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The Lennon-McCartney of Lamp

Lennon or McCartney?

Some time ago, Someya of Lamp tweeted a video called “LENNON or McCARTNEY.” In it, over 500 famous people are asked a simple question: “Lennon or McCartney?” For decades, “Lennon or McCartney” has been a fun topic of conversation to be shared with friends over some drinks. For me, my answer to the question changes over time. This, however, got me thinking about Lamp. You see, in my mind, you could easily ask the same question in regards to Lamp.

Nagai or Someya? Now there’s a question for you to ponder upon.

And to me, Someya is the McCartney and Nagai the Lennon of Lamp.

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I fucking love Lamp

You might think that the profanity in the above post title is completely unnecessary. If you do, you’re clearly not yet aware of how fucking much I actually love Lamp.

You know how every once in a while you find a band that just immediately grabs you by the balls? (If you’re a girl or a castrato singer, consider that a figure of speech.) Someone recommends you a song on YouTube and you go “huh, well that actually sounds really damn good.” You download the album with the track on it and you find that the rest of the songs on it sound just as good. Then you proceed to listen to their entire discography and pretty soon you’ve discovered that every single thing they’ve put out is pure perfection. You know that feeling?

You invite a friend over to your place and you tell them that there’s this band that you’re hooked on lately. You throw all of their songs in your music player and — brimming with confidence — you tell your friend to click on any damned song off the playlist and you guarantee it’ll be awesome. They click on something, you recognize which song it is from the first couple of seconds and you go “YESSS!!! I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!” You suddenly want to shower your friend in alcohol just because of their random song choice. You know what I’m talking about?

That’s what’s currently happening with me and Lamp.

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Sharan Q @ Zepp Nagoya 2013/09/06


If you know me, you know I basically worship Tsunku and obviously the opportunity to see him perform with Sharan Q was something I wasn’t going to miss. But first things first…

This being my first show in Japan, there was basically one main concern I had before the show: getting drunk. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to get so wasted I don’t remember ever being to the show in the first place (though this has happened before). It’s just that in my experience, a good buzz at a show is crucial to my overall enjoyment of it. It might be silly, but music just sounds better to my ears with a little bit of alcohol in me, you know?

As to why all this was an issue is because alcohol and live shows in Japan was something I really had no prior knowledge of. Obviously bringing your own booze is probably not very well liked anywhere in the world and I wasn’t about to do that, but I didn’t even know if Zepp Nagoya served alcohol in the first place, and if they did, could you buy it throughout the show?

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Nujabes ~ 1974-2010


I’ve been meaning to write a post, any post, anything at all about Nujabes for the past three years. It’s never amounted to more than a couple of words here, a couple of words there, a nod in his direction by naming this site after a song of his… but ultimately my thinking has been, “what on earth could I say about Jun Seba that hasn’t been said before and better than I ever could?

The answer is “probably nothing.” But hey.

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