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  • Archive for "May 2012"


    「MTV Unplugged @ Billboard TOKYO」

    On 5/27 at the Billboard TOKYO, 9mm recorded their appearance for MTV Unplugged.

    The atmosphere at the venue… it was really gorgeous, with an elegant and adult-like room.
    9mm, all wearing their uniforms, performed a full acoustic set!

    First off, check out how the show looked!!!

    With its night view theme, the acoustic live was a treat to both the eyes and the ears. 9mm Parabellum Bullet were successful in bringing out a new side of themselves.

    Although it was an acoustic set, Chihiro Kamijo was using two bass drums!! We’re very thankful to Yamaha who are always understanding of Kamijo and responded to his request yet again! Using two bass drums for an acoustic set might be a world-first. (laughs)

    With all that and more, it was a night full of a 9mm Parabellum Bullet you won’t see anywhere else. You’ll be able watch it on 6/30 when it gets broadcasted on MTV Unplugged!!

    After the show… enjoying some drinks with a feeling of liberation!!

    Good work.

    For a more detailed, wonderful live report, please head on to RO69. (laughs)


    「The Unplugged rehearsals continue」

    We had a flashy showdown with KING BROTHERS. They put us in a really tough spot by pulling off such a grand show. I think they’ll have some pretty fantastic showdowns with Straightener and THE BAWDIES, too. I wanna go see ’em! I also wanna take them on again ourselves.

    Turning the distortion off again, I’ve changed to my acoustic. We’ve increased our actoustic repertoire, so I think it’ll be quite a nice selection at the show itself. Letting our manager hear the new arrangements, his response was as if he was hearing new songs altogether. At any rate, there’s no doubt going to be a broadcast of it, so we definitely want you to check that out.

    Looks like the weather will keep being unstable. For enduring times like that, how about some fun music and videos?

    The PV for the new song by mudy on the sakuban (who just got their fourth guitarist), and the one for haisuinonasa’s song called “Chikatetsu no Doutai” are both fantastic, so for those of you feeling down because of the weather, please check them out right away. I just watched them myself. Man, pretty amazing, the both of them.

    By the way, 9mm is also back to writing new songs.


    「A change of pace & other things」

    Changing from the acoustic to the good old electric guitar, I’m getting ready for our show with KING BROTHERS. The rehearsals for Unplugged are really fun, too, but… I just can’t help but say that distortion really is wonderful! Playing in a rock band is fun, guys.

    I tried playing the Navigator again after a long time. I’m currently pondering whether to use it at the show, too. Also, I’m considering having two amp racks.

    I recommend this CD. It’s a compilation series by the title of “LateNightTales” and has different artists select all the tracks on the disc. So, this isn’t Belle & Sebastian’s new album but rather songs selected by them (their second in the series). Others featured in the series include Fatboy Slim, AIR (the French one), Jamiroquai and — possibly a good one for the 9mm fans — Arctic Monkeys, etc, so there’s a big back catalog. You’ll probably only be able to get imports of these.

    Listening to a compilation made by someone else, thus having music that you didn’t choose playing in the background as you go about your life (mostly if you live in the city)… it was quite weird, actually. Not to say it’s a bad thing or anything.


    「After GW」

    After Arabaki (which was a full house — thanks also to the people who were even watching from outside!) and Golden Week, we’re now working hard on the arrangements for MTV Unplugged. Yesterday we played through all the songs we’re planning on performing and were able to come up with rough arrangements for all of them. Though there might still be some changes to be made, the only thing left is for us four to just play them again and again and again.

    There are new shows that are being announced as well as a number of other things I’d like to talk about, but as my head’s not really in proper working order (possibly because it can’t get used to the acoustic arrangements), I’ll be gradually talking about them when I can.

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