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†яi¢к’s first live show announced

As announced in his official website, Makoto’s new band, †яi¢к, will perform their first live performance soon. The show will be held at 11th December 2010, at an event called Peace Maker Super Festival in Shibuya. The event will also feature Aggressive Dogs, Kaikigesshoku, Loudness, Before Christ Butterfly and lots of other bands.

The line-up seems to be pretty heavy, with the likes of Kaikigesshoku and Loudness are in, so we can say that Makoto is officially a metalist now XD

Rayflower album out & TRICK debut

Rayflower, Yuki’s new band, is releasing their first mini album today, it’s called “Flower Language”. The album is released in regular and limited editions (as usual, the regular one has only a CD and the limited one has a bonus DVD). Here’s the tracklist:
1. Runaway Brain
2. Inishie
3. Shinjitsu no Mori no Naka de
4. Social Network Generation
5. Uragiri no Nai Sekai Made
6. Hanataba -From Rose With Love-

The DVD from the limited edtion contains (only…) one video, which is the PV of Uragiri no Nai Sekai Made.

And if you were questioning about what happened to their official website (yeah, it has been down for weeks), actually they are moved into a new website, which in my opinion is cooler than the old one.

Also, just as a reminder that Makoto’s new band, TRICK is also debuting today. Like it was reported before, they are participating in SEIKIMA-II tribute album, which is out today. But the strange thing is, the full line-up of the band is yet to be revealed, with SHUSE, the bassist of Acid Black Cherry is the only other member revealed other than Makoto himself. I think we really got to have the CD first to discover the full line-up.

And for all you fanboys/girls, my friend who lives in Thailand went to J-Channel Office last week to meet Makoto in person!! Yes, he was there to promote their upcoming (and sadly, the last) show. She took a video, which was very short but I think kinda good enough. Here’s a picture signed by him for her:Oh man… if I was her, I’d go and rape him XD

The Thai show is just 10 days away, maybe there are still tickets available, so try your best to be there!!

More on TRICK

Some more info on Makoto‘s new band TRICK.

SHUSE of La’cryma Christi and Acid Black Cherry has shed some light on TRICK on his blog. He’s revealed that he’s going to be the bassist of the group. As reported, their first recording will be on a Seikima II tribute album. Said album is going to be released on September 15th and is titled Tribute to SEIKIMA-II -Akuma to no Keiyakusho-. Here’s the complete tracklist in an A to Z order:

「アダムの林檎」 (Adam no Ringo) – Jigoku Quartet
「ARCADIA」 – RX feat. John Wetton
怪奇植物 (Kaiki Shokubutsu) TRICK
「蝋人形の館 」 (Rouningyou no Yakata) – SHOW-YA
「SAVE YOUR SOUL~美しきクリシェに背をむけて 」 (Utsukushiki Cliche ni Se wo Mukete) – X.Y.Z→A
「1999 SECRET OBJECT」 – Grand Illusion

If you’d care to buy it, CDJapan for one has it.

Makoto has a new “Trick” for us!!

If others can have their new bands, why can’t Makoto? Makoto has announced in his website that he has formed a new band called “Trick“. More tricks about the band can only be found in the future, as everything is still “shrouded in mystery”.

Henkka edit: One bit of information! Makoto’s site says that their first activity will be participation in a Seikima II tribute. I assume that translates to one track from them on a cover album.

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