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    「The night before the extra edition of the tour begins/A deer encounter」

    The bonus shows of the tour start tomorrow! Playing with us is MAXIMUM THE HORMONE! We arrived at Hokkaido together and were holding a party up until just now. From tomorrow, we’ll be staying in Hokkaido for a while which is a first for us, so I’m looking forward to that as well as the shows.

    We arrived at Wakkanai at about noon and since we had some time to spare, I headed out for a walk by myself. I realized that it was too late to go to Souya Cape as it’d already be dark. So, I instead started heading for the tower I saw on our way from the airport. I was thinking that by the time I got there, it’d be that nice time of the evening where I could have a good view of the streets of Wakkanai.

    But, to skip right to the conclusion, the tower was closed and thus my plan to admire the evening would take a setback. It was closed all along, it’s just that I didn’t know about it before I got there. I didn’t look into it or anything. I was walking ahead, looking at all the shrines and memorial stones on the way, thinking “it’s further away than I remembered…” (I was walking by myself). When I was finally starting to get close, I sensed a presence. There were deer. Four deer, the mother and its three offspring. I don’t think the male was there.

    For how long I know not, but I think that after the tower’s closing,  it’d become their territory. They were observing me closely, but since I kept my distance, they didn’t really do anything. I was surprised, too, and took several pictures. Stepping inside their territory a bit, I thought I’d just descend the mountain — I’d seen Wakkanai well enough even without climbing the tower. But as I was about to, this time a lot more deer appeared. There must’ve been around 12 of them. They were a pack. There was a male amongst them, too, with really elegant horns. I’m uploading a picture of that moment. I released the shutter from far away.

    Deer are peaceful animals. There were offspring that were still tiny, hopping about. Occasionally they’d make sounds like “hyurururu” or “kyurururu“. Deer make sounds, too. The 12 of them, living in the wild.

    It’s silly, but I’ll take that to be a good omen. The tour will definitely be good. Now then, tomorrow is the first day! Why don’t we put off the arrival of winter just a little bit by the hot air generated at the show! With it kinda being a weird climate everywhere, no one would be surprised by something like that. With that, later! See you soon.


    『Movement Moment Tour 2011 extra edition ~MAXIMUM THE HORMONE Movement~』

    From 11/1, a super hot two-band tour is coming to five venues around Hokkaido!!
    We’ll be going around Hokkaido along with HORMONE in our bus!!
    Both the commuting and the shows themselves should prove to be wild.

    There will be merchandise available before the show, too.
    We plan on starting two hours before the opening.

    11/1 (Tue) Wakkanai HEART BEAT CAFE 16:00~
    11/3 (Thu) Kitami Onion Hall 15:30~
    11/5 (Sat) Kushiro club GREEN 15:30~
    11/6 (Sun) Obihiro MEGA STONE 15:30~
    11/8 (Tue) Hakodate club COCOA 16:00~

    Please note there may be changes due to venue preparations or weather conditions.

    MAXIMUM THE HORMONE Movement begins!!
    We’re hoping for your support.


    「The guitar’s dooone!」

    The guitar is now on sale! It’s a guitar ESP made for me called Bricoleur. If asked how you pronounce it, I say “burikoruuru“. It’s a shape you feel you’ve seen before somewhere, but it actually hadn’t been made before this model. ESP and EDWARDS had already started producing it before, but this time the grandchild — or rather, the plum of the plum tree (laughs) — company called “grass roots” has added it to their product line as well.

    Seeing as the date’s already changed… it went on sale on the 26th. 26th is also when I heard about it going on sale in the first place. (laughs) How exciting. It’s definitely a reasonable price if you ask me. However, I also know the kids want something good. I know this. I recommend this guitar, both for the kids and the former kids. Those of you who are interested, go visit a music store and try it out! If you do get one and play it, that’d make me (and T from ESP) very happy.

    P.S. We’re still busy checking the score. All the guitar kids & bigger kids among you gentlemen, please wait a bit more.


    「9mm current status digest」

    Since our show with SHERBETS, we’ve had some time to relax even though we’re diligently practicing for the extra shows on our tour. Is Hokkaido going to be freezing!? Well, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be super cold so that’s a relief.

    Other things we’ve been doing this month is checking November’s contents for the trigger disc and fixing up the score for Movement which we plan on releasing. I wonder if we’ve already entered autumn or not as the days in Tokyo are still often warm. The world sure seems to be shaking everywhere in 2011, or rather, the 21st century… that’s just how it is these days, I guess. As for me, I’m spending this fine autumn by replenishing my nutrition through listening to loads of CD’s.

    As our performances keep getting better and better with the 2 day finale at Zepp Tokyo, Taiwan and Shimokita, we’re getting ready to face the other bands we’re going to play with on tour. With that, later. I hope everyone has a good autumn.


    「Shimokitazawa SHELTER」

    Somehow! They played their first show in a while at Shimokitazawa~?
    SHELTER☆ Happy 20th anniversary!
    Moreover, they played with a band this awesome!!

    Since they’re big seniors of ours, 9mm got fired up without any difficulty. It was a great show!

    Also, what feels like a lyric made just with today in mind (lol)
    Takuro, instead of singing
    Party shiyou ze! Shelter no naka de?“,
    changed it into
    Party shiyou ze! Shimokitazawa Shelter no naka de?
    It is indeed Shelter, after all!!


    「Back in Japan」

    We’re back. Thank you to everyone in Taiwan. I’ll talk about all the various things that happened on our trip later, but next month’s download for the trigger disc is a travel diary sort of thing in the form of pictures, so let’s not forget about Kamome e.p. just yet.

    Also, something I always tend to forget each year: today October 10th’s marks the anniversary of EMI releasing our debut CD. Congratulations to everyone from 9mm. (lol) With that, later.



    Off we go!!!



    It’s already been a week since the ZEPP tour finale. Was a wonderful tour, that one. I’m still basking in the afterglow. Thanks to everyone who came. We have one domestic show in October that we’re doing with SHERBETS at SHELTER so I’m really excited about that. After that we have the tours with other bands and the end of-the-year festivals, so look forward to those!

    And then we also have a show abroad. We’ll be going to Taiwan after this. On the 8th, we’ll be playing at this mysterious festival whose website we don’t understand at all and who aren’t really answering our mails either. (lol) On the 9th, we’ll be playing at a Taiwanese live house (I heard it has a capacity of around 1000, so I guess I should call it a huge live house) with te’, mudy on the sakuban and Taiwanese bands. Yanaka from Tokyo Sky Paradise told me that rather than a “live house“, it’d be more appropriate to call it a “venue” (actually, it seems Japan is the only place where they’re called “live houses“) but I wonder how it is in Taiwan. I await our departure with hopes of our trip resulting in awesome blog reports. With that, see you again! Or would “saiken!¹” be better…

    ¹ “再見”, can be translated as “seeing (something) again


    「2011/9/30@Zepp Tokyo」

    Solo tour finale!!
    It ended safely!
    It was a show worthy of being the finale. A fitting end to a great tour!

    The tour with other bands begins in November!
    We’re hoping for your continued support.

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