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  • Archive for "Nov 2009"


    Heatedly watching boxing! They’ve wagered beer on who’s going to win. (laughs)


    『Mail order catalogue 2』

    ※ Moving fast even though we’re shooting for a catalogue… The highlight here is that the item is hard to see!

    ※ The 9 on the butt is the highlight! Also notice the background!

    ※ His personality is showing here a lot but… you really can’t see the item that well.

    ※ The sweatpants have a large color zipper on the left!

    Those of you interested in any of the items, see below!


    『Mail order catalogue 1』

    In recording that’s garnering rave reviews, 9mm’s making a mail order catalogue.
    We had a photo shoot for it during their break.
    Don’t miss this one!!

    From the left
    Taki: 9 polo shirt (L) & short sweatpants
    Kazuhiko: Shika-san border long T (L)
    Takuro: 9 U-neck (L) & long sweatpants
    Chihiro: 9 U-neck (L)



    「Still some ways to go in recording」

    A little notification.

    The limited time shop, glsp, who handle sales of the T-shirts and sneakers me and Lessthan’s dop created together is open until tomorrow. It’s located at Laforet Harajuku right at the entrance, so definitely go and have a look please.

    That’s my hand in the picture. The ring is a joint work by Miyata Kazuya and dop called “laghing” (sic). It sure is grinning widely, huh. I traded for it with Kazuya in exchange for our sneakers & T-shirt. I’m wearing it everyday. Ya~y. I don’t have a picture of the sneakers and T-shirt handy right now, so those of you close-by, definitely go and check it out at the shop. (laughs) They have the ring there too, of course~.

    As I was writing this, we finished recording a song.

    With that, later.


    「Past the halfway point of recording」

    We’re at the studio. The recordings are proceeding perfectly. We also finished a surprising number that’s going to become the coupling song. It’s going to be another interesting one. Do look forward to Inochi no Zenmai.

    Finishing playing a song and returning to the control room, this lovely view awaited me.

    It’s gonna be a bunch of good songs.
    With that, later.


    Long time no talk.
    We’ve started recording.
    This army of toys are aiming at my Mac.
    I think I’ll try snatching it without getting in their way.

    Ah. I’m Takuro, by the way.



    What the hell is this.

    Daitosai¹ executive committee, I’m begging youuu.

    You’ve really pissed me off this time.
    I’m gonna leave without flushing the toilet.

    ¹ Daitosai is a yearly festival held on the campus of Daito Bunka University each November where 9mm performed this day. This document is revising mistakes made on something… I just don’t know what. It says:

    Corrected texts:

    Chihiro         Kamijo → Chihiro Kamijo

    Foreign language department → department of literature

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