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Updates about the 10th Anniversary tour

OK, the tour is just 4 days away, and here are some pictures of the rehearsal:

A new section about tour goods is also added, so you can do some fanboy/girling with even higher spirit with the official tour t-shirts, key chains, caps and lots of other stuffs. You can get those things here. Would you mind to buy me some of em? 8)

Λucifer rehearsal translations

Towa’s blog 2010/08/13


Today’s rehearsal was a pretty long one so after this I’ll have a snack as I’m returning home!
It’s bread you see pretty often at train station shops.

Commented by あかね at 2010-08-13 23:28
Good work today. It’s Aucifer’s live pretty soon eh.
I’m coming to see it from Thailand. I’m looking forward to it. ^w^

Towa’s blog 2010/08/14

Radio recording

Today after rehearsal we went recording for a net radio appearance with all the Aucifer members!
The broadcast is on August 17th starting at 23 PM.
Check it! (Note: when the time comes, you’ll be able to listen to it here)

Commented by みえこ at 2010-08-14 23:03
Good work at the rehearsals! So you recorded that with all the members! Looking forward to the 17th!
Commented by くの at 2010-08-14 23:18
Good job with today’s long rehearsal.
Net radio with all the members… Listening to this seems like good warm-up for the live.
I’m going to the tour’s opening show.

Santa’s blog 2010/08/14

Obon~ (explanation)

Like a flash, the students’ summer vacation is already over in two weeks~

And to wrap-up the summer, Aucifer has rushed into rehearsals.
If I had to explain the feeling at the rehearsals in just a few words
How did it go again!?” (lol)
I’m blanking out!
I can remember the songs but it’s the little details in arrangement and stuff that I’ve wholly forgotten ( ̄∀ ̄)

I’ve let my brain get way too congested~
If I don’t do some traffic control in there.. (sweatdrop)

But as expected, more than before, we’ve all respectively become more skilled. I think it’s going to be a much more intense live than before.

I’ll do my best today as well V(^-^)V

Commented by さな at 2010-08-14 22:00
Good work☆
I can’t make it to the live but I’ll be cheering you on from afar♪
Give it your all O(≧▽≦)
Commented by hitomi at 2010-08-14 22:09
Santa, good work at the rehearsals!
It’s been a while eh~☆
I’ll be looking forward to a more intense ∧ucifer♪

Selection of Atsuro’s tweets 2010/08/13-15

  • At Sukiya. Having my trustworthy usual of soup & egg☆ Our first day of rehearsals was on full throttle so I’m starving~ — 11:00 PM 2010/08/13
  • Having a beer. It’s my trustworthy usual of Premium Malt’s☆ I’m drinking it everyday from this kind of bell tumbler f^_^;) (picture) — 12:27 AM 2010/08/14
  • At Aucifer rehearsals. Just a bunch of fast songs~!! (picture) — 5:54 PM 2010/08/14
  • Doing homework for the rehearsals. After 7 years there are times when you can even forget how to play your own songs… All you fans too, do remember to do your homework before the live! ~(^_-) (picture) — 10:21 AM 2010/08/15

Finally, if you’ll allow for some shameless fanboying on my part… Atsuro responded to my tweet! Perhaps learning a bit of Japanese wasn’t all for nothing after all. Anyway, just thought I’d mention this to all of you who have twitter. Of course I can’t guarantee you a reply, but I’m sure Atsuro appreciates any messages he gets from fans. Again, if you can’t do Japanese, simple English will probably do the trick. In any case, here’s a translation of my tweet as well as Atsuro’s reply:

Me: @Daisuke_Atsuro Welcome to twitter! (lol) I’m a huge Finnish fan of you and Λucifer! It’s possible that I’m your biggest fan abroad. (lol) I’m looking forward to the reunion live☆ — 12:44 PM 2010/08/13
Atsuro: @henkka_j Finland!? How do you know about me I wonder?? It makes me sincerely happy to know that my sound has crossed over the sea~☆ — 11:53 PM 2010/08/13

Santa blog translation 2010/08/12

A fascinating toilet^^

Today I was recording for a project….
But the studio’s toilet..
The studio was~~well, as is usually the case, it looked like any other normal studio…

The toilet’s entrance↓

Kinda looks like a stylish bar…. (lol)

The inside…..↓

How do I put it….
I sort of felt like a rich person when using it (lol)
Just why is it like this I wonder? (lol)
Certainly it’s pretty and very much so↑ But~~
It’s too much!!^^ (lol)

Santa blog translation 2010/08/11

(Note: not at all Aucifer-related, but I was bored and the subject matter is relevant to my interests.)

As expected of Americans (lol)

The sun was scorching hot today, too~

As I was strolling about for clothes in Shibuya, I started craving for a beer but..
Since drinking beer in broad daylight is crude (Note: this is absolutely not true! Don’t pay attention to the man!), I went to Burger King and thought I’d just endure it with a Coke..
However, before my eyes was a Heineken signboard!
I hesitated for a moment, but seeing “Heineken – 400” on the menu… \(☆o☆)/
As expected of Americans! Selling beer even with fast food~ (Note: funny thing is, Heineken isn’t even available in Burger King’s US menu! But then I wouldn’t expect Santa to know this.)
Though they’re selling Heineken in supermarkets for ¥190, at that point I’d lost my self-control so even if it was ¥400 or even ¥500, I didn’t mind at all (lol)

It was seriously tasty~

But I wonder why I get so sleepy when drinking alcohol in the daytime? (Note: not enough practice!)

Santa blog translation 2010/06/27

Arena SPECIAL on sale

So the Arena SPECIAL is now in stores~
I procured myself a copy. (lol)
We’re on the back cover, but there’s a lot of us on the inside, too.

As we’re moving closer to the limited time revival and getting pumped up for the reunion, I’m feeling really thankful. I’m seriously very grateful to the people in the editorial department.

Though I’m anxious to hear the fans’ thoughts on it, I’m very satisfied with how it turned out.
To Tanaka who took such great pictures of us~ much thanks! (lol)

On an unrelated note, a while ago Yuki opened a blog, too. You can find it here.

And with that, this blog is going on a little bit of a summer holiday — unless GN-0015 feels like posting something. *eyes GN-0015* I’ll be back in late July with the newest news, translations and, with any luck, reviews. Until then, take care!

Santa blog translation 2010/06/05

(Note: sorry for the lateness. I somehow managed to miss this on my RSS reader!)


ARENA37°C, the magazine that took good care of us during the Λucifer era.
Today they interviewed the five of us in light of our reunion.
Supervisor Fujimori, photographer Tanaka and interviewer Yamamoto!!!
It was good seeing everyone in full force again (lol)
Everyone was still the same ^^
They got great pictures of us, so look forward to it!!!

It looks like this issue of ARENA37°C SPECIAL is going on sale on 6/27 (note: 6/26 actually)

↓ Here’s Yamamoto ^^

After the interview was over and the five of us were loitering around,
we found this store!!

It kinda looks like the Λucifer logo! (lol)

(Note: it does! Look here )

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