of sadness, times of joy, Λucifer will always be beside you all.” With that, they kicked off into “See You.” MAKOTO, who was always cheerful and happily chatting with fans during this tour, now had tears flooding his eyes.

To the sound of that melody resounding in the venue, the fans sang the song in MAKOTO’s stead.

The performance having ended, TOWA said: “With this tour, it really felt like we’d obtained a time machine. I don’t mean that as a time machine made by people, I mean that as in a time machine made by everyones’ hearts. ‘Rinne’ means the ‘endless cycle of death and rebirth’ — we were born again as Λucifer, and you, too, came here to see us again. We used the word ‘reformation’, but this time we’re not ‘breaking up’ again. I’d rather strongly prefer to use the word ‘frozen’. The five of us were able to get together and with time, I’m sure we’ll be able to muster up the strength needed to do it again. So until that time comes, I’d like you to watch over our individual activities.

SANTA: “It’d be nice if this became a band that crosses generations, one that even after 10 years from now, you fans would come see again with your children.
ATSURO: “The fans having come together with the band like this, it felt like 1 + 1 didn’t equal to 2, but more like 83%.” (Note: …your guess is as good as mine!)
YUKI, explaining what Λucifer and its fans meant to him, said: “Having set the laying foundations for me to become the way I am today, Λucifer’s existence is very important to me.
MAKOTO: “From now on, too, please support Λucifer who are working hard towards our individual dreams!” With that, Λucifer finished off with their signature song, “Datenshi BLUE.”

Until when might this “frozen” status last?
There’s no mistaking it that TOWA certainly chose those words to imply that sooner or later, the day will come. It seems that for 7 years and 7 months, the fans never stopped waiting for the band. No matter when the day of their next revival is, the warm bonds between the members and the fans will forever remain unchanged. That’s the kind of stage Λucifer had that night.

Makoto Christmas event

Makoto has announced a Christmas event on his website. Here’s the translated info:

Koshinaka Makoto 「Christmas Party」

Venue:     DaDa, Tokyo Minato-ku, Kita-Aoyama 2-11-15, contact: 03-3401-4008
Date:     December 24th, 25th 2010
Time:      Doors 18:30, Start 19:00
Price:     ¥23,000 (~US$275), dinner inclusive

Everyone gets a 2-shot picture + Thai tour goods as present.
There’ll be unreleased video footage shown and games with prizes, among other things!!
There might even be a surprise guest!?

Reservations start from 12/01 (Thursday) 10:00 o’clock.
Ticket handling and commission fee ¥500.


On a somewhat related note, Makoto’s band Trick has now opened their official website as well as MySpace. The latter has clips of a couple of as-of-yet unreleased Trick recordings.

12/21 edit: Λucifer’s new DVD will be on sale at the event. Those who purchase it there will get their copy signed by Makoto as well as the special guests who are, by the way, Atsuro (12/24) and Santa & Towa (12/25).

(Sorry for the recent downtime, I had computer trouble… thinking of purchasing actual webhosting for the site so this kind of thing wouldn’t happen again. When I do, I’ll let you know. In the mean time, my apologies for the downtime!)

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