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    「Tonight it’s Beat It」

    The day began with unbelievable news. We performed tonight and were indeed able to share our music together with everyone, making it a wonderful night. I’ll take that deep emotion and turn it into a prayer hoping for his happiness in the next world — just like an immeasurable number of other people are doing as well — as I begin to mourn.

    With that, later. Good night.


    「It’s almost July!」

    Fast! It’s been a week since Daisanji Memai Taisen in Fukuoka. I’m walking around Shibuya, dragging along my suitcase, when I stop to think “ah, I’ll just take the Toyoko Line (direct to Minatomirai line) and get straight to Yokohama.” I’ll look up at the Landmark Tower and think “oh dear, what would I do if it collapsed“… while eating a crepe as I worry about it (if there aren’t crepes, then navy curry will do). “Yeah, I’ll do that…” is what I was absentmindedly thinking… when I realized, no, we’re playing in Sendai tomorrow! Don’t worry, I’ve sorted out my thoughts. We’re heading there now. Taki and Kazuhiko are probably already there, doing radio appearances. Meanwhile, Takuro & Chihiro are on the highway. With it being such a sunny day, with the healthy paddy fields reflecting the sunlight and everything just being a lush green color, my eyes are in heaven. The sun is finally starting to go down. The days have gotten really long. With that, later.


    We’re working as the raffle staff in Fukuoka.
    We’re waiting for you, everyone.


    「PR boys」

    We arrived at Fukuoka after noon. I was surprised at how hot it is. 31 degrees!?

    After dropping our luggage off at the hotel, me and Kamijo headed out to do interviews for radio and TV. Eijun and Matsuda from the THE BACK HORN came with us as well.

    There were live as well as recorded recordings, but regardless of which, our talks got pretty lively. Especially on the TV one, I think the contents of that will be quite interesting. I think we might’ve shed a little light on the very roots of how both bands express themselves…… it’s a show called Chart Buster R. Our talk got pretty long so I’m not sure how much of it they’ll use, but definitely do check it out.

    Me and Yamachan were spending the evening together. Our discussion got pretty heated once we got on the topic of Golgo 13. We had ramen, too, of course, perfecting the night. Daisanji Memai Taisen has a stop at Fukuoka as well. It’s our first time at Zepp Fukuoka. Feeling excited.

    Ah, this is something that’s already been decided: there are going to be same-day tickets available. You, still hesitating about whether to come or not, this is your chance. You can’t lose anything. Tomorrow as well, I’m hoping for a sharp, deep and savage vertigo to come and swoop down on THE BACK HORN, 9mm and everyone watching us at the venue. Let’s make it an amazing time.

    With that, later.


    Arrival at Fukuoka!


    「Chance of rain 4」

    However, since it’s been just a full-blown rainy season this month, I’ve been able to run lots of experiments. Next time I’ll definitely, definitely succeed. Practice makes perfect, see. I’m the type that uses failure as a springboard to growth. A lot of great scientists were this way. So…… won’t you overlook it this time?

    Mother told you, didn’t I! You put on a raincoat before going out!” I’m in a kind of state of shock as she keeps lecturing me as I stand there in the entranceway. Mothers are always so busy with household matters. Pressed down by that force of hers, in the end I wasn’t even able to present my theory of experiments to her, only groaning out something like “Y…yeah…

    But after all is said and done, I’ve only just turned 5 years old last month. Children should be like children. It’s the period of learning to differentiate right from wrong. Next time, I’ll probably just put on that yellow raincoat before leaving the house — even if I know it won’t be raining.

    The End

    ※ Those of you who are interested in what the chance of rain actually is, please look into it. Tokyo’s already entered rainy season full-on, huh. 9mm will now be heading towards Fukuoka.


    「Chance of rain 3」

    As you can see, I’m completely soaked. Not one dry spot remains on me, and my shoes are full of water, too. I’m sorry for soaking the entranceway as well, I really am.

    The chance of rain for this town was 90% after 5PM. My plan was to locate that remaining 10% area and escape the rain there. However, I made a mistake forecasting its location, and a deadly one at that. The result of that mistake you can see right here. A complete failure. However, my forecast accuracy is gradually getting better. It’s puzzling, but the chance of me being able to forecast the areas with no rain is over 70%. The last time I was running an experiment, I left the house without an umbrella and found the 10% area where it didn’t rain (the parking lot of a pachinko parlor). I took it easy for a while and then returned. The people around me were looking at me strange.

    However, when leaving the house, each time the chance of me forgetting my umbrella is over 80%. That’s why times like these I’ve nowhere to escape. Thanks to that, this whole thing happened to me. It’s no laughing matter.


    「Chance of rain 2」

    The “chance of rain” is actually something that indicates “how many % of a certain area is going to get rain“.

    Say you’re overhead a town called A. A has districts from 1 through 10, all equal in size. A’s chance of rain is 80% starting from 5PM, and hearing that, you sort of read in between the lines that you ought to take an umbrella with you when you leave. After 5PM, it will be raining in 80% of A, and in 20% it will not.

    That could be districts 1 through 8, or maybe districts 2 through 9. But if you’re inside that remaining 20% area, you won’t get wet in the rain (it also means that if it’s over 0%, rain will always come down without exception). However, they have yet to find a way of determining that area of no rain. I wonder if you get what I mean. Me, I’m a researcher of just that.


    「Chance of rain 1」

    Unbelievable! You’re just…!” That’s what the woman says, looking at me as I’m standing there in the entranceway. It feels like we’re going to have a ruptured conversation there, like being unable to convey your thoughts to a foreign friend. I could hear a voice saying “just give up.” But, it can’t be helped. Communicating my thoughts to her is definitely necessary.

    Now now, calm down. I don’t mean to be making excuses here, but won’t you listen to what I have to say? It won’t take long. Look, you know the term “chance of rain“? You should. That thing in the weather news where they say what the percentual chance of it raining is. If it’s 50%, that basically means the probability is 1/2, so you go “Alright! I’m not bringing an umbrella today!“. But, then it’ll end up raining. “You can’t count on the weather forecast!” you’ll say, getting a little gloomy. However, everyone’s getting it all wrong. That’s a huge mistake, almost a lethal one.

    I feel like her facial expression’s softened a little. While standing in the entranceway, I continue talking to her.


    Picture from yesterday’s show!

    We’ll do our best today as well!
    We’re hoping for your support.


    Nagoya power!

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