Lamp – Symphony (English Lyrics)


Shadows of the night strike against the window
Filling this city covered in stardust
To return by your side
I begin to doze off

Rainbow-colored neon lights; a town parade
Two lovers waiting for a love that would never return
As if in search for a continuation of their dream
They silently close their eyes

A pleasant dizziness
The lights shivering
Writing down a near-forgotten melody
And its abstract lyrics

Shadows of the night strike against the window
Filling this city covered in stardust
In complete stillness
A single fragment of a solitary cloud separates from the rest

Sitting down on a chair that feels like a memory
Through my fingers I look up at the indigo blue sky
When a flower quietly swaying by the waterside
Suddenly blooms as if in a dream

Sounds of bossa nova leaking out
The distant roar of the sea
Ah, the night is so thick
It hides you within the seasons

A hundred miles of moonlight
Throwing off the hands of my watch

Like mist on the surface of a broken street light
You begin to fade away
As serenity descends upon my shoulders

9 thoughts on “Lamp – Symphony (English Lyrics)

  1. Hi and thanks for the translation! 🙂 I only found Lamp yesterday but completely fell in love. I’m trying to study a little Japanese and would love to learn through these songs. Any idea where I can find the Japanese lyrics?

    • Hi Angie! I’m glad to hear you’ve discovered Lamp. I wish I could point you to a good resource with Lamp lyrics but not a lot is out there from what I’ve seen… I did the translation to this song by ear and later made sure I’d gotten everything right by looking at the booklet once I’d bought the CD. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  2. Thank you so so much for translating.
    If you don’t mind me asking, do you know if the band has any tab books for sale? Or if any of their piano or guitar sheet music is online, anywhere? They’re one of my favorite bands and I’d love to learn to play some of their stuff but can’t seem to find anything.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to translate! It means a lot.

    • I have indeed. I do plan on translating more Lamp lyrics sooner or later. I just can’t give you even a tentative timeline as to when that might happen. If you’re really desperate and really patient, your best bet would probably be to bookmark this page and check it once a year or so.

  3. Although it’s not “officially” part of the lyrics in that it’s not printed on the booklet, I just wanted to add: the line at 5:17 (after the “nostalgia” line) sounds like:

    “You are a melody”

    Fuck me, what a song.

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