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    「Zankyo Matsuri @ Taiwan THE WALL」

    The party to celebrate Zankyo’s 8th birthday went from Iwaki, Sendai, Shibuya and finally ended with the finale in Taiwan!

    On the bill were these five bands!!

    Posing in front of the panel.

    THE WALL’s staff prepared lots of these fox masks to celebrate.

    The show ended safely.
    We’ll be back, Taiwan!!!
    Please wait until then!


    「Sendai → Hirosaki」

    Our stop at Hirosaki Mag-net on the the EAST COAST TOUR is over. We were off to an awesome start at the renovated MACANA in Sendai, and today’s Hirosaki was hot, too. (People were using the Neputa way of calling for an encore. “Yaayadoo“, right?) Thanks to everyone who came.

    I got a new guitar from a recycle shop in Hirosaki yesterday (it’s secondhand, though). This has to do with something I’ve been secretly working on for a story for GIGS magazine, so all you band kids ought to check that out if you’d care to.

    For this tour, we have hoodies with new designs (actually we were already selling these on the school festival tour. (laughs) They’re nice and simple ). We also have guitar picks on sale as charity goods. The design has the band and ESP logos, with ours drawn by me.

    As we do things with the band, whether it’s live shows or whatever music-related, we always want to cheer and make everyone fired up. Though we want to talk about the earthquake, there’s something that stops us from doing just that because we can’t do so properly. But that doesn’t mean we can fall into the trap of not doing anything, and even though it’s something  meager, this time around that something is guitar picks. We haven’t forgotten at all. They’re our home towns after all.

    Alright, time to eat some delicious Hirosaki food and head for Minamisoma!

    The tour pass this time. Same design as the picks.


    「From one tour to another」

    This was last week already, but our school campus festival tour with THE BAWDIES ended a huge success. Thank you to everyone who came and to all the staff from each university. We played five places: Nagoya University of Commerce & Business, Konan Women’s University, Chuo University, Rissho University and Gakushuin University. We wanted to do another ten shows though. We made a promise to do a small live house tour next time! (just tentative)

    Two days later, 9mm rushed right back into songwriting, and yesterday we completed the first stage. We’re spending the whole year in studio making songs. It all feels like a long approach to next year, and I suppose next year will feel like one to the year after that.

    And beginning on the 13th, we start our EAST COAST TOUR. It’s nice how the shows never stop. There’s Zankyo Matsuri in Taiwan, too. A band must always be performing, you see.

    A picture of my guitar as I was cleaning it in the studio.

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