Nakadai Tatsuya on the Golden Age of Japanese Film: Prologue

The Birth of Actor Nakadai Tatsuya

Nakadai Tatsuya has taken on a great number of completely different roles in his career as an actor. Many of those roles have had something about them that is entirely out of the norm; something that feels eccentric. Explaining his preference for choosing roles like that, there was one word which Nakadai uttered several times over the course of our interviews: “complex.”

Before getting into the main subject at hand I wanted to ask about the background behind that complexity, delving deep into the origins of the actor, Nakadai Tatsuya.

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Nakadai Tatsuya on the Golden Age of Japanese Film: Introduction



In recent years, there have been fewer and fewer performers deserving of that title and the weight which it carries.

What will happen to Japanese film and theater if things go on as-is? I must not be the only one with concerns such as this. It is especially because we now find ourselves in such a predicament that my wish is for more people to know the spirit of the actor, Nakadai Tatsuya. It was with these thoughts that I first set about researching and writing this book.

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