KAN – Iezu no I LOVE YOU

The Unspoken “I Love You”

I can’t sleep and I can’t eat
As I’m so busy thinking about you
I think about you so much, I can’t make progress with anything
And so today I came here to finally say how I feel about you
But this kind of seriousness doesn’t suit me; I can’t find the right timing
I want to be with you
If only I could play an introduction to my words
It would be so easy
I must tell you today

Uhh, so, listen…
How do I put this…
So, umm…
Well, you kind of know where I’m going with this, right?

So, uhh…
Just how long will it take
For me to be able to say the words “I love you“?

I don’t mean to make you laugh
But you laugh anyway
So I keep making jokes, never getting to the point
To you I’m someone very understanding
You think of me as a friend with whom you can share your worries
But that’s not good enough
“Hey, I love you”
I should just say it like it’s nothing special
I must tell you today, no matter what

So, umm…
Just how long will it take me?
I just can’t say it, but I love you

So, uhh…
Okay, I’m almost there
I can’t put it into words, but I love you

So, umm… I was born in Kyushu
So, uhh… My hobbies include walking
So, umm… What’s my point?
So, uhh… I’m free next week
So, umm… What I’m trying to say is…
So, uhh… I’m not good at skiing
So, umm…

夜もねむれない 昼もたべてない
いつも頭に満載さ はかどらないまま
この想いを今日こそ うちあけるつもりで来たけど
まじめな顔も似合わない タイミングがつかめない
かんたんさ 今日言わなきゃ

あのねうんとね うまくは言えないけど
あのねうんとね なんとなくわかるだろう

あのねうんとね いつまでかかるんだろう
言葉にできないぼくの I LOVE YOU

だけど君にとってのこのぼくは ものわかりのいい
悩み話せる a friend of mine
どうしても 今日は言わなきゃ

セリフを言えないぼくは I LOVE YOU

あのねうんとね ここまででてるんだよ
言葉にできない ぼくの I LOVE YOU

あのね うんとね 生まれは九州なんだよ
あのね うんとね 散歩が趣味なんだよ
あのね うんとね だから何なんだろう
あのね うんとね 来週は暇なんだよ
あのね うんとね 僕が言いたいのは
あのね うんとね スキーが苦手なんだよ
あのね うんとね…

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