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  • Archive for "Jul 2011"


    「Arrival in South Korea!」

    The first time 9mm is performing abroad~. Everyone was excitedly checking-in since, aside from Kamijo, this was everyone’s first time traveling abroad. The band and staff along with the equipment hopped on the plane… everyone had their airline meal… and we arrived in South Korea without a hitch!!

    But when we went to get our luggage!!! Our bags along with the equipment came tumbling out, rolling along on the conveyor belt going round and round… We had heard beforehand that the treatment of equipment was going to be “rough” at the airport, but that was still quite a shock to see.

    After this and that, our bus arrived to welcome us!
    『Zankyo Group』

    After swaying in the bus for a while, we arrived at the hotel!
    Wh-what! Just what is this pose Kamijo was doing in this celeb-like lobby!!

    …Kamijo is his usual self even when abroad, it seems.

    After resting for a while, we headed out for dinner. We had a variety of South Korean foods. Takuro and Kazuhiko are both weak against spicy food, but somehow Takuro was eating and saying “I think I might be okay with this~” while Kazuhiko avoided the red things on his plate as much as possible. There was jeon, japchae, misonabe and lots of delicious non-spicy foods, too. Taki and Kamijo both love spicy food, so no need to worry about them! (lol)

    After that, it had to be makgeolli~.

    In preparation for tomorrow’s show, we returned to the hotel early.
    Here’s to hoping it’ll be a good show☆

    Bonus picture.
    South Korea’s “Kinoko no Yama“!


    「South Korea」

    And we’re off!


    『7/18@Sendai enn 2nd』

    On this day, cameraman Rui Hashimoto who was in Sendai for his photography exhibit came and took pictures of our show. The band as well as Rui were hoping for these pictures to become a source of power for Tohoku and as such, we’re publishing them.


    「Niigata LOTS」

    It was a great live with the members’ tensions at max!!


    「7/20@Sapporo KLUB COUNTER ACTION」

    It was a hot show yesterday!
    There was a rumor beforehand that the whole venue would be shaking…
    It really did indeed~ (lol)

    Tomorrow it’s Niigata!
    See you there.


    「SOUND SHOOTER in Sendai」

    The day before heading up north, just past afternoon yesterday, we went to Rui Hashimoto’s photo exhibition in Sendai. The four of us. It was crowded with people. It looked like everyone there was a music fan, there were people bringing their children with them and so.

    Just before parting with SOUND SHOOTER.

    What he’s holding there is “THE FUTURE TIMES”, a magazine recently started up by Goto from ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION. The message of it is “let’s speak about the future.” We got copies to take with us, too. For people in Sendai who want to read it, they’re distributing them at the photo exhibition, too, so please go and have a look. 9mm’s pictures, too, are of course on display!

    Now then, my time’s up.
    We have a show today, too!


    「My birthday and our show in Sapporo last night」

    Just as I was thinking “I guess this day finally came this year, too…“, I noticed the date had already changed to the next one. Anyway, I turned 28. Thank you for the congratulations. Last year I got like maybe two congratulatory mails, but this year I’m somehow receiving loads~ (lol) Thanks all. Just like everyone else, the young and the old, men and women, friends and strangers, family members and lovers, fans and staff and whomever, every year I receive presents and congratulatory words, and I feel happy but unworthy for it and, what I guess I’m trying to say is, it makes me feel really fortunate and lucky. My return gift is the band (or, pretty much my whole life basically) itself. I hope you’ll let me just borrow this space here to express my thanks. Thanks, thanks. And to everyone who congratulated me, I also congratulate you on your birthday. My sincere congratulations~ (a very deep bow).

    With that, allow me to raise my head! We have a show in Sapporo tomorrow! My first as a 28-year-old! The venue this time is the biggest in capacity we’re playing on this tour!! (sweating profusely). From what I hear with the venue being sold out like this, it seems like it’s going to shake quite a bit. Everyone, even if my first words of the evening were to be “everyone, please be quiet“, you all need to promptly stop making noise and please be quiet, okay? No, I’m serious. (lol) Nah, let’s just get started with the show and have some fun, shall we!! (wry smile that turns into a burst of laughter). I’m counting on you guys!!

    We just had Sapporo ramen with everyone. This is perfection. With that, later!

    Birthday ramen
    …is what you’d call this, I suppose.


    「Takuro Sugawara, 28 years old」

    A happy 28-year-old!!
    We’re celebrating as I write this!
    He has a great expression on his face here.

    A present from Kazuhiko that’s become an annual tradition between them!!
    A nice expression here, too.

    The 28-year-old Takuro going “Yay! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ”


    「Sendai enn 2nd」


    The show and the venue were both crazy wild.

    It was Takuro Sugawara’s last show as a 27-year-old!
    Here’s when he was announcing just that in an MC.

    For some reason, Kazuhiko’s giving him a glare!
    At the Takuro who’s turning 28 tomorrow.

    This marks the 6th show on the tour.
    We’re just about to enter into summer and it’s shaping up to be a really hot one.

    If it helps the people of Tohoku cope even just a tiny bit…
    9mm Parabellum Bullet is going all out on this tour!


    「Oyster man」

    Hello, it’s Kazuhiko. Kazuhiko the bass player.

    The tour’s going perfect.
    The oyster I had yesterday in Sakata was freakin’ huge. We had a great party, too.

    Next up is Sendai!

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