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  • Archive for "Dec 2009"


    「Last day of 2009」

    Thank you to everyone who came to Chaos no Hyakunen. How was our show with GO!GO!7188? There are still lots of other bands we’ve been wanting to play with but haven’t gotten the chance to, so look forward to the upcoming tour as well. Each show is sure to be insane. This reminds me that we haven’t yet announced a Tokyo show, nfufu. Please wait a bit longer on that. On that note, thank you to the many people who came to see us at Makuhari.

    After the 25th (thanks to all the people we met at BOO Xmas) the Christmas songs have completely disappeared from both the streets and the radio. The year’s coming to its end in no time. There’s less than 24 hours to go now. If this year was called the year of 9mm, then I think we’ll call next year 9mm’s year 2. It doesn’t look quite as cool when you write it down like that.

    But before that, I think we’ll be enjoying some beers as we play our show on New Years Eve. We normally never drink during shows — we’ve played when hungover — but in any case, it fits the theme. I’m looking forward to it. We’ll be slurping toshikoshi soba backstage. I wonder if there’s soba on the stage itself, too. That’s a no, huh. It’s sure to be a hot show at Quattro, though.


    So how was this year for everyone? We finished making an album even while touring all over the country. Next year we’re planning on releasing it — beginning with Inochi no Zenmai — and running about country-wide again. Even if you try to avoid it, next year is going to be here soon, so I think I’ll try to receive it as warmly as possible. Thank you, This Year. You were a strange one. You brought an insane number of people to you. There’s a limit even to greed, you know. Or were you just lonely? However, thanks to that, I think you became an unforgettable one. Goodbye, This Year. Welcome, Next Year. No matter what kind of a guy you are, I’m going to accept you as you are. But, if I had a say in it, I wish you’d be a lonely, fun and unforgettable one, too.

    Alright. I might do one more update but in any case, have a good New Years everyone.
    With that, later.


    「This and that」

    It sure is an autumn/winter where the writing brush (or keyboard?) isn’t making much progress. It’s really cold lately, huh. My hometown of Yamagata is supposed to have a meter of snow piled up. To all the people who live in areas of heavy snowfall, be careful not to get buried (half joking, half serious).

    For the past several days, I’ve been busy bustling about trying to find an amp, which I finally did. It’s not rare at all, it’s one you can find anywhere, but I didn’t order one or anything. So, I’m finally linked to one today. Via cable. Into the amp. Nah, nothing. Can’t I express that in a more to-the-point, clear cut sentence? Well, it’s not like I’m a writer or anything so I guess that’s fine. When it’s cold, creatures get slower. Can’t be helped. Everyone, if you don’t keep your body warm, your immune system gets weaker, so be careful. Ah, now I’ve started sounding motherly. Huh. Even though I’m supposed to be playing in a rock band. I wonder if it’s because everyone’s showing signs of getting ready to get back to their hometowns for New Years.

    For me though, our shows continue all through the end of the year~. Let’s just try not to catch a cold. 9mm and 10-FEET are keeping away the viruses by excessive mouth rinsing and hand washing. Lastly, I’ll upload a picture of us two at the wrap-up party after getting back, not having been able to escape raspy throats. With that, later.


    「Higanjima Jack」

    Long time no see, everyone.

    We’re already a week into December. Time sure flies, huh. To tell you the truth, 9mm was being busy especially last month as we were recording like previously announced. We’ll tell you about what we’re going to do with the recorded material later but just to reveal one thing right now, the first of the songs we’re releasing is “Elevator ni Notte“, the b-side to “Inochi no Zenmai“. To say “it’s a waste to have this as a coupling track” is an expression that’s been very overdone already, but unfortunately that’s the only way to describe this song. At any rate, even when we finished mastering it and started recording another song, the band, staff and engineer were all still thinking “it’s such a waste“. But, someone saying “guys, it’s going to get released anyway, what’s with saying it’ll go to waste?! (laughs)” allowed us to calm down. To sum it up, I just want lots of people to hear it. I thought I’d just make this one long, drawn-out blog praising myself, but I’ll restrain myself and get back on topic. Sorry about the long introduction.

    Just like the title says: “Higanjima Jack

    Oh dear, just what’s that all about? (laughs)
    To make it a little easier to understand:

    Higanjima(‘s website will be)
    Jack(ed by 9mm, so do take a look at it~!)

    That’s it. The clever individuals among 9mm fans would probably be able to guess what it’s about with this alone, but we’re jacking the site of the movie Higanjima on the 9th.

    We’re sending out the details on our email magazine, so check that out for more information. I’ve shown you beforehand how the site’s going to look. It’s quuuite intrusive. I feel really good about going into someone else’s website like this with our shoes on. (laughs) Definitely do have a look, everyone. Well, it’s only like that for the 9th though.

    Speaking of the 9th, we’re playing with Midori at Shibuya AX on that date. It’s not only just the fact that we get to play together with Midori, but that it’s overall also our first show in a while that makes me look forward to it. We might play new songs or we might not. I’m not revealing anything even if it is the day before the show. (laughs)

    Everyone, be careful not to catch influenza or any other viruses. With that, later.

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