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  • Archive for "Sep 2010"


    『Oh that’s right, let’s write a blog.』

    Mmm. On this week’s edition of “Weekly Shounen Chihiro“, I’m sending you a two-shot picture they took together with designer Neil Barrett.

    Ah, Chikkun has quite the drunken face going on here. He’s obviously had too much to drink. How unattractive. Looks like he’s just about to pass out, look, he’s going to pass out, look look, he looks tired, looook he’s no good anymore– what the, he hasn’t dropped dead yet. Hey, get to sleep already. If you close your eyes it’s goodbye for you you son of a bitch. Shit! Just die! Fucking fuckkk!!

    Alright, good. From next week and onward, we’re planning on suspending the publication.
    Please do as you like.


    It’s been a long time since the last blog update I did, so I’ll just try keeping it short.

    Currently, 9mm Parabellum Bullet are spending their days writing songs.
    They’re secluding themselves in the studio day after day, yearning to get back to the live stage.

    Today… I got to hear a really magnificent song.
    I’m hoping everyone gets to hear it.

    I took a picture of ninja Chihiro at just the perfect moment, so please enjoy.


    「What 9mm is doing in the second half of September」

    We’re making songs that are getting rave reviews. Furthermore, it’s going extremely smooth.

    We’ll be continuing doing that until the end of next month when we be restart doing shows here and there, beginning with a school campus festival. After that, we’ll come back to writing songs again. How should I put it… there’s this very flexible feeling to making sound with the band and we’re having fun.

    I’m very happy that it suddenly jumped from awful heat to cool weather. It’s actually even a bit cold, but I make better progress in songwriting when I have a cool head.

    With that, later.
    This was Takuro.


    Thank you to everyone who attended the Film Lives on the 14th!
    It was a really fun day.

    It seems the venue at Fukuoka was a brewery. Taki was excited when he found this huge barrel!

    Kamijo, full of motivation just before his Film Live!

    We got Inoue to be the host at Sendai!
    Thank you!

    In Nagoya, we got Kawamichi to be the host!
    Thank you!

    To everyone who attended and everyone who helped us with the Film Live in each location, thank you!


    Film Live @ Nagoya
    Hosted by Takuro Sugawara!

    Film Live @ Sendai
    Hosted by Kazuhiko Nakamura!

    Film Live @ Fukuoka
    Hosted by Yoshimitsu Taki!

    Film Live @ Hokkaido
    Hosted by Chihiro Kamijo!
    People were fired up at the Film Live in Hokkaido, too!


    「Chaos no Hyakunen vol.7 and its reverberations」

    Chaos no Hyakunen vol.7 has ended safely. Probably fine to call it a “big success!”. Being able to say we could see our guests, BOOM BOOM SATELLITES and SOIL&”PIMP” SESSIONS, perform on the same night is thoroughly fantastic to me. Both bands are the kind that just know no musical borders. It was like some European live house. Thanks to everyone who came to see us. It was fun. The party we call 9mm Day will happen again next year, but at the end of the day, all shows are parties. It’ll be a while until our next show, but at that time let’s again go wild.

    For the past several days, I’ve been listening to loads of SOIL and BOOM BOOM, soaking in the reverberations of 9/9. In addition, I’ve been listening to TRICERATOPS’ “WE ARE ONE” and THE BACK HORN’s “Asylum”. On the TRICERA one, I secretly appeared on guest vocals. For details as to how this came to be, check out Sho’s blog. Completely setting aside the fact that I appeared on it, if I could describe the album in one word, I’d it wonderful. As for BACK HORN, I got the album from Koushu who came to see us on 9/9. It makes me go “this is great“. It is great. It’s rocking stuff. I was thinking this must be how it feels like for a British person when he’s listening to Muse. These lyrics and the overall hyperness, you know. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t speak English or know the culture, after all. Wahaha. Really though, I want to see them live. No, I want to play together with them. “Since you say so, next year’s lineup for 9/9 shall be with these two bands!” Nah, that’d be too easy.

    Now then. Tomorrow we have a Film Live in various locations. (laughs) Cause we’re going to be split up. It’s going to be everywhere. Everywhere. Our live commentary is… well, I can’t really explain it here, so those of you who got selected, look forward to it. Try not to check the twitters and stuff of people who attended the events in Tokyo and Osaka! Hahaha~. With that, see you at various locations.


    Film Live @ Tokyo
    Thank you to everyone who attended!

    Tomorrow the members will split up and head to several locations!
    Just who will you get to meet…? Look forward to finding out!


    Film Live @ Osaka has ended safely.

    Doing something like live commentary was a first for them so there was some confusion, too, in the beginning, but I hope you enjoyed hearing stories you won’t get to hear anywhere else. Thank you to everyone who joined us for such a long time.

    The pictures are from during the question corner. It was dark when they were doing commentary, so I don’t have pictures of that. Sorry.


    「Chaos no Hyakunen vol.7」

    It feels like it’s going to be another fun night. We’ll be at the venue soon!


    9mm Day!
    We’re hoping for your support!

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