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  • 3031 | 2011/10/25*Takuro


    「9mm current status digest」

    Since our show with SHERBETS, we’ve had some time to relax even though we’re diligently practicing for the extra shows on our tour. Is Hokkaido going to be freezing!? Well, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be super cold so that’s a relief.

    Other things we’ve been doing this month is checking November’s contents for the trigger disc and fixing up the score for Movement which we plan on releasing. I wonder if we’ve already entered autumn or not as the days in Tokyo are still often warm. The world sure seems to be shaking everywhere in 2011, or rather, the 21st century… that’s just how it is these days, I guess. As for me, I’m spending this fine autumn by replenishing my nutrition through listening to loads of CD’s.

    As our performances keep getting better and better with the 2 day finale at Zepp Tokyo, Taiwan and Shimokita, we’re getting ready to face the other bands we’re going to play with on tour. With that, later. I hope everyone has a good autumn.

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