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    『What farting taught me』

    The “fart blog” I wrote a while ago has gotten a relatively warm reception from my loved ones. Ehehe. Maybe I’ll take advantage of that now. I’m drunk tonight, too, after all.

    My style.
    It’s to fart when sneezing.

    For as long as you live, do not overlook this simple physiological phenomenon of your body.
    This is your chance.

    Don’t forget: what we really are is monkeys who just happened to come across the evil of something called “wisdom.”

    The way you take this to an outsider’s eyes insignificant phenomenon and make it your own (or don’t), it says a lot about what kind of a person you are

    Acchoo toooot
    out of the question.
    Your taste is lacking.
    Those still wet behind the ears would probably be satisfied with just this.

    Aaah- toot
    just disappointing.
    I can still see much room for improvement.
    It just requires some control of your muscles.
    Your taste ought to be buried in the plains.

    When you can do that, your refinement and elegance will be apparent to all.
    However, operations of even more advanced level will become necessary.

    When you reach the above-mentioned level, you won’t have worldly desires anymore like the lowly me. You will be able to attain pure, god-like intelligence as well as taste.

    And that’s how it is.

    In spite of all that,
    you, are you still going to overlook this chance today…?


    (Attachment: stinkvine, a plant of the Rubiaceae family.)




    Hello. It’s Kazuhiko.

    Yesterday we were at the Fukuoka Kokusai Center to perform in an event called F-X. Fukuoka was really hot. You could say that for the temperature, but even more than that, I’m saying it for the reception we got from all of you. The event was pretty wild.
    We were the opening act so our turn was over in a flash, but we stayed around to enjoy the show and drink. Everyone in the audience looked like they were having a lot of fun. Mr. Ken Yokoyama said in his MC that next year he’d love for the event to be an open-air show. It was really great weather and stuff so I, too, think it’d be pretty awesome if it did become an open-air event.

    Right now we’re on our way back to Tokyo. Everyone’s fast asleep. I thought I’d take pictures of everyone’s sleeping faces and upload them here, but I’ll give up on the idea since it’d have disastrous repercussions.

    It’s summer, huh. This was Kazuhiko.


    「Where is this?」

    Good evening!
    ’tis Takuro.
    I’m wondering if I should start a summer hobby of collecting hand towels.
    This was the first year I heard the cicadas sing.

    Now then, we’re heading towards the Fukuoka Kokusai Center.
    Everyone’s sleeping.
    I thought I’d be up by myself for a while and now I’m kinda feeling excited.
    I want to suddenly fall asleep like this, as if I’d fainted.
    And it’d be nice if it was still nighttime when I wake up.

    In any case, good night.
    Those of you coming to FX, see you there.


    It’s Taki.

    Lately we’re practicing every day in preparation for recording. I want to work hard to make an awesome album. It’s rigorous practice, tiring for both mind and body alike, but there’s a lot of fun songs so I’ll persevere somehow.

    Today’s my first day off in a while, but with every day being so busy, I tend to forget how to spend vacation days. That pretty much happened today, too. While thinking “alright, what should I do?“, I’d unintentionally picked up my guitar, practicing speed picking of all things. I’m still not that fast. I don’t have any confidence when it comes to that.

    Since it’s my day off, isn’t there something else I could do, something to take my mind off the guitar for a while? Lately I’ve been recklessly playing so much that the back of my hand hurts. That’s a problem. However, I spread some poultice on it and resumed my speed picking practice since I couldn’t think of anything better to do. My dream for the future is to to play the guitar fast and effortlessly. Nevertheless, it is a rather lonesome vacation day, isn’t it? Is Taki-kun alright with that?

    As a last resort, I sat in front of the computer, reading up on the great China’s upcoming robot weapons. I feel these robots’ existence is a global threat. I’m really worried.

    The day draws to a close as the poultice on my hand wears off. This was Taki whose body and mind alike are shot.

    This was Taki.


    『Viva. Beverage.』

    I’m delighted to see everyone taking care of their health in this gloomy rainy season.
    Always in puberty, I’m Chihiro.

    It was… maybe the beginning of my teens.
    Back then, I wasn’t interested in anything but barley tea.
    Simply boiling roasted barley and drinking it. Delicious.
    With just this, my world was always abundant with infinite colors.
    Nowadays though, not so much.

    This kind of little anecdote,
    I told it during an official meeting between Mr. Junji Ijiwatari and 9mm.
    Due to that, I’m lately in this kind of sorry state (refer to picture).

    That noble guy, he remembered my little anecdote and got me these.
    It seems like he got to take them for free at a convenience store.
    Leaving it unattended during pre-production, my cell got baptized as everyone had their way with it. Junji’s always full of mischief like that.

    ◯-jo Barley Tea… that sure was delicious.
    Those of you that put “Kami” inside the “◯”, you don’t have bad taste.
    I appreciate the thought.
    What I really meant to say was Raku-jo¹ though.

    Well then, see ya.

    ¹ A brand of barley tea, see Kamijo’s cell phone straps.



    Hello, it’s Kazuhiko.
    Please don’t say “what, it’s you again?

    Now then everyone, do you know what “tentori uranai” are? This is something they’ve been selling from way before in small-time candy stores and such. How should I call it, it’s like this toy, or more like a fortune slip kind of thing.

    These are great. The things written inside are completely nonsensical. Like, this is no longer a fortune, or anything really. Look at this surrealism (refer to picture¹). It’s too awesome. My stomach’s in a twist. Thanks to us having a good time with these in the studio, we all started our practice in a great mood. Lately small-time candy stores themselves aren’t really around that much, but it looks like they’re selling these at Village Vanguard and such. Those of you that are interested, go search for them please.

    With that, later.

    ¹Jumping into a hot bath, I was surprised. 3 points.


    「I sleep once more」

    It’s Takuro.

    It’s July 17th, 7AM.
    9mm were in the studio throughout the night.

    The first trains have started moving. It’s the time when everyone’s commuting to school or work. (Oh dear, it’s pouring down rain…)

    But for us, our sense of time of time is getting weird.
    The date won’t change even if we sleep and get up once. That’s why it’s still the 16th for us.
    So let me correct myself.

    It’s July 16th, 31PM.
    9mm was in the studio throughout the night.

    The first trains have started moving for the second time today. It’s the time when everyone’s commuting to school or work. (Oh dear, it’s pouring down rain…)

    It looks like those people are already living the 17th.
    However, I can tell you I’m still living in the 16th. I’m satisfied with my long day.
    Oh my. Though I’m still living the 16th, they’re running the news of the 17th on TV…………
    Japan is being shaken by typhoons and earthquakes, but I was blessed to encounter neither.

    It’s about time to end the 16th. Lets live properly tomorrow, too.
    Good night.

    Picture: The birthday present Taki made for me. A lovely box.


    『Weather Report』

    Hello, it’s Kazuhiko.

    Looks like the typhoon’s passed.
    When the typhoon hits, we thought like fools that we’d take refuge in the studio and make songs all through the night. We really are fools.
    At any rate, I’m really glad the tour’s over. It looked like the typhoon might interfere with the tour. Was dangerously close. I’m praying it won’t follow us to the festivals.

    They said it’s finally clearing up tomorrow, right? I want to walk without an umbrella again after all this time. Alright, time to sleep. Good niiight.

    (That’s it for today’s blog.)


    『Water is the color of aqua blue ain’t it. But that’s fine.』

    Vega and Altair.
    I wonder if the two were able to come together this year.
    How do you do? It’s Chihiro.

    Our tour that went on without a break during June has ended, but I’m working hard on several things without wasting time on taking a breather.

    Someone please praise me. My heart feels like it’ll break.
    Ah, it feels like it’ll break any second now.
    Yep, it’s gonna be soon.

    On tour, I received a fan letter with this caricature of us members (refer to attached picture).
    It’s a picture that really helps me cope.

    The deformations are awesome.
    This thing… this is really a piece of excellence.
    No matter how repugnant it may look to you,
    that flood of flat blood is awesome.¹

    H.N-san as well as S.S-san, CHI-san,
    Really, thank you very much.

    At tomorrow’s practice, I’ll dedicate my playing of the drums to you.
    Go, go and reach them, this snare drum of mine. Ugh.

    If it reaches you…
    It’s definitely just auditory hallucination on your part.
    I recommend that you go see an ear specialist.

    Why’s that?
    Because we don’t have any rehearsal tomorrow. Buhahahaha.

    And with that awful punch line.
    If you’ll excuse me.

    ¹ Not able to translate this very well. The joke is in how フラッド・ブラッド・フラット sound similar.


    「The Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Singles Winner looks exactly like Tarantino」

    Tearing the advertisements off train doors against my better judgement, it’s Takuro.

    The tour’s ended and I’m back home. Though I ought to be breathing a sigh of relief and taking a break, I’m lost as to what I should be doing. If I was still on tour, I’d be in the car or in the live house around this time. I don’t have anything to do at the moment.

    Getting up and thinking “alright, I guess I’ll do some cleaning“, I realize that a room you don’t use shouldn’t really get dirty either.
    I guess I’ll look through the leaflets that piled up in my mailbox again.

    If you don’t pay attention to things, you’ll start taking each day for granted. The streets in Japan all look similar, but in Tokyo they’re all different. Above ground and underground, too, it’s brimming with people.

    Tired of just listening to music while on the train, as a last resort I start peeling off the advertisements even though I really am a working adult. (And before I get off the train, I put the advertisements back in their place)

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