KAN – St. Petersburg (English Lyrics)

サンクト・ペテルブルグ ~ダジャレ男の悲しきひとり旅~
St. Petersburg
~The Sad Solo Adventure of a Man Who Loves Bad Puns~

I think it was — let’s see — around 9 hours after departure from Narita
When I sleepily noticed from my window a faraway city glittering with lights

“Seeing it this clearly without any clouds or mist…
I’ve actually flown this route many times, but that is not something you see often.
It used to be called Leningrad…”

“Ah, really? Finland, right?”
“No, Russia.”
The stewardess smiled at me
Ah, such a pretty smile

This is how love stories begin
With meaningless, petty conversations like this

The sun sinks into the horizon and the sky turns dark
And if you were sitting beside me right now
I guess you’d be giving me a proper scolding

My final destination is Paris, by the way
That’s difficult to pronounce properly — “Paris”
I’ll be spending a week going around wine fields with a rental car

I speak in simple French to everyone I meet, time passes by slowly
Just like that, I have to get back tomorrow, merci beaucoup
Ah, but I feel a little lonely, beaucoup

Teary-eyed, I vigorously wave my hand
And before I notice it, I’ve lost the keys to my rental car
The children are all laughing
Comment allez vous?

This is how love stories begin
When you’re just sitting around off-guard with your legs crossed
You won’t know what to do

Aren’t they pitiful, the skies so high?
If you were sitting beside me right now
I guess you’d be giving me another proper scolding

In the end, no matter which way I look at it
Everything I do is because I’m lonely without you
I loved you so much I could cry

If I could meet you just one more time
There are so many more things I would want to show you and talk to you about

I wonder if one day we’ll randomly bump into each other somewhere?
Perhaps I could actually be able to tell you a joke or three like nothing had changed

Or maybe you’d already be married to some elite businessman

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KAN – Iezu no I LOVE YOU (English Lyrics)

The Unspoken “I Love You”

I can’t sleep and I can’t eat
As I’m so busy thinking about you
I think about you so much, I can’t make progress with anything
And so today I came here to finally say how I feel about you
But this kind of seriousness doesn’t suit me; I can’t find the right timing
I want to be with you
If only I could play an introduction to my words
It would be so easy
I must tell you today

Uhh, so, listen…
How do I put this…
So, umm…
Well, you kind of know where I’m going with this, right?

So, uhh…
Just how long will it take
For me to be able to say the words “I love you“?

I don’t mean to make you laugh
But you laugh anyway
So I keep making jokes, never getting to the point
To you I’m someone very understanding
You think of me as a friend with whom you can share your worries
But that’s not good enough
“Hey, I love you”
I should just say it like it’s nothing special
I must tell you today, no matter what

So, umm…
Just how long will it take me?
I just can’t say it, but I love you

So, uhh…
Okay, I’m almost there
I can’t put it into words, but I love you

So, umm… I was born in Kyushu
So, uhh… My hobbies include walking
So, umm… What’s my point?
So, uhh… I’m free next week
So, umm… What I’m trying to say is…
So, uhh… I’m not good at skiing
So, umm…

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KAN – Kimi ga Suki Mune ga Itai (English Lyrics)

I Love You So Much It Hurts

Even after spotting you in a crowd of people
I still pretend like I don’t see you
I want to see you smile first
For no reason in particular

So many things I want to talk to you about
I don’t know where to start
I’m just glad I got to see you
Even though you must be so busy

Ah, I love you so much it hurts
I want to be closer to you
I might be constantly joking around
But you don’t know
The crushing loneliness I feel

Walking with you in the evening
It feels awkward somehow
I have everything I want — for the most part
The only thing missing is you

Ah, I love you so much it hurts
I want to see you closer
I might be pretending to look cool as always
But you don’t know
I’m so lonely I could cry

Time in this city will undoubtedly keep passing
Everyone around us will keep getting older
But the one thing that won’t change
Is the fact that I’ll still love you
As I remain in place
Just marking time

Ah, I love you so much it hurts
In the end, it’s you I want to be with
I might pretend to look cool
But really I’m so lonely I could cry
Ah, you don’t yet know
Ah, you don’t know

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KAN – Curry Rice (English Lyrics)

Curry Rice

I made you angry again
And before long you started crying
You escaped outside to the slight coldness of the evening

I guess it can’t be helped
Tonight I’ll heat up the leftover curry from the fridge and wait for you
In silence

I’m looking for a good way of putting it
Something that sounds trivial and yet somehow meaningful…
Got it

It’s like eating leftover curry in the morning
It cooled down once but you just warm it up again, it’s fine like that
It cooled down once but you just warm it up again, it’s fine like that

I guess I’ll head out to look for you soon — it’s getting dark
And there you were, waiting for me at the river bed as always

If you were to really disappear forever
I wonder what I would do?
Let’s just get back home for now, holding hands

No matter what happens, we’ll keep living in this house together
For tens of years to come

Warming up the curry and finding out there was less of it than we thought
Pretending like we’re sharing it equally yet both hoarding it for ourselves, that’s fine, too

So around next week please make some more
Curry rice for me, for me

It’s like eating leftover curry in the morning
It cooled down once but you just warm it up again, it’s fine like that
It cooled down once but you just warm it up again, it’s fine like that

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KAN – Propose (English Lyrics)


There’s this large park near my place
With green grass, a baseball field, even a water fountain
Let’s ride our bicycles there on a sunny day
I’m a little bit faster than you
But it’s not like I’d leave you behind
I like cycling after you, watching your hair blowing in the wind
We don’t even have to talk much, it’ll be fun anyway
So just come over to my place

Even on a day when something bad has happened to you
Let’s go to the park anyway, holding hands
We’ll find some bench in the shade
Here, I’ll play my alto saxophone for you
I’m bad at it as always, so the people, even the dogs can’t stand being around us
And suddenly it’s just the two of us
And then I’ll listen to everything you have to say, even if it’s all out of order
You can take your time
See, don’t you feel a little bit better already?
Let’s sing your favorite song together — it’s fine, no one’s around, remember?
I’m the better singer, but your voice is much nicer
I really do think so

You don’t have to give me an answer right away, but please give it some thought
And then come to me

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